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Cleaning a dog's paws after walks is important not only to keep your home clean but also to prevent the paws from going dry, damaged, irritated, or otherwise to keep them healthy.

A good paw cleaner for dogs will keep your pet's feet free of dirt and debris and make the cleaning process easier for you.

Dogs walk on all types of terrain in all types of weather. Their paws collect dirt, small rocks, tree sap, chemicals like deicing agents, and any number of other things while they are outdoors.

Unless your pup wears dog shoes, you'll need to make sure your dog's paws are clean. A quick rinse in a dog paw cleaner is the easiest way to do this.

To help you pick the right type among all available products, below are the 4 best paw cleaners for dogs brands that we've liked the most in the past.

Dog Paw Cleaner Brands That We Like The Most

However, cleaning your dog's paws is a must, and vets say that owners often neglect this part of dog care, completely forgetting about their dog's feet.

“Check your dog’s paws for ice around the pads and for irritation from sidewalk and road salt, which can lead to cracked paws, discomfort, and possible infection. It’s a good idea to wash the paw pads with room temperature water and smooth petroleum jelly on pads.” – NC State University Vets

Autumn and winter are the worst. Once you add in their inclement weather, your dog's paws can get really messy.

Rain, snow, and ice can make for some pretty nasty doggy feet. On a rainy day, you'll have muddy paw prints all through the house.

You can use doggy doormats to keep the home clean, but they don't keep your pet's paws clean. Fido could track in salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice in the winter months.

It's best to make sure you have pet-friendly ice melts instead of regular chemicals.

When you're shopping for a doggy paw cleaner system, you want to find one that will be easy to use. It's going to take a bit of training to get your dog used to it, but if it's not comfortable for him, he's likely to become resistant to your paw-cleaning efforts.

The best paw cleaner for dogs will be affordable, safe, effective, and comfortable for your pup.

The Best Paw Cleaner for Dogs

1Paw Plunger Dog Paw Wash

This device from Pet Product Innovations is an innovative idea that made it to our top 4 best paw cleaner list. At first glance, you’d think it’s an oversized mug for drinking.

Paw Plunger for Dogs - Portable Dirty Paw Washer...
716 Reviews
Paw Plunger for Dogs - Portable Dirty Paw Washer...
  • MEDIUM PAW PLUNGER - petware...
  • HOW TO USE - add warm water to...

It is just shaped that way, though; inside is a mechanism where you plunge the dog’s paws one by one. Bristles move up and down via the handle.

This movement removes dirt from each paw gently yet effectively.

There are three available sizes to ensure your dog’s comfort – petite for dogs smaller than 10 pounds, medium for dogs between 10 and 100 pounds, and large for dogs larger than 100 pounds.

There’s no need to use chemicals or cleaning agents with this plunger. Clean water is all it takes to do the job, and pet owners prefer this over synthetic cleansers.

Pet owners feel like they’ve needed something like the Paw Plunger for Dogs for the longest time.

They say it offers cleaning that’s close to manually brushing paws in a bucket of water and drying them with a towel. They also say that this is a lot faster and without the usual mess.

Sadly, some buyers say that the plastic at the opening of this best paw cleaner for dogs is too stiff and causes discomfort to the dog.

You'll also find reviewers who claim the sizing of this product is off.

Sizing is based on the dog's weight, but some reviewers say they followed those guidelines, and the Paw Plunger they received was too large for their pup's paws.

  • Internal bristles move up and down to remove dirt gently and effectively
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • No need for cleaning agents
  • The plastic at the opening of this paw wash is too stiff and causes discomfort.
  • The sizing is off.


2Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove

Clean and groom your dogs with this six-fingered Spotless Paw dog paw cleaning glove.

The six-finger feature allows this glove for left- or right-hand use. Aside from this ambidexterity, you can use both gloves faces for cleaning with two ways to put it on.

Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning and Grooming Glove,...
179 Reviews
Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning and Grooming Glove,...
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: The Spotless...

This is a convenient product, very portable and handy, and it washes and dries easily. It is made of special microfiber that effectively cleans paws and wipes them dry while keeping the user’s own hands clean and dry, too.

Pet owners who’ve spent years cleaning muddy paws with wet towels now realize how they’ve unnecessarily made the chore difficult.

This glove hangs neatly until it’s needed. It’s a good idea to keep one inside the car or hang another by the door.

Before entering the house, dogs get their usual cleaning off from mud, sand, dust, snow salts, grime, and the like.

