In a world inundated with gadgets and gizmos, the pet product sector is not going to be left behind.

The pet industry is booming, and with increasing frequency, companies are releasing different dog tech products catered to the more proactive and vigilant dog owners.

Today, we're looking at some of our favorite modern innovations for dogs that have proven to be the most useful.

We've split this into two categories: one list of more specific modern pet technology products that our editors here at Top Dog Tips love the most and the other list with general innovation in the dog technology market.

Using many of these devices and tools, it becomes much easier to care for our pets or help them deal with a variety of problems.

33 of our Favorite Modern Innovations for Dogs

1. GoBone Interactive App-Enabled Smart Bone

Price: $199.00

If you’re a gamer, then the GoBone is one of the most expensive new dog toys that you will definitely want to save up for.

This “one size fits all” toy can be controlled via your smartphone so that you can play with your dog interactively. The bone also adjusts itself to your dog’s behavior and can use that information to play with your dog without you.

Having GoBone around means that the next time that you’re telecommuting you don’t have to worry about your pup barking for attention because they have their very own “babysitter”. Of all of the newest dog tech innovations in the pet market, this one is our favorite simply because it adjusts play levels to grow with your dog.

2. We For Dogs We Leash Two Handled 54 Inch Dog Leash

Price: $49.86

What seems to be a simple product is actually a very useful and innovative pet product. If you’ve ever had a dog who insists on holding its own leash or that of its furry sibling then you’ll recognize the genius of the We Leash Two Handled Leash.

Designed with two handles, the We Leash allows you to walk your dog as usual, but it also has a handle for your dog to safely hold in their mouth. Now you don’t have to play tug of war with your pup over who gets to hold the leash while they’re walking. Plus, the handle your dog will be holding in their mouth is plush and organic so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of safety either.

3. Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs

Price: $105.95

Parenting an anxious dog is no walk in the park, as most dog owners know from first-hand experience. There's a number of different dog anxiety tools, but The Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs is a completely new and most innovative gadget on the market that’s designed to fit in a small harness.

With minimal contact against your dog’s coat, the device creates a series of vibrations and sounds (referred to as Neurosync Technology) that are shown to provide relief from anxiety. What do we love most about the Calmz system? It doesn’t involve medications and it doesn’t carry a million and one side effects like tiredness, confusion, diarrhea, etc.

4. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeder

Price: $179.95

There's a huge number of different pet feeders out there (in fact, we've reviewed many before), but some are significantly better and more innovative than others. $180 might seem steep for an automatic feeder but the PetSafe Smart Feed isn’t your ordinary feeder. Compatible with Android and iOS, the Smart Feeder can be programmed and controlled no matter where you are by using your smartphone.

Unlike other dog feeders, this one also monitors your dog’s feeding habits so that you know exactly what’s going on with their diet. Our favorite thing about this feeder? Those big puppy eyes can’t convince you to give them a second breakfast because you “forgot” to feed them! Now you can actually prove that your furry friend is trying to pull a fast one just by checking when your pup was last fed!

5. Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Price: $167.49

If you’re a daytime TV watcher then you’ve probably already seen the Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser on the Today Show and Ellen. We've also reviewed the Petcube camera many times before (they've released different versions).

A 1080p video camera with a built-in treat dispenser, two-way audio, wi-fi, and night vision, the Petcube helps you to feel a little less guilty on those nights when you have to work late! Using your phone app, you can check in on your pup from work and even toss them a treat or two while they wait for you to get home. Plus, the Petcube is a great way to make sure that the cat isn’t torturing the dog again while you’re gone.

eco4life smart pet feeder6. eco4life 6L WiFi Smart Pet Feeder with Built-in Camera

Price: $108.98

Another smart feeder option that's different from PetSafe yet worth its own mention due to different features, the eco4Life Smart pet feeder. It differs from the PetSafe smart feeder mainly because it’s Alexa-friendly and compatible (and we know why Alexa is useful for dog owners if you haven't gotten one yet).

By connecting with your phone via the app, the Petnet dog feeder lets you control how much and when your dog eats. Best of all though, because the system works with Amazon’s Alexa, you can set low food warnings to automatically reorder your dog’s food. If you’re like us (and you probably are) that means no more running out of food while you wait for your next food delivery because you didn’t want to buy a new bag “too early”. This is pure genius and I find it extremely useful in our household.

