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Top 5 Best Screen Doors with Dog Door


Top Best Screen Doors with Dog Door

Dog parents with their own houses often choose to allow their pets, both dogs and cats, to go out or come in as they please. This is extremely convenient and freeing for everybody, but you need to use some of the best screen doors with dog doors in order to make this efficient.

Most types of dog doors can be installed in any house, and any doors.

Unusual options include:

  • Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsScreen door with dog door
  • Dog door for sliding door (regular)
  • Dog door for sliding glass door
  • Electronic dog door
  • Dog doors for walls
  • Patio pet doors, etc.

With some products, there are certain precautions pet parents need to take when using the convenience of pet doors for dogs and cats. For example, instances of raccoons, snakes and other animals coming in house thru doggy doors isn't unusual. Nobody wants a furry outsider in their home, but these things happen. Using the tips in HumaneSociety.org article can help.

However, an even better solution to safely protect the house from intruders and still enjoy the convenience of pet doors is to use electronic pet doors that only allows YOUR pets inside the house. This can be accomplished with microchips, collars, sensors and other tech. This list has some of the best automatic doors with those technologies. If you'd rather use a regular pet door, here's a list of best screen door with dog door below.

Dog Screen Door Price Quality Rating
Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard Pet Door $$$$$ A 5 stars
TAKARA INDUSTRY Pet Door for Screens $$$$ B+ 4 half stars
Namsan Screen Door Pet Screen Door $$$ B 4 half stars
Ideal Pet Products Passage Screen Door $$ B- 4 stars
Anova Gate Way Pet Door for Screens $$$ B- 4 stars

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Best Screen Door with Dog Door

1Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard Pet Door

Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsThe first pet door on our list of best screen door with dog door is made by a company that specializes in this area, Ideal Pet Doors. Pet owners who have existing screen doors with screen guards will find this doggy door an intelligent addition. With a few handy tools, this large dog door will make things easier for pets and owners alike.

Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard Pet Door is constructed of flexible and sturdy flap that closes with a magnetic mechanism, and it's considered to be one of the best magnetic screen doors that's affordable. The flap measures 7 inches and 11.25 inches. This dog door for sliding door is designed for pets – both cats and dogs – weighing not more than 35 pounds.

According to most pet door reviews above, dog door installation was not the easiest thing to do, but most customers found the instructional video really helpful. Some have also used our guide on how to install doggie doors. Mounting to a screen guard or protector was way better than the mount-to-screen option because it provided stronger support. Buyers who were adept at using tools, measuring and cutting, obviously had the advantage over those who were not, and assembled this pet screen door and screen guard without trouble.

Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsOnce properly installed, pets caught on with the correct use of this best screen door with dog door, and owners were happy with the convenience it afforded them. The materials of Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard Pet Door are high quality including the plastic insert for blocking entry, and the flap-and-magnetic-seal assembly is well constructed. To summarize, customers found this product to be extremely high quality and it served the purpose really well. However, as buyers suggested, one needs to be skillful with tools to find ways of installing this to match the pet’s and the pet owner’s needs.


  • High quality materials
  • Sizes for most dogs available
  • Strong support

  • Complicated installation

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful dog owner's review (full Amazon review): “It has been perfect for my 90 lb. GSD. He learned to use it right away and it has been great not having to open and close the door to let him in and out. We attached it to a support grill then a screen door which has a kick plate. It is very secure and works…”


2Medium/Large Pet Dog Door for Screens

Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsSecond one on our list of best screen door with dog door is an affordable option made by a Japanese company, Takara Industry. For medium to large dogs, this screen door pet dog door should be a good choice for majority of pet parents.

Takara's Pet Dog Door for Screens opens to 13.625 inches high and 12.25 inches wide, very much larger than most pet screen doors available. It has a screened flap that opens wide using a 2-pin attachment to the frame and secures with a magnetic closure. The frame of the doggie door attaches to the screen using stainless screws. Installing it requires no special tools: just a screwdriver and a box cutter would do great.

Looking through the above doggy door reviews, pet parents confirmed that this was indeed an easy to install project. However, it required an extra person to hold or push the assembly while it’s being screwed on the other side, just to make sure that everything is snug and taut. This is important when working with screens that could sag when not properly cut and fastened. The magnetic seal works as expected, yet some customers wish there was a way to lock this patio door with dog door.

Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsDog owners who have had many screen pet doors in the past find our pick for the second best screen door with dog door a far superior product to doors with plastic flaps and screen frames that snapped together. The framed screen flap and large-bezel screw-on frames of Medium/Large Pet Dog Door for Screens easily won their approval. The product description states that this dog door comes in Japanese packaging but English instructions. Buyers received the instructions in Japanese language, though, but this was not a problem since the instructional pictures provided adequate and clear installation direction.


  • High quality materials
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation

  • Some instructions in Japanese

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful dog owner's review (full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “Product exactly as described. Took about 15 minutes to install, this is definitely a two person install. You line up the outer frames and then use 8 screws per side to pull the frames together. Inside the frames are little nubs that hold the screen taught even after cutting it open for the door. I had to have…”


3Namsan Gate Way Pet Door for Screens

Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsThird option on our list of best screen doors with dog doors is another very affordable option from a company called Namsan. At an inner width of 16 inches and height of 12 inner, large-sized dogs will have no problem going through this pet door.

