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Installing a dog door opens a world of freedom for you and your pet.

A flap dog door allows dogs to come and go whenever they need to without bothering you.

It provides the dog with private access to certain areas of the house or confined areas outdoors for playtime, which is especially useful when you're away from home.

Finding a good dog door for a wall or doors may sometimes be problematic because there are many different types of flap doors and their installations.

You need to be clear on the type of door you're looking for, where you're using it and how you plan to install it.

Finally, pet doors aren't ideal for every household, so before purchasing, consider their pros and cons.

In this article, we'll cover the installation of dog doors for walls, screen doors, sliding glass doors, and your existing doors.

We've ranked and reviewed the best dog door brands for small, medium, and large dogs and how they compare.

How to Choose the Best Dog Door

How to Choose the Best Dog Door?

Before you set out to find the most fitting doggy door, there are a few things you need to know to avoid ruining your walls or doors by (a) improperly installing the door or (b) realizing that you bought a dog door for a wall but you needed it for screen doors or other places, or (c) that door is simply too large or too small for your pooch, and now it's too late.

Here's what you should keep in mind:

The door's location – The first thing to consider is exactly where you're going to install the door. Most common flap doors are made for standard wooden doors, but there are other types of canine doors for walls, windows, screen doors, sliding glass and sliding doors, and neither of them are the same. Pick wisely.

Your dog's size – Before you buy the door, take your dog's measurements. Have the dog stand still and measure his full length and width. Also, note your dog's weight because that will also matter.

The door's seal – There are two primary types of dog door seals. Either they're energy-efficient or not. Energy-efficient seal dog doors will best fit more extreme climates, whether it's either too cold or too hot. Energy-efficient pet doors will usually be more expensive; however, they save on energy bills.

Security level – Besides the energy-efficient type of seal, some doors offer a better level of security than others in a form of a flap door lock.

There are different types of locking dog doors, from electronic dog doors that open for your dog when he's wearing a “SmartKey” collar to four-way manual locks or even metal panels for extra security.

This will help to control your dog's access through doors.

With the above in mind, let's take a look at some of the best pet doors for dogs in different categories, and see which ones may be the best fit for you.

I encourage you to read other owners' dog door reviews to get a better idea of how exactly the door works so as to avoid disappointment and having to return it.

How to Measure Your Dog for a Pet Door?

How to Measure Your Dog for a Pet Door?

Knowing the appropriate measurements for your dog door is paramount. Larger breeds especially can get stuck and seriously injure themselves if their pet door is too small.

You will need the following measurements:

  • Your dog's width (not including puffy fur)
  • Your dog's height
  • The required height of the rise of the dog door*

* This is the step up that your dog will need to take to get through the door.

The recommended height for any pet door is at least 2 to 3 inches above the top of a dog's back. You might also consider giving your Fido one more inch just for a little extra wiggle room.

The bottom part of the dog door should also give about 3 inches of space from the ground for added safety of your pet.

Top 10 Best Dog Door Brands

1Best Dog Door For Large Dogs: Performance Doors Mount Heavy Duty Dog Door by PlexiDoor

This is the most heavy-duty dog door currently available, the best dog door for large dogs, extra large, and large homes.

It also solves the security issue that a door for large dogs would usually pose.

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors for Dogs and Cats -...
77 Reviews
PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors for Dogs and Cats -...
  • Accommodates Giant Breeds up...
  • Heavy duty springs are...
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A and...

PlexiDor Performance pet doors are something completely different from the above-mentioned brands.

Therefore, I suggest you read up on it even more than I can ever write in this article, with the good source of information being Plexidoor reviews on Amazon and the product's and manufacturer's page.

The manufacturer guarantees it to be 100% chew-proof, and no replacement door flaps will be required, ever.

In addition, there are security features pre-installed on these dog doors: a high-grade security lock, key, and a steel security plate.

The door is obviously very energy-efficient, weather-proof, and wind-resistant and has a special seal and saloon-style Plexiglas panels.

When we think of the best dog door for large dogs, we know this is the one.

The door fits giant dogs up to 220 pounds, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

The door is big enough even for adult humans to fit through it, so any large dogs – Dogs or Great Danes – will fit well.