7. Link AKC Smart GPS Dog Collar

Price: $99.00

The Link AKC Smart GPS Collar is available in extra-small through extra-large sizing and can be bought with or without a service plan (although you’ll need that service plan so it’s a good idea to get it in a bundle when you first buy), and is one of the more popular dog GPS collars out there. The collar gives you a precise GPS location of your dog anywhere within the United States (powered by the ATT cell network) and can send you an alert anytime your dog steps out of their “safe area”.

Link AKC is perfect for hunting dogs or dogs who have a habit of breaking out and roaming. The collar also features an activity tracker and health and safety alerts making it suitable for use in dogs who usually stay near home but who have health concerns as well. Our favorite application of this innovation is for use with senior dogs or dogs with chronic illnesses. With previous experience in this area we know that it can be nerve-wracking to leave these pups alone, but being able to monitor movement and temperature offers peace of mind.

nano glove8. Nano Glove


Price: $29.95

The Nano Glove isn’t specifically made for dogs, but one of its many uses is for cleaning dirty dog paws. If you’ve ever had a dog that jumps in just about every mud puddle, then you know the difficulty of cleaning between dog toes. This is only made worse when you use wipes that rip or bulky clothes that make your toes feel uncomfortable.

What makes the Nano Glove different is that it fits on your hand and is still thin enough to clean your pup’s feet without the uncomfortable bulk. Our favorite feature? All you need to do is wet the glove and you get a great clean without harsh chemicals or fragrances. We also love that it’s a multi-use product that can be used to dust off or wipe down just about everything.

Because Animals Superfood & Probiotic Supplement for Dogs

9. Because Animals Superfood Supplement for Dogs

Price: $22.27

One of the things that have changed dramatically for pet owners over recent years is a better understanding of pet nutrition. More research in the animal nutrition field allowed for innovations and bring new, healthier foods, supplements, and more for our dogs and cats.

Now companies like Because Animals are creating all-natural supplements that boost overall health through antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics, trace minerals, and omega fatty acids. We always believe that natural is better and since Because Animals Superfood Supplement for dogs is a natural and organic product it’s one we’re not afraid to use on our own dogs.

10. Bayer Seresto Flea Tick 7-8 Month Collar

Price: $59.98

One of the most intriguing new innovations in the pet products market over the past few years is the Seresto flea and tick collar. Why? Because prevention of not only ticks and fleas but other parasites like worms and other diseases is a HUGE part of pet parenting and raising a healthy dog.

It used to be all about topical flea solutions, but a number of recent studies have shown that topical preventatives of fleas and ticks can cause a number of poor health conditions in dogs. With the Seresto collar, you don’t have to apply any topical directly onto your pet’s skin – you just cut the collar to size and it provides an amazing 7 to 8 months of protection against fleas and ticks.

11. FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor

Price: $64.95

Fitness trackers might seem like a trend and to some degree they are, but that doesn’t stop us from obsessively checking them and playing with them throughout the day (we've done a lot of that for our dog GPS trackers rankings). The FitBark now lets your dog take part in the fun too.

This dog GPS tracker easily slips onto your dog’s collar and tracks their movement, skin conditions, and anxiety levels This is done through monitoring your dog’s sleep as well as their activity throughout the day. What do we love most about FitBark? The app to read your dog’s data is presented just like the human equivalents from your own fitness devices so data is easy to read and can even maintain health records for reference at your next vet visit.

12. NonScents Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray

Price: $13.49

Whether you’re housetraining a new puppy or tackling incontinence issues in an older dog, cleaning up potty accidents in the house is no fun. Add to that the fact that most cleaners and many pet odor eliminators that work are overloaded with powerful and chemical-laden scents and it only makes things worse. This is where NonScents comes in.

You won’t believe me until you try it for yourself, but there is absolutely none of that artificial scent to NonScents, something you definitely notice with other brands. What will you love most about this pet spray? The price is a pretty great point, but what we think that you will enjoy the most is the fact that its odor-eliminating technology prevents your pets from marking the same area of your home over and over.

13. Solid Gold Berry Balance for Urinary Tract Health

Price: $12.99

There's a need to prevent a number of different health issues in dogs, but urinary tract infection (UTI) problems are not only very common and frustrating but they can also be exceptionally painful for the animal. Whether you have also had one yourself or whether your pet is the only one suffering, it’s important to control that pain by getting urinary tract health back on track.

