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Review: Best Friend Apparel Dog Walking Gloves


Depending on the region you live in, gloves are a must-have when walking your dog during the winter months. You have to protect your hands, but some gloves are very inconvenient. The wrong gloves may even make holding onto a dog's leash difficult. Best Friend Apparel made a pair of gloves especially for pet parents and dog walkers.

These dog walking gloves allow you to keep a tight grip on the leash, while providing waterproof protection for your hands. I never thought about buying gloves before, especially just for walking my dogs, but I was definitely interested in giving this pair a try.

As you'll see in my video review above, they come in handy for any outdoor activity when it's cold outside. In this review, I'll tell you what makes these Best Friend Apparel gloves stand out from any other pair on the market that I've tried.

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Best Friend Apparel Dog Walking Gloves Review

Best Friend Apparel Dog Walking Gloves ReviewThe first thing you may notice in my video review is how snug these gloves are on your hands. They are meant to be that way. This product is meant to be form fitting in order to keep your hands warmer. Since they run small, the company recommends ordering a size larger than you usually wear.

The exterior of the gloves are 100% polyester, and the inside is 100% polyester fleece. I was really pleased with the grip fingertips, which help you to grab and open poop bags easily. I hate having to take my gloves off to clean up after my dog.

Speaking of poop bags, there is a pocket on the back of each glove that you can stuff a couple of poop bags in. This makes for very easy access when your dog does his business.

The other 3 fingertips are smartphone touchscreen compatible. This is a must-have glove feature for many people. As you can see in the photo above, the palm also has a rubber grip to prevent your dog's leash from slipping out of your hands.

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fleece thumb close upI live in Maine. We get a lot of snow here, so it's important for me to have waterproof gloves. As I demonstrate in my video review, I use these gloves when I'm playing outside with my dogs this time of year. Not only do they keep hands warm, they also keep them dry.

In the photo above you can see the fleece-lined thumb. If you need to wipe sweat from your forehead or clean up a runny nose, this fleece thumb comes in handy.

You won't find these gloves on Amazon yet, but they are sold through the company's website. You may also be able to find them in local pet stores. They are currently selling for $44.95 online.

I know that price won't fit into everyone's budget. It is very expensive for a pair of gloves. However, the gloves are made with durable materials to last through many winters. If you walk your dog multiple times each day or are a professional dog walker, I think these gloves would definitely be worth the investment.

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