The style of the door itself is not a flap but rather a saloon-type of thing.

It's extremely solid, sturdy, and feels ultra-durable. Puppies usually have no issue pushing through these doors if needed.

It's the most expensive dog door, but the materials used are of the highest quality.

You can use the lock feature if you want to prevent anything or anybody else from getting through this item.

It will definitely keep your energy bill down, and your pooch will soon know what to do with this opening when doors are closed.

2Best In Wall Dog Door: Patio Pacific Flap Pet Door, Large Wall Mount
by Endura

As the second top-rated item, we have another one from the award-winning pet door manufacturer Endura!

These people certainly know what they're doing, but it will also cost you a pretty penny if you want to invest in dog doors that will last you a very long time (note: most dog doors usually last about 1-3 years).

Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls in White |...
770 Reviews
Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls in White |...

Unlike the previously mentioned door, this is a wall mount, so pay attention. The quality design is primarily based on the Large Door Mount (see above), and only necessary for the wall mount parts have been added to this item, all of which are premium quality items.

The frame of Endura Patio Pacific flap dog door is sturdy, durable, non-rustic, and made out of aluminum which makes it a good option for most climates.

Its ability to basically be mounted on any wall is why we feel this is the best in-wall dog door.

It's white and can be installed into siding, stucco, or any other wall materials in your house or garage.

The size of the opening is ideal for larger dogs, but it can obviously be shared by smaller ones (and yes, they are able to push through).

It's made in the USA, and just like its “brother” doggy door mentioned above, the Patio Pacific includes a metal locking cover that can be used when the wall mount isn't necessary anymore.

You can learn more about them firsthand from other dog owners' reviews and the manufacturer's page.

Dog owners who need dog doors for walls will find Endura's product to be one of the best investments due to how well and how long they survive.

3Best Dog Door for Cold Weather: Patio Pacific Flap Dog Door
by Endura Flap

Available either with a single flap or double flap, this award-winning Patio Pacific door from Endura is great for all types of weather and climates, unbelievably energy-efficient, and provides 100% wind resistance, even in the most extreme climates.

Thanks to all of these features, we consider this to be the best dog door for cold weather.

Endura Flap Single Flap Pet Door for Doors |...
456 Reviews
Endura Flap Single Flap Pet Door for Doors |...
  • BUILT FOR LIFE: our pet doors...

Design is very safe and flexible, durable, well insulated and comes with an environment-friendly door flap that has an adjustable high-grade magnet with perfect balance of strength.

Since they did such a great job with the design and security, we would also consider this as one of the safest dog doors on this list.

Made in the USA, they are ideal for both smaller and even large dog breeds.

In addition, the package will include a sturdy, durable security locking cover for this animal door for the times when it's not being used.

Rated at 4.5 by many dog owners, this is one of the top-rated dog doors available.

The best thing about this flap door is that, unlike many others, it blocks off ALL wind completely.

It's one of the best-sealed dog doors, and therefore, the insulation is substantially better.

The door will never leak, no matter what the temperature is outside.

Furthermore, the door will not show any signs of wear after even years of use because of the high-quality items used in the making.

The installation is ultra-easy and like with dog clippers, you have the best item possible.

Lastly, one of the best things about this door, which most others don't have, is the locking cover: when you put it on, no pet will be able to go through it, and it seals the opening pretty well.

4 Power Pet Large Electronic Dog Door
by High Tech Pet

The High Tech Pet is a new flap door manufacturer, but their motor-driving and vertical sliding door designs are very rare and unique.

It's a smart dog door in a way that it can be activated by an ultrasonic dog collar (MS-4) which makes High Tech Pet's product one of the top recommended products and a very convenient option for many dog owners.

Furthermore, it's important to note that the manufacturer considered the dog's behavior when it comes to this smart dog collar and how it opens the door.

For example, using a directional sensing system, the smart dog door will only open when your dog is in direct line of sight of the door, as in he's trying to exit through the door.

The door will not close or open when the dog is simply sleeping close to it.

These are bigger than usual and will fit most dogs up to 100 pounds, so they're perfect for medium breeds and large dogs.