Our favorite tool for this is Solid Gold Berry Balance. A supplement that comes in powder or chewable form, Berry Balance uses the natural properties of cranberries and blueberries – both of which are scientifically proven to help with UTI problems – to create an inhospitable urinary tract for that pesky bacteria. Probably the best aspect of this product aside from how well it works is its affordability because it’s an all-natural option for treatment AND prevention.

Other Modern Innovations for Dogs

The above list of dog technology products was listed as a favorite of Top Dog Tips editors and also the newest and innovative tools found today. But there's more to be found in today's market of pet supplies innovations many of which can improve your dog’s quality of life, and others can make them safer and some just make it a lot easier for dog owners to care for their canine friends. Here are 20 more modern innovations for dogs.

14. Dog DNA Tests

Best of Its KindEmbark DNA Test (our review) and Wisdom Panel (our review)

Before dog DNA tests became introduced back in 2007, there was no sure way to tell how purebred a dog actually was or to determine what genetic problems he might have a predisposition to. But canine genetic testing and research continued to develop further and today with these new dog DNA tests you can now know all about your dog’s ancestry in a matter of weeks and learn about many potential health issues to expect in the future.

15. Skamper Ramp

Best of Its KindSkamper Ramp Super

While this ramp might not be the most modern product on our list, it is certainly an innovation that can help many dog owners.

It provides a safe way out of a pool for our canine friends or any other pet or backyard critter that might end up in the pool.

It's on the list because, just ten years ago, it wasn't that popular to help dogs into and out of the water, but with more awareness about canine arthritis, this is becoming a necessity.

16. GPS Trackers

Best of Its KindWhistle GPS

Those of us who remember life before GPS know how much this innovation made our lives easier. Today, you can get a GPS tracker for your pooch and never wonder where he is again, and I've already mentioned our editors' favorite choice above, but there are good alternatives too. Many of these pet GPS trackers allow you to determine a safe zone for your pooch and send you notifications when your dog gets further than he should.


17. Feature-heavy Pet Cameras

Best of Its KindPetChatz HD (our review)

Petcube isn't the only dog camera on the market, and more companies are trying to develop better and more innovative pet cameras to outsmart their competition. This is another hi-tech innovation that provides peace of mind for dog owners when it comes to well being of their furry friends. With these pet cameras, you can always see what your dog is up to and talk to him, no matter where you are.

18. Very Customizable Automatic Feeders

Best of Its KindPetSafe Healthy Automatic Feeder

With the two different pet feeders mentioned above, we still haven't covered the whole area of innovations in the field of assisting dog owners in feeding their pets. Do you remember the time when you had to ask your friends to feed your dog? Well, that time is now over thanks to automatic feeders, a wonderful innovation that allows you to program your dog’s feeding schedule so you don’t have to worry when you are away.

19. No Subscription Activity Monitors

Best of Its KindFindster Duo+ Tracker

Keeping your pooch in shape is much easier with the help of activity monitors, and I've mentioned one option already above, but there's a lot more innovation going on in this market.

Activity trackers for pets allow you to track your dog’s activity 24/7 and set health goals for him.

You can compare his activity levels to other dogs to plan for better results.

You can also learn about any changes in your dog’s usual behavior, which may help you discover any potential health problems.

20. Anti-Anxiety Jackets

Best of Its KindThunderShirt

If the above-mentioned dog anxiety device isn't something you can afford, then slightly older options are also available. We know that dogs can get easily irritated and anxious in many situations. For example, some dogs don’t thrive in social interactions. Another common cause of anxiety in dogs is fireworks or thunderstorms. An anti-anxiety jacket is a modern solution to this ancient problem. It works by applying gentle but constant pressure that soothes any dog.

21. Ball Launchers

Best of Its KindiFetch Interactive Ball Launcher (our review)

One item that should've made the above list of innovative dog products is a dog ball launcher but decided to keep them in this part because there's a number of different devices for this. This is one of my personal favorites when it comes to modern innovation for dogs. Before ball launchers came to be, playing fetch with your pooch often resulted in sore muscles. Now, this is no longer a problem and you can play fetch with your dog until he can’t take it anymore.

