Top Best GoPro Dog Harness and How to Pick One

How many times have you wished that you captured some of your dog’s antics on camera, especially when you are out with him in nature while he is running wild and free? With some of the best GoPro dog harnesses and cameras, you can let your pooch become both the director and actor in your home movies and have all your adventures saved for future remembrance.

There are many different types of dog harnesses out there, and not all of them will fit a GoPro camera well. In fact, most harnesses are not made in a way to has a camera attached to them. Fortunately, some are, so here are the best GoPro dog harness options out there and how to choose one yourself.

How to Choose the Best GoPro Dog Harness

There are several things you should be looking for in a dog harness if you want to be able to attach a GoPro camera to it. Mostly, the best GoPro dog harness should be/have:

Easy to adjust. Look for a dog harness that will not get your dog all tangled up and won’t require a lot of time for you to put it on your pooch every time you want to use it. Avoid dog harnesses with ties or knots, and those with complicated mounts for your GoPro camera.

Comfortable. Choose a dog harness that will suit the body type of your dog when the GoPro camera is attached so he can be comfortable wearing it and moving. You don’t want your pooch to feel restricted when he is playing and running around. And look for a dog harness made of soft and light materials.

Stable. It is normal for the camera to shake when your dog is running, but ideally, the best GoPro dog harness can keep your camera in place and keep it fairly stable without having the camera moving all over the place.

Two mounting locations. This is a more fancy feature but an extremely convenient one to have. If you want your videos to capture everything, look for the best GoPro dog harness that has both chest and back mounting locations.

Waterproof and machine-washable. These two are self-explanatory, and the majority of dog harnesses out there will be waterproof or water-resistant and machine-washable anyway.

With these few factors, you'll be able to pick out your own best GoPro dog harness to use on your trips safely, effectively, and without making your pooch uncomfortable. But if you're looking for the top-rated options, we've tested a few and found three of the best GoPro dog harness choices that are currently out there.

The Best GoPro Dog Harness

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Price: $39.99
Get It Here

When you are choosing the GoPro dog harness, you can’t go wrong with the GoPro Fetch since it is the official harness from the GoPro company itself. The harness comes with three adjustable straps that provide a secure and comfortable fit for your pooch. It is an extremely adjustable harness since it can fit dogs from 15 to 120 lbs.

A shot taken with GoPro Fetch.

You won’t have any problems attaching the straps and putting the harness on your dog. It is an easy and quick process. The harness is very light, but your dog will need some time to get used to it nonetheless. Use treats if your dog starts scratching the harness or if he tries to remove it. He will learn to ignore it.

This harness has two mounting locations – on the chest and on the back. It is waterproof and very easy to clean, so don’t hesitate to let your dog roll around in the mud or get into the water. The tether loop will keep the camera in place if it gets bumped or knocked. When you attach the camera to the harness, you can then go into settings and set the right view and tilt to make sure that the camera will record directly in front of your pooch.

This harness has one flaw since the chest mount will sometimes slide and cause the camera to move. You will have to adjust it often. It is better to mount the camera on the back to get clearer footage without many obstructions in its way.


SmilePowo GoPro Dog Harness

Price: $23.99
Get It Here

This dog harness has two mounting locations for your GoPro camera, on the chest and on the back of your dog. It comes with elastic and adjustable straps that have a comfortable foam finish that provides a perfect fit for any dog from 10 to 110 lbs. It is great protecting his skin too. It also has thick but soft padding on the chest that makes it even more comfortable for your pooch.

SmilePowo dog harness for GoPro cameras has a very simple, no-pull design and quick snap buckles, which allows you to easily put it on your dog. Both snaps have a locking feature that makes the harness steadier and more secure.

This GoPro dog harness is made from Premium Nylon Oxford material which makes it very durable and light. It is easy to clean and it is fully compatible with most GoPro cameras. Unfortunately, it hasn't been truly tested as it's one of the newest harnesses out there. But what's good about is its price tag – being the cheapest among the best GoPro dog harness choices makes it easier for pet owners to test it out.


Kurgo Tru-Fit GoPro Dog Harness

Price: $39.98
Get It Here

This is another great harness that allows you to mount your GoPro (or Sony Action) camera to your dog’s back or chest. The harness is made from a sturdy and strong material with tough stitching, which provides stability to the camera. It has a five-point adjustment system and softly padded chest plate that allows you to fit this harness to almost any breed.

Kurgo Tru-Fit is a GoPro dog harness with an overhead design, easy to put on your dog. It comes with plastic buckles with a quick release that gives the camera a lot of stability when mounted. Among these three best GoPro dog harness choices mentioned, Kurgo is the one that's most well-known among pet owners and a company with a great reputation. This is the highest quality harness but it's also one of the most expensive one you can pick.

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The Best GoPro Dog Harness and How to Pick One

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