Installation is relatively easy and secure, and similarly to previously mentioned animal door units, you should refer to the manufacturer's installation manual guide and video.

Like most electronic dog doors, High Tech Pet's product is very energy-efficient, which is one of its main purposes (right there with convenience for lazier pet owners).

The 4-way security lock system ensures you have several options to control how your dog moves through the door, which could be “Out Only, In Only, Full Access, No Access.”

On top of that, this one also comes with an (automatic) deadbolt feature for an extra level of security and a weatherproof shield that has an airtight seal.

The only drawback of this electronic dog door (and the main complaint of most customers) is that the smart collar uses a specific set of batteries that can be bought only from the manufacturer.

This is obviously a big issue for most because it adds extra cost; however, another review on Amazon for this dog door has proposed a solution to solve this tricky adjustment from the manufacturer.

5Best Dog Door For Sliding Glass Door: Freedom Patio Panel Door for Dogs
by PetSafe

PetSafe came back with a response of an even better dog door! If you prefer to install a patio panel door after all, and you found the above-mentioned brand not to be your favorite option, then I suggest you give this one a try instead.

PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Pet Door for Dogs &...
6,959 Reviews
PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Pet Door for Dogs &...
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZING: The patio...
  • SECURITY LOCK: The latch kit...

It's heavy-duty, and the frame is made out of aluminum and tempered glass.

No need to cut anything and installation will be a piece of cake (all instructions provided).

This is the best dog door for sliding glass doors, and fits either the left or right side, it doesn't matter.

The lock is present on this door, and there is a closing panel for additional weather resistance.

This was one of the best sellers in December.

The majority of dog owners are very happy with the value-for-the-price ratio, and considering that it's a heavy-duty door for dogs, I agree with them.

Most similar dog doors would cost twice as much, and not all of them are better (except for the four down below on this list).

Again, according to many dog door reviews, the installation of this door is easy and fast, and the quality of the actual door is sturdy.

Like other flap doors from PetSafe, this one feels like a more expensive pet door than it actually is; it appears professional and durable, according to reviews.

The company claims they will fit any standard sliding doors.

6 Sash Chubby Kat Small Pet Door
by Ideal Pet Products

As I mentioned previously, this manufacturer is dominating this category and possibly the whole industry.

This door, in particular, is more fitted for smaller dogs (although different sizes are available) or cats.

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door,...
1,495 Reviews
Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door,...
  • Created specifically for the...
  • Unbreakable Lexan (Trademark)...
  • 4 different locking options
  • High quality white finish...
  • Installs easily

While being a slightly more expensive dog door, this high-quality item is made out of non-rustic aluminum construction, which keeps it in good condition longer, especially in certain climates.

They will be very easy to install (watch the video) and are available with 8 different window sizes and different flap sizes.

The system of how this door works is slightly different, so I suggest you read more and find details about it on the product's page.

This is definitely a better alternative than putting a hole in the door.

Once installed, this door will look very professional and “in place;” they always look as if the doors came with this built-in. Insulation strips will be provided.

No serious issues have been encountered with these doors – they work just as they're supposed to, so I'd say no cons so far!

7 Extra-Large Ruff-Weather Pet Door
by Ideal Pet Products

Here's one more from the same company – just as good, except this is not a full-fledged patio door with glass.

This product with an inner telescopic frame is a better option than the doors mentioned in #10 and #9 if you can afford an extra $20.

Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with...
644 Reviews
Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with...
  • Structural foam plastic frame...
  • Double, flexible clear vinyl...
  • Optional Ruff Weather Pet Door...
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient dual flap...

Designed for any kind of weather and energy-efficient, it fits most dogs up to 90 pounds.

The installation is very simplified and easy, quick; plus, an installation wall kit is available for purchase if needed (it's optional and sold separately on Amazon).

This is definitely one of the most recommended products in the medium-priced range.

A significant amount of customers have upgraded their houses with this pet door, moving from the previously (above) mentioned PetSafe's doors, due to added benefits.

There's a customer's review on Amazon which explains ALL the benefits of this door so well that I don't even want to bother writing them down – I suggest you check that out before purchasing.

