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Review: BingoPaw Donut-Shaped Dog Bed

Every dog deserves a comfortable bed. If your dog suffers with arthritis or hip and joint problems, an orthopedic dog bed will provide the support and comfort they need to rest. Some dogs prefer sleeping on an elevated bed. A donut-shaped dog bed, like this one from BingoPaw, is a great option for “nesters”.

Nesters are dogs that like to curl up in a ball and snuggle into comfortable bedding when they sleep. They may paw or scratch at the bedding to fluff it up. A bed made from a single piece of orthopedic foam wouldn't entice these pups, but a soft donut-shaped bed is just what they're looking for.

When your dog has his own dog bed, he has a place in your home that is all his. He doesn't need to share his space with anyone else in your family. Maybe your dog doesn't like to be by himself very often, but when he does he'll have a comfortable, warm and safe place to rest.

If you think your pet might like a round bed that is soft and plush, the BingoPaw Donut-Shaped Dog Bed may be just what you're looking for. As you'll see below, my dogs have really been enjoying this bed. It's holding up very well, and the price tag is affordable.

BingoPaw Donut-Shaped Dog Bed

BingoPaw Donut-Shaped Dog BedWe have the extra-large size, which is a 35″ circle. The bed is also available in 20″, 24″ and 28″ options. All sizes have an 8″ bolster around the outside. I also have the brown color, but you can get this bed in grey as well.

In the photo below, you can see that this bed actually comes in 2 pieces. There is a waterproof liner attached to the bolster ring, and the interior pillow is removable. There is also a waterproof liner inside the cover of the interior pillow.

You can use the pillow separately, which is great for traveling. I throw the pillow in the back of my SUV when we're going for a ride to use as a travel bed. It would also be great if you're staying in a hotel or visiting family with your dog in tow.

The cover is machine washable, and as I mentioned, the bed has a waterproof inner liner. This is great if your pup has an occasional accident. My dogs like to chew marrow bones and dog chews on their beds, which leaves a slobbery, sticky mess behind. I always look for dog beds with a removable, machine washable cover. Trust me, it will save you a lot of cleaning time in the future.

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interior pillow of dog bed

The faux-fur covering is extremely soft, and great for dogs that love to snuggle and burrow into their bedding. However, I do have a dog that loves to play with soft, plush toys. Every once in a while he'll drag the inner pillow out of this donut-shaped dog bed and try to chew it.

If you have a chewer, this bed won't be a good option. The faux fur might entice your pet to chew the fabric. The inner liner also makes a very quiet crinkle-like sound, which is what I believe attracts my dog to try to chew the bed when he's feeling especially rambunctious.

This bed ranges in price from $21.99-$44.99 on Amazon right now. Compared to other similar beds, that's in the low-to-average price range. The bed seems to be made of good quality materials. I expect that we'll have it for at least a year.

It is made with soft cotton filling, which won't hold up over time the way orthopedic foam beds will. However, most beds in this price range are made with similar stuffing. As I said, I think we'll get at least a year out of this bed before the filling starts to compact. With regular washing, it may even last longer than that.

If you want a longer lasting bed, you're going to spend quite a bit more than this. Most foam beds that are guaranteed to last 5 or more years cost well over $150.  For this reason, I would definitely recommend this bed as a good value for the cost.

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Review BingoPaw Donut-Shaped Dog Bed

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bingopaw-donut-shaped-dog-bed-reviewEvery dog deserves a comfortable bed. A donut-shaped dog bed, like this one from BingoPaw, is a great option for "nesters".