The Spotless Paw Dog Paw Cleaning Glove is definitely more systematic and less backbreaking than chasing dogs around the house or tracking down paw prints.

These gloves wash and dry in the machine safely, and dog owners attest that their gloves still look and work great even after over a year of constant use.

Some buyers were disappointed that this best paw cleaner for dogs isn't suitable for long-haired breeds. They say it doesn't hold enough water or dirt to keep up with thick or long-coated pets.

Other reviewers weren't impressed with this product and said that it does not work as advertised.

  • The Six-finger feature allows this glove for left- or right-hand use
  • You can use both faces of the glove for cleaning with two ways to put it on
  • Made of soft microfiber
  • Easy to take/use while traveling
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • It isn't suitable for long-haired breeds


3Upgrade Dog Paw Cleaner for Dogs

This tube-like cleaning contraption applies purely hydraulic action to effectively clean dogs’ paws without harsh chemicals, brushes, or other trappings. It's straightforward to use.

Chooseen Dog Paw Cleaner,Upgrade 2 In 1 Portable...
5,779 Reviews
Chooseen Dog Paw Cleaner,Upgrade 2 In 1 Portable...
  • ✔【𝐅𝐫𝐞𝐞...
  • ✔【𝐄𝐚𝐬𝐲...
  • ✔【𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐥𝐞...
  • ✔【𝐆𝐢𝐟𝐭...
  • ✔【𝟑 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫...

The rubber lid gently squeezes water off each paw as it is pulled out. There are two sizes available to fit a wide range of dog sizes.

The Paw Cleaner is portable and fuss-free – you can bring it along whenever your dog is with you. That’s something that we can’t say about the conventional brush-and-bucket method.

Certainly, this product has made the tedious job of washing dog paws a lot simpler.

Cleaning muddy paws is something that’s not normally desirable, even for the most avid pet owner.

That’s the reason for the constant product innovations in this field, to make cleaning chores bearable and sustainable at the very least.

The Paw Cleaner for Dogs has made cleaning paws a breeze. After a little getting used to it, dogs take to it easily, too. This acceptability earned high marks for the product among pet owners.

Although the company promises that the rubber lid will squeeze the water off the paw, many reviewers say it does not.

This isn't a deal-breaker, but they didn't expect to need to have a towel handy to dry their pup's paws.

A few buyers also complained about the size, saying it wasn't suitable for their extra-large breeds.

  • Utilizes hydraulic action to clean without the use of a cleansing agent
  • The rubber lid gently squeezes water off each paw as it is pulled out
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Easy to take/use while traveling
  • Does not remove as much water as it claims to, leaving the paws dripping wet
  • Issues with the size, as it wasn't suitable for our extra-large dog.


4SKI Innovations Paw Wash for Dogs

This box-like device from SKI Innovations is like a mini-sink with a built-in reservoir and plumbing. I

t allows for the soaking of muddy paws in soapy water, scrubbing with finger-like pads, and refilling with clean soapy water for the next paw.

SKI Innovations Paw Boss Wash for Dogs
165 Reviews
SKI Innovations Paw Boss Wash for Dogs
  • Soap & soak every paw with...
  • Wash opening is 3.5" diameter...
  • Proven (with the use of...
  • Very pet friendly...
  • Built-in clean & dirty water...

One filling could clean 4-8 paws without the need for refills and without reusing dirty, soapy water for the other paws.

This USA-made product ensures proper hygiene for you and your dog, even when there’s no sink or faucet nearby.

Pet owners who’ve used this product say that, indeed, it turns muddy paws squeaky clean.

While it does a thorough cleaning, it does not dry the pads, which is good for the dog.

For not-so-dirty paws, you could adequately wash two paws before the soapy water needs emptying. It’s great to bring along trips or camping. You can clean two dogs with one filling.

Those who have tried the SKI Innovations Paw Boss Wash for Dogs say that their well-behaved dogs didn’t have issues about soaking their paws.

Going through the motions of waiting for the tub to be tilted, the well emptied of dirty water, and clean, soapy water to be refilled.

On the other hand, those with fussy dogs say that it took much coaching before their pets allowed their paws to be inserted into the hole.

Dogs, like humans, have different preferences. This could be the perfect washer for most dogs and their humans, but this may not be something they can do regularly for some.

  • Allows soaking of muddy paws in soapy water, scrubbing with finger-like pads, and refilling with clean soapy water for the next paw
  • One filling could clean 4-8 paws without the need for a refill
  • Made in the USA
  • A little more complicated to use
  • More time-consuming than others

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