It's pretty much what it is, and it does its job very well, which is why most dog owners prefer this company's products over PetSafe doors of a similar design, according to multiple reviews.

Flap doors of this type are the most popular option for dogs and cats. However, they may not be the best fit for every house.

Sizing is especially important with these doors and so is ensuring that you have a specific location picked for installing this canine door.

8 Fast Fit Aluminum 96″ White Patio Dog Door
by Ideal Pet Products

The company is known for its manufacturing of very well-made flap doors for the house's sliding glass, and sliding glass doors.

This item, in particular, is different from a simple flap-door because it's a patio door in itself.

Fast Fit Aluminum 96" White Patio Dog DoorThe safety glass is included with the item, and the flap is a single layer made of soft vinyl. If you've chosen the right type of door, then the installation will also be hassle-free. Out of all brands with flap openings for dogs, this is definitely one of the best value dog doors for sliding doors for the price.

When you receive the item, it will be very well packaged, so you don't have to worry about the glass breaking. Always remember to measure your pet first before buying this door for dogs, and if you purchase the correct size, then installation should not take more than 10-15 minutes.

This dog flap door from Ideal Pet Products has a magnetic strip shutter/locker on the bottom, which always keeps the door shut.

However, dogs (even toy breeds or cats) won't have any problems pushing through it according to the manufacturer and the other dog owners' reviews.

It appears that it's definitely worth trying if this is what fits your house since it's more affordable than some other flap doors below.

9 Large Extreme Weather Dog Door
by PetSafe

Another affordable option is Pet Safe. Not that much more expensive than the above, and not that much better, these pet doors are great for someone looking for a cheap solution too.

PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door...
2,059 Reviews
PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door...

Helps with energy efficiency, and what's better about this door is that it has a 3-flap system (above mentioned has 2 flaps) for even better insulation and protection from bad weather.

The frame, however, is not aluminum in this case; it is very durable plastic.

These are also mostly suitable for pets under 100 lbs.

Shepherds of around 100 lbs fit perfectly through these doors, and most dog owners are very happy that PetSafe doors keep their rooms warm, all mostly because it has not one, but three flaps.

One of the issues is the fact that the door opening is pretty big, and kids can go through it.

While adult wouldn't fit, it's something to keep in mind. Another potential issue is measuring – there seem to be some tricky parts regarding this item.

I suggest you read through other dog owners' reviews on Amazon as they provide some very good information on how not to get confused and measure these pet doors for dogs properly.

10 Telescoping Aluminum Wall Entry Pet Door
by PetSafe

Dog owners who are looking for a cheap dog door will find this to be a good purchase.

The Wall Entry doors from Pet Safe have a telescoping tunnel for installation into 4-inch or 6-inch wall constructions.

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door with...
4,861 Reviews
PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door with...
  • DOUBLE-FLAP DESIGN: The door...
  • PET SIZE: Recommended for pets...

For additional insulation, these doors have a double-flap construction implemented, and it has an adjustable sill with ultra-strong magnets, which also helps with energy efficiency.

The locking closing panel and the frame itself are very durable and made out of non-rustic aluminum.

These pet doors for dogs (or cats) mostly fit canines up to 100 pounds.

The biggest advantage of these doors for dogs is the perfect insulation to protect the house from hot/cold/rainy weather, similar to how we tested dog beds.

They're also very easy to install and help to maintain a cleaner house for sure.

Bear in mind, this is a wall entry door, meaning that you will have to cut through the wall in order to install it, but it's fairly easy (just remember to have all the right tools!)

It doesn't really have anything to complain about, considering its price and what you'd expect for these pet doors.

Also, a few customers reported one or two dogs not wanting to go through these doors. Overall, I believe it's a great value for the price.

Top 30 Alternative Doors for Dogs

Pevor Pet Flap Door with 4 Way Lock

1. Pevor Pet Flap Door with 4-Way Lock

Price: $20.99
Get It Here

This door is intended for cats, but it works well for smaller pups as well.

Despite being small, we love this door because it has a four-way locking system that allows you to set up your dog for various situations – your dog can only come in from outside, they can only go out from inside, they can come in and out from both sides, or they can’t go in or out.

