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4 Best Safety Breakaway Dog Collars

Top 4 Best Safety Breakaway Dog Collars

There are a number of dangers and risks associated with the use of dog collars. Standard collars, as well as training collars, don’t actually have any system in place to prevent accidents and injuries to dogs caused by the collar getting hooked or stuck on something.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent these accidents – safety breakaway collars. In this article, I'll go through the system and design of these collars, what actually constitutes a safe breakaway collar, how to shop for and pick the right one for your pooch and review some of the best safety breakaway dog collar options out there.

What Is a Safety Breakaway Dog Collar?

Because dog collars are the number one item pets associate with dog ownership, many never consider the hidden dangers of these products. A dog choking on a collar is far more common than most realize. One dog trainer expressed that 15% of her clients have found their pets choking on their own collars.

What Is a Safety Breakaway Dog CollarAnd that's not all of it.

Simply search online for cases of dog collar strangulation, and you'll find hundreds of reports about this. In one specific case, an owner of a Labrador shared in great detail her horror story about finding a dog choking on a collar – an accident that, unfortunately, ended with the pet's death. Another family has also shared their story of finding their Cockapoo hanged by its own collar.

For this reason alone, pet owners should reconsider using regular dog collars and switch to safety breakaway collars for dogs which are similar to commonly used standard collars with one important difference: they have a system that allows the collar to open if enough pressure is applied. This system usually involves a safety release buckle or snap.

A safety breakaway dog collar is otherwise used as a regular collar, allowing you to take your dog for a walk, for training, or do any of the other usual activities. But they can also prevent tragic consequences if your dog is running around or playing with his collar on or if he is left unsupervised.

Below, we'll review some of the best dog breakaway collars and how to choose the right type. Having tried a number of them over the years here at Top Dog Tips, we've managed to pick top only four good safety breakaway dog collars that fit the requirements:

How to Choose a Good Breakaway Dog Collar?

While the breakaway system is obviously the most important thing about these safety dog collars, there are a few other features you need to consider before you make a choice and choose the right type for the best results and most safety.

Size and Fit KRUZ PET KZV006-05S Reflective Dog Collar for Small, Medium, Large Dogs, 100% Nylon Adjustable Pet Neck Collar, Heavy Duty O-Ring, Soft, Comfortable Neoprene Padding - Black - Small

Unfortunately, most safety breakaway dog collars are meant for puppies and small dogs. That’s why size can be a very important factor if you have a large breed. In addition to this, you need to measure your dog’s neck size before you buy the collar so you don’t have problems fitting it on your pooch.


If a collar is made from high-quality materials, it will last for a long time. Most breakaway collars are made from some type of nylon, which is strong enough to not break but also has a soft feeling so it won’t make your dog uncomfortable.

Design and Color

If you want your pooch to look fashionable when he wears his breakaway collar, then design and color are important factors to consider. However, most of these collars are available in different colors, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the style that suits your dog perfectly.

4 Best Safety Breakaway Dog Collar Choices

1 Kruz PET Heavy Duty O-Ring Collar

The Kruz dog breakaway collar is made from reflective nylon and plastic fittings to ensure durability. The nylon is also resistant to mildew and abrasion. The collar has a welded O-Ring in a unique place to allow for easy attachment for your dog’s leash, and it's first on our list of the best safety breakaway dog collar brands for all the features it comes from and its proven track record among pet owners.

KRUZ PET KZV006-05S Reflective Dog Collar for...
1,912 Reviews
KRUZ PET KZV006-05S Reflective Dog Collar for...

The design of this safety dog collar ensures a breakaway system to keep your dog safe at all times, just as it should. It also includes an ID ring where you can attach your dog’s identification. The collar comes in four different colors and sizes, so you can find the one that suits your pooch.

While it was primarily a positive review from us and most other users, I've looked through what other pet owners said in this dog breakaway collar review: some owners found this collar to be hard to fit and had to order another size. In addition to this, some dog owners were not pleased with the quality of the material and expected the collar to last longer.

