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13 Comfy Thanksgiving Themed Dog Bandanas


Thanksgiving is almost here, and many pet owners are thinking about ways to include their dogs in the festivities. While dog clothes and sweaters are adorable, they can also be difficult to put on and uncomfortable for your pup to wear. On the other hand, the best Thanksgiving dog bandanas are easy to put on and comfortable for Fido to wear. He probably won't even realize he's wearing one!The Best Thanksgiving Dog Bandanas

Finding a bandana for dogs is really all about your personal preference. What color or pattern are you looking for? Do you want a dog bandana that ties around your pet's neck or one that is equipped with a clip or buckle?

Don't forget about your dog's comfort. While virtually all best Thanksgiving dog bandanas are made of a soft material, some are made from synthetic materials that could chafe your pet's skin or give him a rash. The best Thanksgiving dog bandanas will be easy to put on and take off, comfortable for your pet and durable.

The Best Thanksgiving Dog Bandanas

1Stonehouse Collection’s 6-pc Bandana

Stonehouse Collection’s 6-pc Holiday Dog BandanaYou’ll never run out of holiday bandana for your dog again with this 6-piece set from Stonehouse Collection. Each set has a bandana for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines’ Day, Patriotic Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Halloween. Colorful prints and cheerful holiday greetings adorn each triangular piece. The Thanksgiving bandana, for instance, depicts the first thanksgiving feast with images of Indians, Pilgrims, turkeys, pumpkin, and food, and an easy-to-read greeting of “Happy Thanksgiving”.

These best Thanksgiving dog bandanas are made of polyester fabric and measure 33” along the length that is tied around the neck, and 22” on the two equal sides of the triangle. This is the only size, which is perfect for dogs weighing 40 lb. You may still use the Stonehouse Collection's 6-pc Holiday Dog Bandanas on smaller dogs by making a fold or two.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “Very cute addition to my dogs monthly grooming appointment. I can't say she keeps it on long but long enough for me to snap a quick photo and share with friends. She is a 42 pound Black Collie and they…”


2Bandit's Bandanas Set

After getting six pieces for a set, this 3-piece set from Bandit's Bandanas for a slightly cheaper price doesn’t quite make the cut. A quick check for the price of single bandanas, however, shows that this set is actually a steal of a deal at its price point. There’s one bandana each for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween.

The Thanksgiving Day-themed one is printed with cute turkey images with orange and brown as the dominant colors. There are two sizes available in the Bandit's Bandanas Set with a small price difference between the sizes. The material is 100% cotton and is machine washable. If you notice, the neck part has to stitch more than an inch away from the edge. You have to run your dog’s collar through that slot to keep the bandana neat and fixed in its position.


3Designer Duds Turkeys & Fall Bandana

Designer Duds for Dogs’ Turkeys & Fall Leaves BandanaThis bandana from Designer Duds for Dogs disguises as a single bandana but you get to use it as if you had two bandanas – because it’s reversible. One face features the red-orange fall leaves and acorns design, while the reverse shows images of turkeys, Pilgrim’s hat, pumpkin, and bounty harvest.

These best Thanksgiving dog bandanas are definitely a must-have accessory for Thanksgiving, whether you and your dog are having a feast with friends and family or are just having a quiet dinner together. This size works for small labs, retrievers, and other similarly sized breeds, with a neck circumference of 14”-20”. The Designer Duds for Dogs' Turkeys & Fall Leaves Bandana is 100% cotton, very sturdy, has clean lines, and looks very neat when worn.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Stylish, good quality. I still think $17.99 is ridiculous for a dog bandana which is why I'm not giving it 5 stars…”


4Plus Size Pups’ Thanksgiving Bandanna

Plus Size Pups’ Thanksgiving Over the Collar Dog Bandanna - Happy ThanksgivingPlus Size Pups’ bandana puts an end to bandanas falling off, getting twisted, or choking your dog. Like the Bandit’s Bandanas, this is worn over the collar, through the top seam. The background print depicts orange, red, and green fall leaves.