This 7.1” x 7.7” door flap fits any door or wall up to 50mm thick, and it’s easy to install, which is a great bonus!

Petetpet Pet Screen Door with Magnetic and Automatic Lock

2. Pet Screen Door with Magnetic and Automatic Lock

Price: $27.99
Get It Here

Larger than the previous door, we like the automatic feature of this one as well as the magnetic seal.

The door flap measures 12” x 14” so it’s large enough for small and medium-sized dogs and it’s strong enough to resist impact so it’s a safer door than some thinner options.

This pet flap is designed to fit in any screen with just 8 screws which makes it easy for anyone to install. Just keep in mind that this isn’t a flap door for traditional doors or walls.

Dogwalk Glass Fitting Dog Door Slimline

3. Dogwalk Glass Fitting Dog Door Slimline

Price: $79.99
Get It Here

Made from UV stabilized polycarbonate, this dog door is designed for single glazing glass and sliding patio doors from between .12” to .8” thick.

The flap measures 11.8” x 10.6”, so it fits smaller and small-medium-sized dogs, but what we like most about this door is how quiet it is!

Plus, you don’t have to worry about letting rain or wind in because the edges of the door have a full weather seal.

Just make sure to heed the manufacturer's warning and don’t install this door anywhere that will give your dog direct access to a pool.

Perfect Pet Aluminum Pet Door

4. Perfect Pet Aluminum Door

Price: $77.00
Get It Here

Dog doors are harder to come by for BIG dogs, but this one fits the bill! Made from aluminum, it’s not the prettiest-looking door, and we don’t recommend it for the decorative front door of a country home, but for a back door, it’s a good and secure option.

The flap of the largest door option is 15” x 20” and is clear so that your dog doesn’t wind up headbutting the door when the lockout slide is in place.

Plus, this flap has a tamper-proof mounting system, so it can’t be taken off the door from the outside by intruders.

Endura Flap Medium Door Mount

5. Endura Flap Medium Door Mount

Price: $259.99
Get It Here

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line pet door, the Endura Flap Medium Door Mount is available in single flap or double versions.

Our favorite feature of this door is just how weather resistant it is – able to withstand even the strongest winds while being free-moving enough to smoothly move with your dog.

The flap even has adjustable magnet strength so that you can adjust it to suit your dog’s size, strength, or age.

We should also note that this door has a secure locking cover so it can be closed off when it needs to be.

PetSafe Pet Screen Door

6. PetSafe's Best Screen Door For Dogs

Price: $39.99
Get It Here

From a big name in pet products, the PetSafe product is designed to stand up to big dog use.

Although it’s recommended for pets up to 100 lbs.

We’re not positive that the 10 ¼” x 17 1/8” is going to be big enough for your mastiff to pass through.

That said, this is the best screen door for dogs that are bigger, and we do love the easy sliding locks that keep the door locked in place when it’s not in use.

Easy Pet Door

7. Easy Pet Door

Price: $98.00
Get It Here

Not all doors come with a warranty, but the Easy Pet Door comes with a lifetime warranty that includes coverage against chewing.

It’s an easy-to-install 11” x 14 ½” door that can be installed with just four screws. With no spring hinge, this is a quieter door than most, and it is weighted, so it will swing itself shut every time it’s used.

This isn’t a lockable animal door, so we don’t recommend it for the main house, but if you have an outdoor dog house or a garage that your pet uses frequently, this is an option to consider.

Freedom Pet Pass Door-Mounted with Insulated Flap

8. Freedom Pet Pass Door-Mounted with Insulated Flap

Price: $359.00 + $20 shipping
Get It Here

Another expensive dog door option that’s worth the investment is this door, which has an opening measuring 15” x 21.5” and comes with all the bells and whistles and then some!

Our favorite feature has to be the lab-certified seal that is tested to be fifteen times better than the requirements for human doors certified by Energy Star.

That means that no matter what the temperature outside is, your house won’t lose or gain heat simply by having a doggy door in place!

This door also features a security panel to keep the door locked when not in use which is a definite plus.

