5 Best Storm Doors with Dog Doors

Are you tired of opening the doors for your dog each time he wants to get inside from the yard or when it's time for your pet to have a bathroom break? One of the best ways to solve this small problem is simply by installing a pet door.

There are many different types of dog doors, and you can find the right type to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a dog door for your patio, wall, screen door, or any other door type. One of the most overlooked types, however, are dog doors for storm doors, and this is what we'll discuss and review in this article.

Benefits of Storm Dog Doors

Storm doors with dog doors will have many benefits, both for you and your dog.

Convenience – Once you install a dog door, you won’t have to let your pooch in and out all the time. Instead, you can sleep in or do anything you want without being interrupted by your dog.

Freedom – Your dog will have greater freedom to get out whenever he wants, and he will certainly appreciate it. He will be able to go to the bathroom when he wants and enjoy the outdoors when he desires.

Mental Stimulation – Your dog needs regular mental stimulation, and having access to the outdoors at all times can keep him stimulated and prevent boredom. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time away from home every day.

Preventing Bad Behavior – Happy and active dogs will not chew on your furniture or behave badly in other ways. With a dog door, this behavior or bathroom accidents will become a thing of the past.

In addition to all these benefits, installing a storm dog door is rather simple and won’t take much of your time as long as you measure your pet correctly. Some of the best storm door with dog door options are below, and we review them later in the article.

How to Install a Dog Door on a Storm Door

Before you purchase a storm dog door, consider its pros and cons. This will be a change to your house that you cannot revert unless you purchase a new door afterward.

Compared to other types of pet doors, installing a dog door to a screen or storm door is probably the easiest of them all. Of course, that will also depend on the type of dog door you have chosen, but, for example, a magnetic dog door for storm doors can be installed without additional tools.

The first step in the installation process is to determine how you want to integrate a dog door into your storm door. You can either (a) do it with screen material on all 4 sides of it or (b) you can install it in one of the bottom corners.

Before you start the dog door installation process, you also have to determine the size of the storm dog door that you want to use.

The size of the pet door you need will depend on the size of your dog, so it’s very important to measure your pet correctly. Measure your dog’s width around his shoulders and his height from the shoulders to his feet. Feel free to add a few inches to your measurements to stay on the safe side. Watch this video guide for more tips.

Installation with screen material on all four sides

Installation with screen material on all four sides

Take out the screen from its track and lay it down on the floor. Mark the rough edges on the screen mash where you will cut based on the measurements you previously took. Cut through these markings with a sharp blade, and you will create space for your dog's door.

Once you have cut the hole, put the interior frame over the exterior frame and make sure that they are perfectly aligned. While there are different kinds of frames available, you will only need to screw or snap the ends together. After this, you only have to install your dog door.

Installation in the bottom corner of your storm door

The first step here is to take the door out of the hinges and lay it down on the floor. After this, take a marker and outline what you will cut based on the measurements of your dog. But before you start cutting, use a screwdriver to loosen the spline from one end of the screen and take it out. Then, cut the mesh.

Once you make the hole in the screen, take the dog door panel that you selected and put the frames together on both sides of the screen. When the frames are aligned, get a screwdriver so you can fit them together.

In some cases, you may also have to drill at the dog door sides to make them fit firmly in the screen door. After you do this, align the frames and screw them together. In the end, fit the screen door back in its original position, and you are all done.

How to Choose the Best Dog Door for Storm Door

How to Choose the Best Dog Door for Storm Door

There are many good choices when it comes to dog doors, but not all of them are suited for storm doors. Because you're going to be making a permanent change to your house, it's crucial to purchase the right type of storm door with a dog door (or otherwise). I recommend you read this guide for more tips.

Quality and durability

The quality and durability of dog doors for storm or screen doors depend mostly on the type of material used to make them. Make sure that the material used for both the frame and screen is strong and durable before you make your purchase.

The screen made specifically for dog doors for storm doors is often made of mesh to match the screen of the storm door. However, the screen can also be made of plastic or metal as well. The frame for the dog door should be made from metal or some other durable material like aluminum or tough plastic.