The Thanksgiving greeting takes center position, while the vertex of the triangle is occupied by a chubby and adorable turkey wearing a Pilgrim’s hat. This is made of soft, washable material. Dogs are not bothered by the Plus Size Pups' Thanksgiving Over the Collar Dog Bandana – Happy Thanksgiving and it’s very easy to slip on. Unlike other kerchiefs which you’ll need to fold or sew just so your smaller pup could wear it, too, this comes in a full range of sizes from XS through L.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This is a great idea! No more bandannas falling off! I was very happy with this purchase and will be back for more!…”


5Tail Trends Thanksgiving Bandanas

Tail Trends Dog Bandanas with Thanksgiving Themed DesignsWhat can be more special than a handmade dog bandana adorned with an overlay of felt-like textiles to create a Thanksgiving theme? Well, this dog bandana from Tail Trends is that special. It is made of red-checkered 100% cotton cloth with stitched edge. The centerpiece is an applique using various colors of felt fabric to depict a turkey.

These best Thanksgiving dog bandanas are machine washable, but we strongly recommend hand-washing so as not to damage the applique handwork. This size fits dogs with a neck circumference of 16”-24”. The Tail Trends Dog Bandanas with Thanksgiving Themed Designs really look cute on dogs and are well-made.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This is adorable, well-sized for my medium-sized puppy, and well-made. He's worn it to his puppy training class and it's still in perfect shape; will be wearing it for family Thanksgivings all…”


6Ruff Ruff and Meow Doggie Bandana

Ruff Ruff and Meow Doggie Bandana, GobbleRuff Ruff and Meow’s Doggie Bandana is attractive in black background with an orange design that really stands out. The orange print says, “Gobble Gobble Gobble” and there’s a turkey beside the words – unmistakably your dog’s Thanksgiving accessory. The cloth is 100% certified organic Turkish cotton.

The bandana’s border is stitched and the design is screen-printed. This is easy to hand-wash, but you may also machine wash it for added ease. The Ruff Ruff and Meow Doggie Bandana, Gobble is available in medium, which is perfect for dogs weighing 10-50 lb. It has a length of 26” and a width of 12”.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My little love bug looks adorable in her Turkey day bandana. Love this item. Item as described…”


7Plus Size Pups’ Turkey Pilgrim Bandana

Plus Size Pups’ Thanksgiving Over the Collar Bandana - Turkey PilgrimHere’s another design from Plus Size Pups. These best Thanksgiving dog bandanas feature the same over-the-collar concept, which is the perfect solution for making bandanas stay on very playful dogs. This does not have a printed Thanksgiving greeting across it, but the color palette of orange, yellow, brown, and red is already a giveaway of the holiday.

Plus that cute turkey in a Pilgrim’s hat – it’s a mascot you can’t miss. The Plus Size Pups' Thanksgiving Over the Collar Bandana – Turkey Pilgrim is made of flexible and durable material and comes in three sizes XS, S, and L. The XS size has a collar slot opening of 1”, collar topline length of 5.5”, and top to tip length (the part of the bandana that shows the design) of 5”.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “This fit very well on both of my pups One of them has a 17″ neck and the other one a 22″ neck…”


8Brands on Sale Thanksgiving Bandana

Brands on Sale, Inc’s Happy Thanksgiving Dog BandanaThese large best Thanksgiving dog bandanas are made of breathable cotton material. Among the single bandanas featured in this list, it is the least expensive. It comes in a cool, light brown color and subdued design. Printed on this bandana from Brands on Sale, Inc is a “Happy Thanksgiving” greeting in dark brown letters. A pattern of roasted turkey legs is printed in a darker shade of brown along the bandana’s borders.

Brands on Sale, Inc's Happy Thanksgiving Dog Bandana comes in a large size and fastens around the neck with a Velcro strip. This size is perfect for wide-necked dogs weighing as much as 50 lb. This is machine washable, but hand-washing will be a breeze and it will make the Velcro strap last longer.