Power Pet Electronic Pet Door - Medium - PX-1

9. Power Pet Electronic Door – Medium – PX-1

Price: $313.48
Get It Here

If you are a “tech head” and you want to install an electronic door, the Power Pet PX-1 is a great option to consider.

While it is expensive, the kit you purchase comes with an 8 ¼” x 10” motor-driven door and an ultrasonic collar that causes the door to open and close automatically when your dog approaches.

In addition to the fact that it’s automatic, what we really like about this canine door is that it slides up and down to open rather than swinging in and out which can be startling for nervous or anxious dogs.

You don’t have to worry about security with this door either, though, it also has a deadbolt lock in place so that when bedtime comes and everyone is tucked up in bed, the door can be locked out of use.

Pet Doors by PetCitrus

10. Doors by PetCitrus

Price: $24.95
Get It Here

Made by PetCitrus, this is a smaller door that’s designed with small dogs and cats in mind. We love the fact that it can be fit to indoor, outdoor, interior, and exterior doors which makes it a pretty durable option no matter where you want to mount it.

The weatherproof door with a brush seal on the outside is great for keeping the cold and heat out of your house too which is a definite plus.

This is also a door that can be locked or unlocked in four ways, so whichever way you want to allow your pet access to the outdoors, you’re covered.

Plus, at under $25, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better doggy door for wall and door use that comes so highly recommended by other pet parents!

Ideal Pet Products Premium Draft Stopper Pet Door

11. Ideal Pet Products Air Seal Pet Door

Price: $78.97
Get It Here

This 15.75” x 10.25” door has a strong aluminum frame and fits doors with a width of 1 ¼” to 1 ¾”.

We like that it comes in a variety of sizes, although, we’re not convinced that the size recommendations for pets are quite right so make sure to do your measuring before you buy!

This softer door is a great option for senior pups and younger pups and it comes with a 1-year warranty, which is a great plus.

Petouch Pet Door

12. Petouch Door

Price: $49.99
Get It Here

If you’re looking for a transparent flappy door, the Petouch door is an affordable door that fits large dogs.

Sized 11.7” x 16.7”, this is a simple-to-install option that simply installs with four screws which is a big plus for us, but what we really love is that it comes with a simple cutting template so you can install it without all the guesswork that many other options require.

The one thing we don’t love about this option, though, is that you have to snap on a closing panel to keep it locked, so it’s not as easy to close up as some other options.

Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Door

13. Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Door

Price: $42.95
Get It Here

Yes, we are aware that this is advertised as a “cat door,” but if you have a small dog, humor us because Cat Mate is a quality brand, and this door has some great features at a great price.

The largest door in this model has a 7.7” x 9.6” opening, so it is only for your very small dog breeds. However, the self-lining 2” thick flap makes it a good option for door use.

Covered by a three-year guarantee, the Cat Mate door allows you to lock it fully, allow indoor-only access, allow outdoor-only access, and set a timer so that the door is only functional between certain hours of the day and night.

While we love the timer idea, we also love that the actual programming interface of the door is so easy to decipher and program!

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor, Automatic Dog and Cat Door

14. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor, Automatic Dog Door

Price: $139.95
Get It Here

Another recommended door from PetSafe, this option is also a smart door that activates with a collar so it’s a great option if you’re worried about outside critters coming indoors.

The one thing we’re not big on with this door is that you have to pay extra attention when selecting your door because there are multiple options – one comes with just the door, one comes with a battery, one comes with the smart key, and one comes with a wall install kit – so be sure to get the full kit if you need it!

That said they do have some of the largest items available, the large door, measuring 10 1/8” x 15 3/8” is nice and large for your bigger pups and they even have an extra-large option that is 23 5/8” tall for your extra-large pups!

Trixie Pet Products 2-Way Locking Dog Door

15. Trixie Pet Products 2-Way Locking Dog Door

Price: $42.94
Get It Here

This medium to large size door measures 12” x 15” and why we love it is because it comes with a three-year warranty!

The sturdy metal base of the door makes it suitable for just about any surface, from a garage door to a back door, and it’s durable as well as silent.

We also love that this animal door includes a tunnel that allows you to create a longer depth door of up to 1.25 inches.

