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Healthy Dog Treats From Look Who’s Happy! Are Made in Georgia

Healthy Dog Treats From Look Who's Happy! Are Made in Georgia
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When you see dog treats on the shelves of big box stores, most of them aren’t actually made by the company that is selling them. That’s a problem for me. The companies that truly care about the ingredients in the products that they create don’t want to sell them to other companies to be marketed. They want to create their own quality product, and they are proud to put their name, and only their name, on the packaging.

Jeff and Tommy Gay, co-founders of Big Creek Foods, understand this problem, and they also realize that there is a lack of quality dog treats available to pet owners for a reasonable price. That’s why they created Look Who’s Happy! treats for dogs. The brothers have always had canine family members. They grew up with Pepper the Dalmatian, Toby the German shepherd, and Fritz the Schnauzer. Today, Tommy’s family has a beloved yellow Labrador named Chessie and Jeff’s Maltese, Toby, is like his third son.

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Growing up the brothers’ family owned a business as well. They were in the business of providing high quality ingredients to well-known pet food manufacturers. Maybe that’s why jumping into the pet treat market seemed like a natural fit for the pair? Regardless of why they did it, they made a promise to consumers when they started their natural pet treat company – that pet parents would always know exactly who was making Look Who’s Happy! treats and that they would make treats that were as healthy as they were delicious. That’s why all their dog treats are made in small batches in their state-of-the-art facility in Gainesville, Georgia.

Healthy Dog Treats From Look Who's Happy! Are Made in Georgia
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Their plant is operated according to FDA safety production guidelines, and all the meat and poultry used in their products is sourced in the United States, Canada, or New Zealand. It is always USDA-inspected. The fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts they use in their products are also grown in the United States. Big Creek Foods never uses ingredients from China. Each product lot is individually tested as well, to make sure it meets the company’s top quality standards.

Look Who’s Happy! dog treats contain NO fillers, artificial preservatives, or animal by-products. They are hormone-free, and don’t have any artificial colors or flavorings either. All their products are preserved with Vitamin E. There are no chemical preservatives such as BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin in any of their dog treats.

You can find the Look Who’s Happy! dog treat line in pet specialty stores around the country. The company’s website has a store locator page to help consumers searching for the treats in their area. Their Fetch’n Fillets come in four varieties: Beef Jerky, Bison Jerky, Chicken Jerky or Venison Jerky.

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You can get their Tempt’n Tenders in four varieties including: chicken with blueberry, chicken with carrots, chicken with pumpkin, and chicken with sweet potato. The company’s Happy Wraps also come in four different flavors: sweet potato with turkey, sweet potato with chicken, carrot with chicken, and carrot with turkey.

All Look Who’s Happy! dog treat varieties are grain and gluten free, so they would be an excellent choice for dogs with allergies or skin sensitivities. They also use unique protein sources like bison and venison, so if your pet is allergic to the more common forms of protein like chicken and beef you may find a brand from this company that would work well for him.

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