20 Most Innovative Dog Products

The market for dog products is huge, which means that there are always new, exciting, and innovative pet supplies that can make your life and your dog’s life easier or at least more entertaining. Some of them are worth the attention, and others come and go without being noticed.

The year 2018 and the first few months of 2019 saw many such innovations reach the pet products market. We've scanned and chosen some of the most interesting and innovative dog products for you. While a few of these are not yet commercially available, others can already be purchased.

Compact Canine Toilets - DoggyBathroom

Compact Canine Toilets:

Availability: Back Them on Kickstarter

One of the latest, most innovative dog products is a very practical one – a new type of bathroom for small dogs, simply and aptly called “The Doggy Bathroom.” These compact canine toilets are completely different from the rest of the bunch because they provide privacy and independence to dogs. The Doggy Bathroom has both vertical and horizontal pee pads, which can significantly reduce mess if your small pooch is a “leg-lifter.”

If you back them on Kickstarter and they are a success, the company says they'll manufacture biodegradable and custom-fitted pee pads for the canine bathroom. They also have a scent that – same as with cats – will encourage dogs to use the toilet and baking soda to fight the odors. These canine toilets are suitable for dogs up to 20 pounds and are gender-neutral.


Contemporary Collapsible Crates - Diggs Revol Dog Crates

Contemporary Collapsible Dog Crates:
Diggs Revol

Availability: Buy on the Company's Site

Many dog owners will certainly agree that most dog crates often have an outdated, unappealing design. Well, these new and innovative collapsible dog crates look much more modern and luxurious than anything we've seen before. In fact, the main selling point behind Revol Dog Crate revolves around raising the standard of living for dogs worldwide.

The pet crate can be set up in a matter of minutes. It is as portable as it can be. Special focus with this latest model has been put on safety, which can now match the convenience of the crate. Thanks to the contemporary design, these collapsible dog crates can fit into any décor.


Stress-Reducing Pet Food Mats - Hyper Pet Lickimat

Stress-Reducing Pet Food Mats:
Hyper Pet Lick Mat

Availability: Buy on Amazon

Some dogs get stressed easily, and it may be hard to calm them down once they do. These stress-reducing pet food mats are simple and elegant but also highly effective. The Hyper Pet LickiMat is covered with treats or soft foods that will take your dog around 30 minutes to lick off. This will keep your dog occupied and calm for a while, long enough for you to leave the house or do some work.

The Lickimat is essentially a new twist on bowls that slow down feeding. The textured surface of these new innovative pet food mats contains small amounts of food for the dog, and while your pooch looks for it, he will become calmer. These mats also contribute to better oral health.


Dog Poo-Powered Lights by Brian Harper

Dog Poo-Powered Lights
by Brian Harper

Availability: N/A

When it comes to renewable energy sources, dog poo is probably the most unorthodox one. Well, Brian Harper of the Transition Malvern Hills community environmental group turned his unusual idea into reality with these dog poo-powered lights.

The lamp he developed has an anaerobic digester that uses canine feces as fuel. For now, this innovative street lamp illuminates one residential area in the UK. Dog owners and walkers can now collect the excrement left by their dogs and put it into the lamp’s digester. Once they turn the handle, the waste will get heated up and mixed before it is broken down to create biomethane to power the lamp.


Doggie CBD Tinctures - Medico Anxiety & Pain Treatment

CBD Tinctures:
Medico Anxiety & Pain Treatment

Availability: Not Available Yet

CBD products have made a serious and strong push on the health market across the US, and it is only a matter of time before CBD products in different forms will be used to treat different problems in dogs. Among all the cannabidiol health products, doggie CBD tinctures are the safest and simplest option for use.

There are many proven benefits of CBD for dogs. These products are claimed to help your pooch deal with pain, anxiety, and other health issues. Unlike commercial medications, CBD tinctures present a natural solution to health problems. These tinctures are without THC, which means that they will not have any psychoactive effects on your pooch.

CBD for Dogs

Travel-Friendly Beds - SPRUCE Portable Dog Bed

Travel-Friendly Dog Beds:

Availability: Buy on Amazon

There are many portable dog beds and carriers suitable for small breeds, but there's barely any choice when it comes to travel beds you could use for medium or large breeds. Thanks to the newly released Spruce Dog Bed, you can now bring your not-so-small furry friend on the road with you.

These recently released innovative, travel-friendly dog beds are available in three sizes. It has a clever design that zips and folds to become a hand carrier where you can put all of your dog’s essentials and accessories. The padding is made of memory foam, while the cover is washable and waterproof.