PROS: Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors, Durable, Resistant to Mildew and Abrasion

CONS: Some Reports of Sizing Problems, Some Reports of Collar Breaking Up


2 Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar

The second best breakaway dog collar is currently the most popular on the market. The PetSafe KeepSafe has a patented quick-release buckle to prevent any choking, or hanging accidents. The buckle separates when pressure is applied when the collar becomes snagged or caught but it can just as easily be put back together in order to be used again.

Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar, Prevent Collar...
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Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar, Prevent Collar...
  • PROTECT YOUR PET: The KeepSafe...
  • WORKS WITH WALKS: Two metal D...
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The safety dog collar comes with two D-rings so you can put the leash on it. You can get this product in 6 different sizes and 4 different colors. Keep in mind that finding the appropriate size for your pooch is important because the amount of pressure needed for the collar to break away is dependent on your dog’s measurements.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that this best dog breakaway collar has over the competition comes from the fact that there aren’t many breakaway collars available for large breeds. In most cases, breakaway dog collars are for small dogs and puppies but this one can fit even the largest dogs, like Great Danes.

We personally like this collar and it's only slightly more expensive than the above option. However, there were some pet owners that didn't think it to be that great. For example, there are a few negative reviews on Amazon where some users found the buckle too difficult to put back together after it snapped open, while there were also some reports of the collar getting open without much pressure.

PROS: Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors, Patented Quick-Release Buckle, Durable

CONS: Some Reports of Inability to Put the Buckle Back Together, Some Reports of Getting Open without Pressure


3 Blaoicni Puppy ID Collar

If you are looking for a safety dog breakaway collar to keep your puppy safe, this package is likely to be ideal for you. It includes 12 multi-colored collars that will not only keep the litter safe but make it easy for you to identify the puppies by putting a different color on each puppy. And it's very affordable, too.

Puppy ID Collar Identification Soft Nylon...
4,949 Reviews
Puppy ID Collar Identification Soft Nylon...
  • ★GREAT MATERIAL--The puppy...
  • ★SATETY BUCKLE--Breakaway...

The Blaoicni puppy breakaway collar comes with a color-coded weight record card that allows you to track the progress of the litter. The collars are made from soft, easy-to-clean materials, and, at least in our case, were very easy to put onto a puppy.

They are also adjustable, so you can use them on the puppies as they grow. Of course, how long you can use them depends on the dog’s breed. For example, you will need to replace these collars with larger ones after about 8 weeks if you have a large breed.

While most of the reviews for this product were positive and found this to be the best safety breakaway dog collar they have tried, some dog owners did find them not that easy to take off. There were also some complaints about collars breaking off completely.

PROS: Package Includes 12 Multi-Colored Collars, Includes a Weight Record Card

CONS: Made Only for Puppies, Not Very Durable, Some Reports of Collars Being Easy to Take Off


4 Didog 6Pcs Breakaway Collar for Small Dogs

Like most breakaway collars for dogs, this one is also made only for small dogs and cats. That means that you can only get it in one size. On the plus side, you will receive 6 colorful collars instead of just one. The collars are pretty and stylish, perfect for dog owners who want to make their pets more fashionable.

This collar is made from nylon material that is easy to clean. And, in addition to the breakaway system, these safety dog collars also include a tiny bell that will let you know where your dog is at all times, which is a good extra safety measure.

Despite the positives, some pet owners found the collars to be too small even for their small dogs. And many owners complained about the fact that the bell can’t be removed from the collar. These were just a few isolated cases; however, even then, for the price point, there simply are better choices.

PROS: Package Includes 6 Collars, Stylish, Colorful

CONS: Only Suitable for Small Dogs, Reports of Sizing Problems, Includes a Bell That Is Not Removable

In Summary

Getting a safety breakaway dog collar can prevent accidents that often end up tragically. There have been many reports of dogs choking and hanging themselves on a dog collar. With a safety system like this in place, your pooch can easily free himself if his collar gets stuck on something or tangled, simply by applying enough pressure to it.

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