This door uses a metal panel to prevent access, which can be a pain, but it’s a good price and a solid door choice with a great warranty.

Plexidor Weatherproof Dog Door

16. Plexidor Weatherproof Dog Door

Price: $444.00
Get It Here

If you’re looking for a durable and reliable option for your door that is just about as secure as it gets, the Plexidor option is a great pick.

This isn’t a budget-friendly item, but it is everything you need from a traditional door style and more.

You can snag this one in sizes small through extra-large, and the plexiglass is ideal for saving on your energy bill.

This door also carries the king of all warranties as it comes with a ten-year manufacturer warranty, something you certainly won’t find on cheaper options.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

17. SureFlap Microchip Door

Price: $140.00
Get It Here

The SureFlap is another microchip-activated animal door option, but this one can be paired with your dog’s current microchip as well as with the RFID collar tag that comes with it.

The door measures 8” x 9”, so it’s not the largest door, but if you have a smaller pup and want to keep outdoor critters outdoors, this is a great choice.

While we love the fact that this door pairs with your pet’s existing chip, we love it even more that you can set a curfew mode so that the door locks and unlocks itself automatically at specified times.

Perfect Pet The All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

18. Perfect Pet: The All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

Price: $150.53
Get It Here

The Perfect Pet doors come in sizes small to super large with a height between 9.25” and 23.5”.

This door doesn’t come with the wall kit so you do have to purchase the wall kit separately which is a pain, but the double flaps design and telescoping frame to accommodate walls of varied thickness still make this door a good investment.

Plus, this door comes with a lockout slide, so you can completely block off the door when you want to keep it off-limits without investing in an electronic doggy door option.

Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Plastic Pet Door

19. IP Products Designer Series Plastic Door

Price: $52.83
Get It Here

Another item from the same popular company, this is a cheaper option than their “Ruff-Weather” door but still sturdy enough to stand up to regular use.

You can grab this door in sizes 5” x 7” up to 15” x 20”, and it comes with a one-year warranty and a lockout slide.

Although this isn’t a fancy canine door by any means, it does feature a floating bottom threshold that makes sure that the door seals each time it’s used which is our favorite feature!

Ideal Pet Products Deluxe Aluminum Pet Door with Frame

20. IP Products Deluxe Aluminum Door with Frame

Price: $46.97
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As I've mentioned, this brand seems to have taken over our list of best dog doors, but they do have a wide range of options for just about any price point, and that’s a huge plus.

This aluminum door is one of their more economical options that comes with a limited lifetime warranty and while it’s not the prettiest looking door (we don’t recommend it for your home doors or walls), it is a sturdy option for your garage door or outdoor dog house.

We love that this is a more durable item for an economical price, but our favorite feature is that it’s so simple to install.

BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum Lining

21. BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door with Aluminum

Price: $44.99
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The BarksBar is a little less traditional-looking, and we like it! Made from white plastic and aluminum, this door is durable while still looking presentable.

We also love that this door is chew and bite-proof tested for that extra peace of mind if your pup is a rough-and-tumble kind of dog!

This is a more durable option when it comes to extreme temperatures and is advertised as non-warping, which is a huge plus if you live in a warmer climate.

PetSafe Plastic Pet Door with Soft Tinted Flap

22. PetSafe Plastic Door with Soft Tinted Flap

Price: $39.95
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If you’re not a fan of transparent doggy doors (we’re definitely not!), the PetSafe plastic door with a softly tinted flap is an economical and less voyeuristic option.

The plastic frame makes this a better door for pups that use their door less frequently, but the price tag makes it a great choice if you’re on a budget.

We also love that it still comes with a warranty even though it’s a less expensive door and that it is designed specifically for use on door installations, so you’re not paying for extra durability and hardware you don’t need.

Gun Dog Heavy Duty Dog Door

23. Gun Dog Heavy Duty Dog Door

Price: $97.99
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We know much more about over-pampering pets than we do about having a working gun dog, but as we understand it, the working gun dog often tends to sleep in their own quarters.

The gun dog heavy-duty dog door is designed for these types of quarters and features heavy-duty spring hinges to ensure that the door seals against inclement weather every time.