Ultra-Modern Canine Loungers - DEDALO SUPERFINE

Ultra-Modern Canine Loungers:

Availability: Buy on the Company's Site

There are plenty of well-designed dog beds on the market, but the Dedalo Luxury Dog Bed is on a whole different level. Like the above-mentioned innovative dog crates, these ultra-modern canine loungers are designed to improve your pet's quality of life. They allow you to spoil your dog and make him feel like a part of the family, too.

This lounger has a beautiful spherical design, which is no surprise given the fact that it has been handcrafted by Italian craftsmen. The materials used to make this bed include olive and walnut wood and steam-bent zingana. The extremely comfortable seating section can support dogs that weigh up to 33 pounds.


Free Dog-Sharing Platforms - Dogshare

Free Dog-Sharing Platforms:

Availability: Join on the Dogshare Site

Social media is the staple of modern communication. With that in mind, there are many dog-sharing platforms you can use for free, and one of the newer options is Dogshare. This app allows people to connect to a local network of dogs and use it to arrange dog play dates or find somebody to take care of their dog for a while.

Dogshare can be a great way to develop a better, caring community based on the love for dogs. You don’t even have to be a dog owner to register or even take care of somebody’s dog. It's free to create an account and explore more.


Dog-Distracting Photo Accessories - Flexy Paw

Dog-Distracting Photo Accessories:
Flexy Paw

Availability: Buy on Amazon

Here's a newly released dog product that you'd never think exists – a selfie tool for dog owners. Taking a perfect photo of your pup is often a difficult mission, especially if you are trying to take a selfie. That’s where these dog-distracting photo accessories come in. The Flexy Paw is a treat holder with a flexible design that fits right over the top of your smartphone.

This treat holder can work with any kind of smartphone, and your pooch will certainly become much more photogenic with his favorite treat in front of him. If you're an avid pet photographer or someone looking to start an Instagram account for/with your dog, this tool may become essential.


Wooden Contemporary Dog Houses - Pijuan Design Workshop

Wooden Contemporary Dog Houses:
Pijuan Design Workshop

Availability: Buy on the Company's Site

Dog houses can come in many different shapes and colors, but you can’t often find a hand-crafted, wooden dog house that looks like a modern architectural masterpiece. These contemporary dog houses made by Pijuan Design Workshop, a design studio from Los Angeles, are suitable for dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes.

We've covered the revolutionary, innovative, and luxurious dog beds and dog crates, and if you're a pet owner who's looking to spoil your pooch and improve the home or backyard decor, this is an (expensive) item for you. These wooden dog houses also come with different furniture of your choosing and many additional pieces you can add to make your dog even more comfortable.


Pet-Friendly Bike Seats - BuddyRider

Pet-Friendly Bike Seats:

Availability: Buy on the Company's Site

If you are an avid cyclist or just ride your bike to the market with pet-friendly bike seats, you can bring your dog along for the ride. The BuddyRider dog bike seats can carry pets that weigh up to 30 pounds. This innovative bike accessory will strap your pooch securely in a seated position and keep him fastened all the time.

This is easily the most unique of all bicycle seats for dogs we've seen, including the popular Snoozer. Of course, no matter the design, some dogs may be afraid of riding on the bike or become overly anxious during the ride, so make sure that your dog is up to it before you get this unique bike accessory.

PETKIT Dog Cat Water Fountain


Dog and Cat Water Fountain:

Availability: Buy on Amazon

Smart pet feeders were the first to hit the pet product market, but smart pet water bowls were quick to follow. But those bowl comes with a twist. It's designed like a water fountain bowl that basically provides your pooch with consistently fresh water at all times of the day.

The PetKit Fountain will notify you if it's working or needs a new filter. It also allows you to monitor your pet's water consumption.

You can use this water bowl indoors and outdoors. It comes with three layers of filtration system, including a cotton layer, a coconut shell activated carbon, and lastly, an ion exchange resin. And, unlike many other automatic water and feeding bowls for pets, this one looks much more attractive.


Functional Spiral Pet Staircases - SophiPet

Functional Spiral Pet Staircases:

Availability: Back Them on Indiegogo

Dog stairs have always been popular among pet owners, particularly for small or senior dogs with arthritis. However, most dog steps are not particularly attractive and unlikely to compliment your home decor. The SophiPet reversible staircase for dogs is different – it has an elegant spiral design that can fit any modern décor. It is a luxurious product that provides a practical way to protect small pets from possible injuries when they try to reach high beds.

If you back them on Indiegogo and the company succeeds, they say their pet staircase will come with a completely customizable body with loads of storage space, which makes the dog staircase multi-functional. The safety rails will guide your pooch and keep him safe at all times, while the upholstered cushions will keep the joint pain away. The best thing about these staircases is the fact that they are extremely customizable and allow you to choose anything you like from a wide range of accessories.