9PUPTECK Pet Dog Cat Puppy Bandana

PUPTECK Pet Dog Cat Puppy BandanaUnlike the other bandanas we have in our list, this is square in shape, not triangular. Folded diagonally, these best Thanksgiving dog bandanas from PUPTECK take the shape of a triangle and can then be used as a bandana tied around your dog’s neck. The color selection is really awesome, with red, brown, dark blue, and wine red choices.

Each bandana actually combines various thread colors, not simply the color stated in the various choices. The PUPTECK Pet Dog Cat Puppy Bandana measures 16.7”x16.7” and is made of 100% linen cloth which is reversible. One side shows a multicolor pattern of tiny rectangles, while the reverse side displays a plaid-like pattern but with lots of thread. The material is very soft, like a dainty scarf.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “Absolutely beautiful! My dog looks so handsome with this on and I took so many photos. Fit my dog perfectly.…”


10Bandit's Seasonal Pet Bandanas

Bandit's Bandanas Seasonal Pet BandanasThis is similar to the 3-pack Bandit’s Bandana set we’ve featured, but with different designs contained in the pack. This also has one bandana for each of these holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween.

These best Thanksgiving dog bandanas are the same as the ones in the earlier set. The two other bandanas, however, bear different designs, including a green pattern for Christmas, and a black bandana with colorful prints for Halloween. Like the previous set, the Bandit's Bandanas Seasonal Pet Bandanas are made of 100% cotton fabric, worn over the collar through the top seam. This is available in small sizes.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Cute and nice fit for a 32 pound lab retriever look alike.…”


11Plus Size Pups’ Eat Vegetables Bandana

Plus Size Pups’ Thanksgiving Over the Collar Dog Bandana - Eat VegetablesWe’ll never get enough of Plus Size Pups’ best Thanksgiving dog bandanas as long as they keep coming up with attractive holiday designs. This one is made especially for Thanksgiving with images of orange, red, and yellow maple leaves, and a turkey with colorful plumage bearing a sign that says, “Eat vegetables”.

It comes in four sizes ranging from XS through L. Since the Plus Size Pups' Thanksgiving Over the Collar Dog Bandana – Eat Vegetables is designed to be worn over the collar, you need not worry about the necessary length to make ends meet and beyond to tie them together. For reference, the medium size has 1.5” collar opening, 12” collar topline length, and 8” top to tip length. This size should be perfect for most dogs weighing around 40 lb.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Super cute and got a lot of laughs with the family at Thanksgiving. Sizing was just right on my medium size dog (42 lbs).…”


12Tie on Triangle Thanksgiving Bandanas

Bandanas Unlimited’s Tie on Triangle Thanksgiving BandanasHere’s another threesome triangular bandanas. This time it’s from Bandanas Unlimited. Unlike the other 3-piece sets we’ve featured, this set contains all three in Thanksgiving designs. So this would be an awesome pick if you have three dogs to accessorize for a party, or if you simply want to have different choices available right away.

The edges of the Bandanas Unlimited's Tie on Triangle Thanksgiving Bandanas are stitched for a more durable finish. The side that goes around the neck is slightly slanted for a better fit. This slanted side measures 29” long from one tip to the other. The three bandanas are in yellow, beige, and yellow-green colors.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “They are cute and fit good…”


13FunDog Happy Thanksgiving Bandanas

FunDog Bandanas’ Happy Thanksgiving BandanasLast on our list, but definitely not the least, is a burnt orange triangular bandana from, FunDog Bandanas. It measures 22” on the two shorter and equal sides, and 31” on the longest side. This long length makes these best Thanksgiving dog bandanas appropriate for medium to large dogs. If folded on the top, it can be used for smaller dogs with ample length to tie ends with.

Unfolded, the FunDog Bandanas' Happy Thanksgiving Bandanas can be used on bigger dogs with neck circumference of about 28”, allowing a few inches to tie the ends with. Against the burnt orange background is the dark contrasting print of a Pilgrim’s hat, a turkey leg’s silhouette, and the words “Happy Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble”. What can possibly be more articulate than that?

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