You should also know that because this door is made from welded aluminum and plexiglass, it’s surprisingly durable.

OWNPETS Dog Screen Door

24. OWNPETS Dog Screen Door

Price: $38.99
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An affordable screen door pet door option from OWNPETS, we find this door to be pretty convenient because it fits to screen windows and doors so you can use it just about anywhere in your home.

We love the fact that it’s also self-closing and lockable too so it suits just about every type of lifestyle. Despite being so affordable, we found this door astonishingly durable and even looks pretty nice too!

These types can be tricky to install, which had us worried about this model at first, but it’s actually pretty easy to install so long as you read the instructions thoroughly before you get started and not halfway through the installation like some people we know…

The one thing you should pay attention to with this door is that it only comes in a small/medium size (around 16” x 14”), so keep this in mind when you buy.

Armor Flex Wall Mount Air Tight Pet Door

25. Armor Flex Wall Mount Air Tight Door

Price: $284.98
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The Armor Flex wall mount space is an airtight door option made from strong aluminum, and we love that it’s one of the more energy-efficient choices.

The price tag on this door is pretty steep, but the security and durability combined with the energy-efficient design are worth the investment.

We recommend this if you have a regular doggy door user in your home and are tired of making regular replacements. it comes in a range of sizes, so you don’t have to struggle to find one that fits your pet.

PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert

26. PetSafe Panel Door Insert

Price: $117.57
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If you’re looking for something to fit your panel door, then this PetSafe insert is a great option and it comes in a range of sizes.

Explicitly designed for panel doors, we love how thick this is – it can fit 32”, 34”, or 36” paneled doors and the fact that the seal on the door itself is water-tight.

Plus, this is a two-flap door, so it’s much more efficient for keeping the weather out and the heat and air conditioning in!

Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door Mount

27. Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door Mount

Price: $394.99
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The Carlson Pro-Pets Royal Door Mount is a bi-parting door that comes with a stainless steel security panel as well as a security lock.

One of our favorite features of this door is that it has a commercial-grade magnetic gasket to ensure that it seals firmly with every use and comes with a training tool to help your dog adjust to using a dog door.

This door is available in small to extra-large sizing, but you should keep in mind that the extra-large is over $500!

None of the Carlson products are very affordable, but it’s one of the most secure pet door options made to fit doors and walls from 4.75” to 7.5”.

Hale Pet Doors Door Model, Double Flap

28. Hale Doors Door Model, Double Flap

Price: $289.99
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Hale is another costly investment, but it is worth making if you have trouble finding a doggy door that is suited to your pet’s size.

Hale has more than ten different sizes of dog doors including doors that are sized for taller breeds of dogs.

While we love the wide array of dog door sizes, we also love their selection of colors.

Where most doggy doors are either plain white, transparent, or industrial looking, Hale doors come in a variety of brass, silver, black, and white finishes so you can blend them into any façade.

Depets Small Dog Door

29. Depets Small Door

Price: $18.98
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The Depets small canine door is only made for your little pups, but it’s one of our favorite small dog options simply because it’s a good-looking door!

The Depets door also comes with four locking options for more versatility so you can allow your dog to come inside only, go outside only, go inside and outside, or lock completely so that your door is out of use when you’re not home to secure it.

This door is also waterproof and really easy to install. Just keep in mind that the final size of the door flap on this door is 7.08” x 7.48”.

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door

30. IP Products Aluminum Sash Window Door

Price: $134.42
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If you have a preference for window-style doors, this one comes highly recommended by pet parents everywhere.

The width of this door adjusts from 33” to 38”, and the extra-large door has a flap that measures 10.5” x 15”.

The see-through flap allows your dog to see out before they step out, and our favorite feature of this door is that the flexible flap door is made from non-toxic vinyl, so you don’t have to worry about your pup’s health while they’re stepping out!

The Best Dog Door – Summary

That's going to do it for us here for the best dog doors. We covered the best door you can think of for every scenario:

  • the best dog door for a sliding glass door
  • the best in wall dog door
  • the best dog door for cold weather
  • the safest dog door out there
  • the best screen door for dogs that live on patios
  • the best dog door for large dogs and larger homes

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Which door worked best for you?

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