Food-Preserving Pet Bowls - Mario Feeder

Food-Preserving Pet Bowls:
Mario Feeder

Availability: Back Them on Kickstarter

With modern lifestyles and increasing workloads, dog owners have long been waiting for a product that will allow them to take care of their canine friends even when they are away from home. Some smart feeders have accomplished that, but how many of those can claim to be “food-preserving”? The Merio Feeder can. These innovative dog bowls do exactly that because they keep the pet's food fresh and prevent spoiling.

The Mario Feeder also has a proximity detector that will only allow authorized dogs to feed, preventing other pets from overeating or stealing food. There are also many other smart features present, like a microphone that allows you to hear your dog, tracking options to measure your dog’s food intake and others.


Brain-Stimulating Dog Game - Swift Paws

Brain-Stimulating Dog Game:
Swift Paws

Availability: Buy on the Company's Site

Keeping your dog in great physical shape is very important, but you also need to provide exercise for the dog's brain. The Swift Paws is a new and very innovative interactive dog game that will provide your pooch with proper mental stimulation along with physical exercise.

This system is basically a two-minute game of capturing the flag, in which you control the direction and speed of the flag. You can set up the system in a matter of minutes, whether you want to play in your backyard or in a dog park.


Health-Tracking Dog Collars - Waggit

Health-Tracking Dog Collars:

Availability: Pre-order on Indiegogo

While tracking one’s health via wearable accessories is not a new concept, health-tracking dog collars are a new thing in the pet product market. The Waggit Smart Collar tracks your dog’s health by monitoring any changes in his vitals, sleep quality, and body temperature. This collar will even monitor his sleeping position because sleeping on one side only can indicate pain.

We've already seen several fitness dog trackers, but the Waggit is different in its concept and also more stylish than the majority of other pet health-tracking devices. The communication with the collar is done via an integrated app, and you will be able to get all the information about your dog’s health as fast as possible.


Deep-Cleansing Pet Bathers - PetScrub

Deep-Cleansing Pet Bathers:

Availability: Buy on the Company's Site

Bathing a dog is often a difficult task for dog owners, especially if your pooch is not enthusiastic about it. Giving your dog a really deep cleansing can take a lot of your time. With PetScrub, these problems are finally solved for most pet owners.

This new innovative doggy bath system is simple and lightweight, doesn’t need a ton of water, and will provide your pooch with a deep cleaning that will remove debris from his fur and freshen it up instantly. The best thing about it comes from the fact that it is a non-invasive method that will keep even the most anxious dogs calm during the bath.


Treat-Dispensing Smart Pet Cameras - Petcube Bites

Treat-Dispensing Smart Pet Cameras:
Petcube Bites

Availability: Buy on Amazon

Smart pet cameras have been a thing for a while, and we've long been fans of Petcube – rating it as one of our favorite pet cameras of all time. Petcube itself has been around for a while, but it's one recently that they released their new design with an innovative twist. Petcube Bites allows you to dispense treats to your pooch from anywhere. This product has a beautiful, modern design, but that is nothing compared to its functionality.

This treat-dispensing dog camera has a high video resolution and night vision. It also comes with a two-way audio that lets you speak to your dog remotely. The storage capacity of this camera allows you to put up to 100 treats in it. You can dispense treats at any time or set up a schedule. The camera can dispense treats at different distances and even up in the air.


Meat-Flavored Canine Toothbrushes - Bristly

Meat-Flavored Canine Toothbrushes:

Availability: Buy on Amazon

Oral health is a very important part of your dog’s overall health since dental disease can cause a lot of more serious health issues. That’s why you should pay special attention to your dog’s oral hygiene. One innovative way to ensure your dog’s dental health is to use meat-flavored canine toothbrushes.

The Bristly Dog toothbrush is an effective and simple tool that keeps your dog’s teeth in the best shape without brushing manually. It looks and works like a rubber chew toy, but it has a special design that removes tartar and plaque. Your dog will clean his teeth as he plays with this toothbrush that comes in three different sizes.


Connected Dog Door Openers - Wayzn

Connected Dog Door Openers:

Availability: Pre-order on Indiegogo

Doggie doors are probably the simplest way to provide your dog with the freedom to get in or out of the house without you having to do this all the time, but regular dog doors aren’t always a possible solution for every house, and they may also let small wildlife inside. With the Wayzn sliding pet door openers, you can now let your dog outside at any time, even if you are not home.

This automated pet door system lets you let your pup out whenever he comes to the door or when you let him out using the connected app. You can set up a schedule too. This system is also compatible with your smart home cameras and other devices.

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