I had already pointed out the importance of measuring your dog when I talked about the installation process, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again since you can come across major problems if you choose a dog door that is too small or too big.


While you want your dog to have the freedom to go in and out as he pleases, having a dog door poses some security threats. You could become a victim of a robbery, or some wild animals may go into your home. This can be prevented if you get a dog door with a locking mechanism, so you don’t have to worry when you sleep.

Now that you know how to install a dog door and what to look for when purchasing it, let's review some of the best storm doors with dog door options available to buy.

Top 5 Best Dog Doors for Storm Door Brands


Pet Storm Door with Dog Door
by PetSafe

PetSafe NEVER RUST Screen Door – Size Large – For Dogs and Cats up to 100 lb – Use in Screen Doors – Window Screens and Porch Screens This storm dog door is best in terms of cost-to-value ratio. It comes in small and large sizes – the small size is 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall, which is suitable for dogs up to 30 pounds weight, while the large size is suitable for pets up to 100 pounds and it is around 10 inches wide and around 17 inches tall.

This dog door is not only compatible with storm doors, but it can also be used for window screens and screened-in porches. It works well with metal or vinyl-coated screen doors, and it is made from durable, puncture, and tear-resistant mesh material. The frame is made from plastic and reinforced with screws.

PetSafe NEVER RUST Screen Door – Size Large –...
6,259 Reviews
PetSafe NEVER RUST Screen Door – Size Large –...
  • QUICK, DIY INSTALL: Snaps...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: High-impact...
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Large door...

I was particularly impressed with sliding locks that keep your home safe and prevent the door from flapping in strong winds. However, while I didn’t have any problems with this door since I have only used it for a couple of weeks, some dog owners reported that the door broke and parts have fallen off after some time. Also, you may need to reinforce the door with additional screws.

» PROS: Available in Two Sizes, Compatible with Other Types of Door, Reinforced Frame, Durable Mesh, Comes with Sliding Locks

« CONS: May Need Additional Screws, Some Reports of the Door Getting Broken



Storm Dog Door

This dog door is specifically made for screen and storm doors, and it is made from high-quality ABA material that should make it durable in rough conditions. The door is reinforced with screws and includes a plunger inner sheet to keep it together.

Ownpets Dog Screen Door, Inside Door Flap...
3,888 Reviews
Ownpets Dog Screen Door, Inside Door Flap...
  • Convenient Pet Screen Door:...
  • Self-Closing & Lockable: Our...
  • Sturdy & Durable: Made of high...
  • Easy to Install & Use: Our dog...
  • Versatile: The pet screen door...

The best thing about this door is the built-in magnetic system that closes the door automatically when your dog gets out, preventing any unwanted guests from entering. There is also a locking mechanism that allows you to keep the door fully closed at night or whenever you want. This door can be fitted on any screen area, but it is also good for any other type of door and window.

Ownpets Dog Screen Door, Inside Door Flap 12x14x0.4 Inch, Lockable Pet Screen Door, Magnetic Self-Closing Screen Door with Locking Function, Sturdy Screen Door for Dogs Cats Unfortunately, this door only comes in one size, with measurements of 14″ x 0.5″ x 12″. This is a problem, especially since the product is smaller than how it looks in photos, so measure your dog properly before you buy it. Also, the frame is made from plastic material and doesn’t seem very durable, although nothing happened while I used it.

» PROS: Compatible with Other Types of Door, Reinforced Frame, Auto-Closing Magnetic Mechanism, Has a Locking System, Easy to Install

« CONS: Only Available in One Size, Not Very Durable, Not Suitable for Large Dogs



Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard Pet Door by IDEAL PET DOORS

Ideal Pet Products Screen Guard Pet Door, Extra Large, 10.5" x 15" Flap Size, White The company that makes this dog door has a lot of experience in this area, and that is evident in their products. This dog door is available in two sizes – medium and extra-large. The medium size has a flap that measures 7″ x 11.25″, while the extra-large has measurements of 10.5″ x 15″. Medium size is suitable for dogs that weigh up to 35 pounds; the extra-large is good for dogs up to 90 pounds.