Namsan Gate Way Pet Door for Screens can be attached to screened windows, doors or other vertical surfaces using screws or glue. This pet door is made of high-quality screen and framed by a durable ABS material. It is hinged on the top to allow pets to push it with ease. A latch that can be pushed up or down locks this patio pet door. The purchase is covered by a 30-day return guarantee.

After breaking down the pet door reviews, dog owners gave positive ratings to our pick of the third best screen door with dog door from Namsan. The large dog door was the right size for their big dogs and the price can’t be beaten. It held up so well even after a year. Most buyers found it easy to install dog door, although some had difficulty snapping it firmly together. After modifying and adding screws or bolts, most of those who didn’t get it perfect the first time had it figured out and were generally happy with the door’s performance.

Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsThe first to give in the product were the plastic hinges, but these were usually solved with minor metal replacements. It tells a lot about how owners love this screen pet door – they replace parts, re-clip edges, and repair torn spots just so they could keep using Namsan Gate Way Pet Door for Screens instead of putting it down and buying a new one, which is a definite option for this specific pet door for dogs since the price is very affordable.


  • Cheap
  • #1 Best-seller on Amazon
  • Easy to install

  • Low quality

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful dog owner's review (full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “After reading several of the reviews on here stating that it was a good door but the snaps wouldn't work, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. After all, it's the one of the largest screen pet doors on Amazon and it's a good price… not to mention that…”


4Ideal Pet Products Pet Passage Screen Door

Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsFourth option on the list of best screen door with dog door comes from the same company that has the number one product here, Ideal Pet Products. This pet screen door is made of styrene, a durable but lightweight synthetic material, which is supposed to last a long time.

Designed for cats and small dogs weighing up to 12 pounds, this fourth best dog door measures 7.25 inches by 14.5 inches and swings open through a pivot on the side. It automatically closes and is provided with a locking mechanism when home owners will be away for extended periods. This is a no-fuss, low-maintenance, easy-to-install pet door that attaches to screen doors using screws. Purchase comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Based on the above dog door reviews, pet owners who bought this fourth best screen door with dog door didn’t have high expectations of it at first. It was on the cheap side, and its plastic construction didn’t look like it would last very long. However, it had been a fixture in their homes and had no major problems, so far. Installation was an easy matter of cutting holes and snapping points. Even with directions that weren’t very helpful, it took only a few minutes to have Ideal Pet Products Pet Passage Screen Door attached on the screen door and functioning as intended.

Some buyers needed to modify the screen door, such as reinforcing it with acrylic plate for added strength and attaching additional magnets for a failed automatic-closure system. They suggest that a door that pivoted from the top instead of the side would close more securely because of the added pull of gravity. The locking mechanism has also caused concerns for most buyers because of its flimsy quality.


  • Very cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight, low maintenance

  • Low quality
  • Needs adjustments

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful dog owner's review (full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “EASY to install. Like a typical man, I didn't care about instructions, and the safety precautions.. it says that you have to use Eye Goggles, Tape Measures, Pencil, harmer and a cutter (knife).. it's BS is just to avoid a lawsuit. It took me 10 minutes to install it. I removed the…”


5Gate Way Pet Door for Screens

Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsLast option on the list of best screen door with dog door is made by a well known company among pet owners, Metro. Dogs love their freedom as much they love the security of home. This in-and-out access pet door for large pets installs easily on screened doors and windows.

The hard plastic frames that support the pet door snap of Gate Way Pet Door for Screens together over an existing screen door with a peg-and-hole fastening system. Cutting around the 12-inch by 16-inch door flap creates the opening for the top-hinged pet door. A door lock is provided for situations that call for it.

According to all the pet door for dogs reviews linked to above, both men and women buyers found this lightweight contraption easy to install, especially if the screened window or door could be temporarily removed and laid on the ground for the procedure. Because the frames fastened together using tabs or pegs of Gate Way Pet Door for Screens that fitted tightly into matching holes, no glues or screws were required, and installers found everything clicked together solidly.

Best Screen Doors with Dog Door ReviewsCustomers observed that while this fifth best screen door with dog door has the dimensions for a large dog, it may not have the strength to hold up to the daily hustle and jostle most large dogs are wont. Hard-wearing metal screws would have been a better choice for holding the frames together. Since this design depends on the screen for support of the whole pet door frame, installers and pet owners recommend that good-quality dog screen be used to lengthen the lifespan of the whole assembly.


  • Cheap
  • Very popular
  • Easy to install
  • Good for windows

  • Low quality
  • Needs good screen

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsMost helpful dog owner's review (full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “I almost didn't buy this after reading other reviews. We just re-screened our back porch and didn't want our 60lb pit knocking panels out. It took me ~15 min to install. step 1- apply inside half to screen using a box cutter to help…”

How to install dog door?

Here's a quick yet detailed video on installing dog door in your home.

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