Sojos Complete Natural Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food

22. Healthy Dog Food

Best of Its Kind: Sojos Complete Natural Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food

While healthy dog food is not something new, worrying about a dog’s diet is a relatively modern concern. That has led to the constant improvement of dog food quality, so today most dog food brands offer exclusive products made of all-natural ingredients.

23. Flea and Tick Control Products

Best of Its KindBayer K9 Advantix II

Fleas and ticks have been a persistent enemy of our furry friends for years. Dealing with flea and tick infestation was often a nightmare that lasted a long time. Now, flea and tick prevention is possible with one simple treatment per month.

24. Cooling and Heating Products

Best of Its KindK&H Lectro-Soft Heated Bed and RUFFWEAR Swamp Cooler

Harsh weather conditions have been hard to fight in the past. Keeping your dog warm in extreme cold or cool in extreme heat is now much easier. There are many products that help you do that, like this heated dog bed or this cooling dog vest, to name just a couple.

25. Dog Treadmills

Best of Its KinddogPACER Treadmill

Sometimes, you just don’t have enough time to exercise your pooch properly. When those times arrive, having a dog treadmill can truly be a lifesaver. While it is a very expensive product, it still is a modern innovation that can make your life easier and keep your pooch healthy at the same time.

26. Pet Containment Systems

Best of Its KindExtreme Dog Fence System (our review)

A wireless fence would probably sound like a sci-fi invention just a few decades back. Today, this pet containment system is as real as it can be and it can literally save your dog’s life. With this wireless fence and a collar, your dog will receive a static correction that will prevent him from leaving the designated area and keep him safe.

27. Training Collars

Best of Its KindSportDOG Remote Trainer

Training a dog was a pretty hard work before training collars became a regular part of the training process. It is still not an easy thing to do but this collar can help you speed up the process with static or vibration stimulation.

28. Bathing and Grooming Products

Best of Its KindGloves for Shedding and Bissell BARKBATH QT

Innovations in dog bathing and grooming have made life much easier for many dog owners. For example, these grooming gloves can help you keep your dog’s shedding to a minimum. Likewise, this bathing system can make bathing your dog an easy chore you can do anywhere in the house.

29. Oral Health Food Bowl

Best of Its KindHyper Pet Oral Health Bowl

The oral and dental health of your dog is very important because bad dental health can cause many additional problems. Among many great products, this oral health food bowl stands out as a simple but effective solution to clean a dog’s mouth. The best thing about it – your dog does it himself.

30. Bark Control/Deterring Devices

Best of Its Kind: Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent Anti Barking Control Device

Dogs bark. Sometimes, they bark too much. When barking becomes a serious problem, these modern bark deterring devices can help you teach your dog some manners and get some quiet. They work by emitting an ultrasonic sound that can silence dogs and they are in no way harmful to dogs.

31. Puzzle Feeders/Toys

Best of Its KindNina Ottoson Puzzle

With puzzle feeders and other similar treat-dispensing toys, you can now keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained at all times. These mind-scratching puzzles and toys can also help dogs who eat too fast to eat their meals slowly.

32. Modern Leashes and Harnesses

Best of Its KindDual Dog Leash

Not too long ago, a leash was nothing more than a simple rope attached to a dog’s collar. Today, there is a variety of different types of leashes and harnesses that help you keep your dog in line when you walk him. There are even dual leashes for dog owner with multiple dogs and other innovative things.

33. Chewing Deterrents

Best of Its KindGrannick's Bitter Apple

Every dog owner knows that dogs will chew on anything that seems interesting. Even a well-trained dog will sometimes chew on something he is not supposed to. To keep your dogs from chewing on your furniture, blankets or shoes, now you can use a chewing deterrent, which is usually a simple spray with a bitter taste.

Future New and Modern Innovations for Your Dog

The 33 Modern Innovations for Dogs That We LoveThe above innovative pet products are just some of the devices that we were able to try with our dogs, but the pet industry is not hitting the brakes – every day there are news about something new and useful, tech-heavy or smart being developed for dog owners and their pets.

If you are interested in keeping an eye on the latest innovations in the dog world but you’re unsure of where to go to do this, we recommend Amazon Launchpad as a great starting point. A marketplace for showcasing novel businesses who are dedicated to the growth of the small business world, Amazon Launchpad is our top spot for tracking animal-focused startup companies and innovative pet products that are soon to enter the market and possibly change our world.

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