Innovative New Canned Dog Food is Nutritious and 95% Single-Sourced
Photo: Party animal Pet Food

Pet parents have quickly begun to realize the importance of the diet that they choose to feed their dogs. Many refuse to feed their dog by-products, fillers or artificial ingredients. Not only do they want their dog to eat a healthy and nutritious meal, but they realize the impact that a high quality diet has on their dog’s overall health and well-being.

Innovative New Canned Dog Food is Nutritious and 95% Single-Sourced
Photo: Party Animal Pet Food

That’s why Party Animal Pet Food has expanded their line of Cocolicious canned pet food to include a new formula of limited ingredient 95% single-source protein food for dogs. The new line comes in eight flavors including Organic Chicken, Organic Beef, Wholesome Duck, Organic Turkey, Wholesome Lamb, Wholesome Venison, Wholesome Pork and Wild Caught Salmon.

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This canned dog food is made with added vitamins and minerals as well as organic coconut oil. Coconut oil comes from the meat of mature coconuts and it has a lot of great health benefits for both humans and canines. It also has a very mild flavor, so your dog won’t even notice it. There are many other amazing benefits to coconut oil as well, including:

  • anti-fungal properties
  • doesn’t break down in heat or light
  • is anti-microbial
  • is anti-bacterial
  • aids in the absorption of minerals
  • cholesterol-free
  • has no trans-fats
  • promotes oral health as well as skin and coat health
  • helps to maintain a healthy immune system
Innovative New Canned Dog Food is Nutritious and 95% Single-Sourced
Photo: Party Animal pet Food

Cocolicious pet food is also grain free. Pair this with the wide variety of options of a protein source, and this is an ideal canned dog food for canines with allergies and digestive sensitivities. The company also uses fresh, organic ingredients like kale, brussels sprouts, lentils, garbanzo beans, chia seeds, strawberries and bananas.

We have a chocolate lab with very dry skin, and a couple of months back my veterinarian told us that we could try organic coconut oil as a natural approach to reliving her itchiness. We tried it and noticed a difference in just three days. Luckily for us, our dog will eat anything, so we simply place a small amount of the oil on top of her food and she gobbles it up.

Feeding your pet a diet of strictly canned food has its pros and cons. Wet foods are an excellent form of hydration for pets that don’t drink enough water. Of course, a canned food diet will be easier to consume for older dogs who have lost a number of teeth or dogs with dental problems.

Innovative New Canned Dog Food is Nutritious and 95% Single-Sourced
Photo: Party Animal Pet Food

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Feeding a diet consisting only of canned food can lead to an increase in dental problems. Chewing kibble scrapes some of the plaque off your dog’s teeth. Wet food doesn’t provide this, and it also tends to get stuck around the gum line causing more plaque to form. Canned food is also usually more expensive than dry kibble.

Adding to the expense, canned food spoils quickly once opened. Most experts say that you should use canned food within 48-72 hours of opening the can or else discard the food. Throwing away dog food is a huge waste of money. Dry kibble has a shelf life too, but it can stay fresh for much longer after being opened, especially if you use an airtight dog food storage bin.

The best place to get information about the proper diet for your pet is at your veterinarian’s office. You can also make an appointment with a canine nutritionist. They will work with you to develop a diet that caters to your dog’s individual needs.