The quality of materials used for this door is good, including the plastic used for blocking entry. Also, the flap and magnetic seal construction are designed to allow your dog to come in and get out as easily as possible.

Ideal Pet Products Screen Guard Pet Door, Extra...
519 Reviews
Ideal Pet Products Screen Guard Pet Door, Extra...
  • Flexible vinyl flap with...
  • Medium and extra large pet...
  • Easy installation; Screen...
  • Manufacturer Warranty does not...
  • Need Assistance? E-mail Ideal...

The only problem with this door for me was the installation. It is a bit more complicated compared to other dog doors for screen doors, but the product comes with instructions. Also, it is easier to install it if you have a screen guard. That’s actually how it was supposed to be installed, but it can also go directly on the screen door itself, although it may be too heavy for the screen door and cause problems.

» PROS: Available in Two Sizes, Magnetic Seal, Durable

« CONS: Requires a Screen Guard, Complicated Installation, No Locking Mechanism



Namsan Pet Screen Door for Storm Doors
by Namsan

This dog door for screen doors comes in two sizes – small and large. The small door has a flap size of 8.25″ W x 10.4″ H, while the large door has a flap size of 12″ W x 14″ H, which is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

NAMSAN Screen Dog Door for Sliding Door, Inside...
5,548 Reviews
NAMSAN Screen Dog Door for Sliding Door, Inside...
  • NAMSAN Screen Door with Dog...
  • Made from quality ABS plastic,...
  • Pet door is perfect and...
  • Installation manual attached,...
  • Outside frame size 14 x 16...

The door is easy to install since you only need 8 pieces of screws, plus you get detailed instructions for installation along with the product. You can mount the frame directly through any screen or storm doors, so you don’t need to have a screen guard to install this door.

NAMSAN Screen Dog Door for Sliding Door, Inside Opening 12 x 14 inches Doggy Door, Screen Door with Doggie Door Built in, Magnetic Self-Closing Pet Screen Door Protector for Dogs Cats, Black You can also lock this door at any time since it comes with a sliding lock mechanism. The door itself is made from wire mesh and strong plastic material. However, it seems a bit flimsy to me and not that durable at all. I also had to modify the door a bit since the screws seemed a bit small, and I had to reinforce the door to keep them on the screen.

» PROS: Available in Two Sizes, Reinforced Frame, Auto-Closing Magnetic Mechanism, Has a Locking System, Easy to Install

« CONS: Not Very Durable, Not Very Stable, May Have to Reinforce Screws



Pet Dog Door for Screens
by Takara Industry

This dog door is one of the largest on the market since it has a flap that’s 13.625 inches high and 12.25 inches wide, but it only comes in that single size, and it’s not suitable for the smallest dog breeds. The screened flap is wide thanks to the 2-pin connection to the frame and has a magnetic mechanism for closure.

TAKARA INDUSTRY Pet Dog Door for Screens,...
165 Reviews
TAKARA INDUSTRY Pet Dog Door for Screens,...
  • Product Size (W x D x H): 14.6...
  • Weight: 19.2 oz (558 g)
  • Country of Origin: People's...

The frame is attached to the screen door with stainless screws, which are large and strong enough to support the dog door properly. The only thing you need to install this door is a box cutter and a screwdriver – the installation is pretty simple and intuitive. You will also receive instructions but some users reported that they received them in the Japanese language.

TAKARA INDUSTRY Pet Dog Door for Screens, Medium/Large One thing that I found disappointing about this door is the fact that it comes without any locking mechanism. Also, door hinges don’t seem very durable, even though the rest of this dog door is made from sturdy materials.

» PROS: Reinforced Frame, Auto-Closing Magnetic Mechanism, Easy to Install, Durable

« CONS: Available in Only One Size, Not for the Smallest Breeds, No Locking Mechanism, Some Users Received Instructions in Japanese


Having a storm door with a dog door comes with many benefits and allows your dog to get out and come in whenever he wants without your help.

Dog doors can be used on various types of doors and windows, but if you are looking for a dog door for storm doors, the products we reviewed here are the best on the market.

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