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Review: Chloe’s Dog Treats

Sustainability is a major issue in the pet industry right now, but you've probably never realized it. Most people haven't, but researchers and experts in the pet food industry are well aware of the problem. You see, dog food is being made with higher quality ingredients now than ever before. Most of those ingredients are also used in the making of human food.

It sounds great – dogs eating the same quality food as their owners – but the problem isn't in the quality of the food. It's in the resources that the food is made with. Resources like grains, fruits, vegetables and meat are all in limited supply. Yes, we can always grow or raise more, but if the demand outweighs the supply we'll begin to have a shortage of these foods.

Some manufacturers have begun looking for new ingredients that are more sustainable than the traditional ingredients that we've been using for decades. That's why Chloe's Dog Treats uses cricket powder as the protein source for their dog treats.

If you're interested in learning more about sustainability in the pet industry or cricket powder as a source of protein, check out our interview: What's All the Hype About Cricket Protein for Dogs?

Chloe's Treats Review

Chloe's Dog Treats Review

I was sent a bag of Peanut Butter and Banana Flavor Chloe's Treats to test out with my dogs in exchange for my honest review. Our chocolate lab, Saddie, loved these treats. Then again, she'll eat anything! Our boxer, Chloe, is a much pickier eater.

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I know, you'd think since the treats share her name that she would have enjoyed them, but as you can see in my review she had a hard time eating them. I could tell that she was enticed by the smell as she would eagerly take them in her mouth. The problem is that Chloe has very few teeth and these treats are fairly hard.

Chloe's Dog Treats Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

If I break them into pieces, Chloe can eat them and she will. She obviously enjoys the flavor, it's just the hard texture that she doesn't like.

I'm assuming hard treats like these hurt her gums, because she will not eat any type of treat with this same texture.

Chloe's Dog Treats Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

Chloe's Treats come in many different shapes, as you can see these are stars. The treat itself is about as big as a half dollar. You can easily break them into smaller pieces to use as training treats or just to cut back on your dog's calorie intake.

Now let's talk about what makes these treats unique. Clearly, it's the cricket powder. Not only are crickets a sustainable protein, they are also a source of very lean protein, iron, fiber and all of the essential amino acids.

These treats are also free of soy, corn, grain and eggs. They are an excellent choice for pet's with food sensitivities. The ingredients in these dog treats are all-natural and the company sources most of their ingredients from the U.S.

The coconut oil is the only thing that doesn't come from the United States, as coconuts aren't a large crop here.

Summary of Chloe's Dog Treats Review

PROS: Chloe's Dog Treats are an environmentally friendly dog treat for owners that are concerned about their pet's carbon paw print. As far as healthy dog treats go, they are also very affordable. You can pick up a 4 ounce bag of treats for just $9.99 and a 2 ounce bag for just $4.99.

CONSThe texture. If you have a dog, like my Chloe, who has dental problems or doesn't like the texture of hard treats, he's probably not going to eat these. Chloe is a very picky eater, and she would eat these treats if I broke them up for her, so I don't think it's the flavor. If you've got a dog that is particular about the texture of his treats, you probably shouldn't try these.

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chloes-dog-treats-reviewChloe's dog treats are affordable and eco-friendly for owners that are concerned about their pet’s carbon paw print. However, their texture may be an issue for some dogs.