Pet Accessories Startup Looking to Raise $380,000

Based in the London borough of Barnet, Love Thy Mutt is a pet accessories startup that is looking to raise £250,000 – the equivalent of about $380,000. The company is trying to raise money through a campaign on the UK crowdfunding site Crowdcube, which is similar to Kickstarter or Indiegogo. That’s a hefty goal, but they have big plans for the money.

Less than a year after their establishment, Love Thy Mutt is seeking the money to begin its expansion. Company founder David Davidian says that the company has a broad and growing range of products that cater to the needs of dog owners and their canine companions. Right now they offer perfumes, shampoos, dog treats, dog toys, beds, collars, leashes, and dog bowls.

Pet Accessories Startup Looking to Raise $380,000

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He says that Love Thy Mutt is only the beginning. The company is planning to release Love Thy Moggy (an English slang term for cat) and Love Thy Small Pet in the near future. Davidian says that because dogs are the most popular pet in the United Kingdom, with an estimated 46 percent of UK homes owning some type of pet, he decided to base the initial products on dog, but always knew that he would expand into other pet product markets as well.

Since taking your dog to the groomers or a pet spa is becoming such a popular trend, Love Thy Mutt wanted to create a line of grooming products for pet owners that could not afford these luxuries or wanted to keep up with their pets’ maintenance in between visits. Love Thy Mutt shampoos and perfumes are all made in the UK and come in a variety of scents to reflect the owners’ personal tastes and the dogs’ personalities.

One of Love Thy Mutt’s most unique products is their collars and leads with matching add on charms. The charms come in the shapes of bowties, hearts, skulls and many other adorable shapes. They can be added to a collar or lead to accentuate a dog’s personality. Since many pet owners are now seeing their dog as an extension of themselves, they like to dress their pet to reflect their personal style. Add on charms from Love Thy Mutt are the perfect way to do just that.

Pet Accessories Startup Looking to Raise $380,000

Davidian says that with fashion giants like H&M now having their own pet collar and leash lines, the need to be relevant and current is at an all-time high. He says that the trend with dog specialty products is expanding far beyond pet specialty stores and large department stores. He says that Love Thy Mutt is aiming to be at the forefront of the growing trends thanks to their strong design team.

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The company plans to use the funds from Crowdcube to develop their website and invest in stocks, web and digital marketing. They also plan to expand their brand ambassador program. They currently have a five year deal with Paul O’Grady, an English comedian and actor, to endorse their products. They would like to make more connections and add more brand ambassadors to their program with the help of the Crowdcube funds.

The goal is definitely a large one, but if Love Thy Mutt can pull it off they may very well have a lucrative business on their hands. It is true that fashion is spilling over into the dog world more than ever before. Many pet parents like to dress their dogs as extensions of themselves and create a personality for their pet with the help of unique fashion accessories.


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