Connecticut Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Grooming, And More Featured

In this blog, we'll tackle everything related to pet essentials in Connecticut. So, if you're planning to move or travel here, we've got you!

We've compiled a list of the best Connecticut pet stores, dog parks, pet grooming, and more.

We'll tackle everything about Connecticut's pet situation—from the best pet stores to the best veterinary clinics.

We all want what's best for our dogs. That's why it's only natural that we're trying hard to give them the best quality products that they can enjoy.

Relocating to a new state or travelling with your pet can be a hassle for dog owners. Not only will we think about our needs, but we'll also plan out our pets' needs.

Let's say that you're planning to move to Connecticut. If you're moving here, you'll need to know where to purchase dog foods, where the best pet groomers are, where the nearest animal hospital is, and even the best dog parks where you and your pup can enjoy.

On the off-chance that you don't own a pet, we'll also discuss the best dog rescues or adoption centers in Connecticut.

Today, we'll ensure that your transition will be as smooth as possible. This blog is a compilation of every bit of dog essentials you'll need.

The first thing we'll discuss is the best pet stores in Connecticut.

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Best Pet Stores in Connecticut

Do you need dog treats? A new toy for Fido, perhaps? Or does your dog need a new crate?

If you don't know where to buy dog foods we can help you out with the best pet stores in Connecticut.

Without further ado, here are the best Connecticut pet stores that you should check out. Also, these lists are not in a particular order.

Natural Pet Outlet

Location: 3380 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06605 Call: (203) 334-0829

Location: 477 Main St, Monroe, CT 06468 Call: (203) 880-5067

Store Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM; Saturday&Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM

Let's start things off with a natural dog food store. If your dog is on a natural food diet, you should check out Natural Pet Outlet.

This store offers high-quality natural pet foods at a lower price. They also offer a self-service dog wash, options like de-skunk, and a flea and tick wash.

Mystic Pet Shop

Location: 28 E Main St,
Mystic, CT 06355

Contact Number: (860) 572-4424

Store Hours: Mon 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tue 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Wed Closed
Thu 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sun 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Second on the best Connecticut pet stores list is Mystic Pet Shop. Mystic Pet Shop's main thing is healthy foods for dogs.

If you're looking for healthy raw food, whether it is canned or kibble, this shop is here to help.

You can also shop for other pet essentials like grooming supplies, furniture, and bedding.

Gentle Jungle Pet Store

Location: The Meriden Mall Westfield Shopping Center 470 Lewis Avenue
Meriden, CT 06451

Contact Number: +1 (203)-238-0507

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00am – 6:00pm

Sun 12:00am – 6:00pm

This shop is a classic. The Gentle Jungle Pet Store has been serving the city of Meriden for over 19 years.

They offer not just pet supplies but also happy and healthy dogs and cats for you to love.

H3 Pet Supply

Location: 475 Hawley Ln, Stratford, CT 06614, United States

Contact Number: +1 203-690-1400

If you're relocating to Stratford, you can visit H3 Pet Supply. So what does H3 stands for?

It stands for Healthy, Happy, and Humane. These words are what they strive to be when it comes to providing high-quality products for pets.

Wholesome Animal Grocery Store

Location: 60 Market Street, Suite 125B Avon, CT 06001

Contact number: (860) 675-4564

Grocery shopping can only be for dogs too. If you're moving to Avon, Connecticut, you should visit Wholesome Animal Grocery Store for your pet essentials.

They offer raw, dry, canned foods, and more. You can also buy your dog's supplements and other supplies here.

If you also own a cat, you don't have to switch stores since they also sell cat foods and other cat supplies.

Dog and owner in front of a Pets at Home store

Best Dog Rescues in Connecticut

On the off chance that you don't own a pet but want one, this section might just be what you're looking for!

Below, we've researched and compiled a short list of the best dog rescues or organizations in Connecticut where you can adopt a new family member.

Always remember that it's better to adopt than to shop when it comes to pets. Visit and check out their available pets to help rescue a canine life.

Connecticut Humane Society


Newington / Offices
701 Russell Road Newington, CT 06111

169 Old Colchester Road Quaker Hill, CT 06375

Fox Memorial Clinic
701B Russell Road Newington, CT 06111

455 Post Road East Westport, CT 06880

Contact Number: 800-452-0114

Adoption Hours: 12 PM – 4:30 PM Daily

The Connecticut Humane Society is one of the oldest animal welfare establishments in the United States.

Founded in 1881, they serve over 10,000 pets each year. They offer rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs and cats.

You can check out their available dogs for adoption here. You can also donate to them directly through here.

Our Companions Animal Rescue

Location: 34 Sanrico Dr, Manchester, CT 06042

Contact Number: (860) 242-9999

Public Hours:
Tues – Fri
9 am – 2 pm

Other Hours:
By Appointment Only

Our Companions Animal Rescue is like heaven for us dog lovers. It is a rescue center for dogs, cats, and other small animals that are based in Manchester, Connecticut.

It has a 43-acre animal sanctuary where dogs can run around and play in plenty of space.

They also specialize in animal retention services where they teach owners how to train and take care of their pets so that there are lesser dogs and cats end up in the streets or adoption shelters.

If you're curious, you can check out their available dogs here.

Wallingford Animal Control

Location: 5 Pent Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

Contact Number: (203) 294-2180

The difference between Wallingford Animal Control and the other rescues above is that they enforce laws about animals.

They also conduct surveys looking for unlicensed dogs. They also respond to complaints and tips about neglected street dogs or abused animals.

Moreover, their staff is passionate and dedicated when it comes to protecting animals. They also offer tours of their facility and give lectures on animal care for those whore are interested.

Protectors of Animals

Location: 144 Main St. Unit O East Hartford, CT. 06118

Phone Number: (860) 569-0722

If you're moving to East Hartford you can check out dogs from the Protectors of Animals. Founded in 1975, this shelter is a no-kill shelter that provides rehabilitation and adoption services for homeless dogs and cats.

You can see available for adoption dogs here.

Pet Animal Welfare Society / PAWS

Location: 504 Main Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851

Contact Number: (203) 750-9572

Similar to Protectors of Animals, the Pet Animal Welfare Society or PAWS is a no-kill rescue center for dogs and cats. Based in Norwalk, PAWS rescues an average of 500 cats and 200 dogs every year.

top 45 dog rescues

Best Dog Parks in Connecticut

Rocky Hill Dog Park

Location: 761 Old Main Street Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Contact Number: 860.258.2772

If you're relocating to the Rocky Hill area, you have to bring Fido to Rocky Hill Dog Park. It is a large fenced-in area where your dog can enjoy running around off-leash. Also, there are two separate fenced-in sections for small and large dogs.

They have benches for you to sit in, a portable restroom, trash cans, and water. Your dog is required to have valid tags and be up to date with vaccines.

South Windsor Bark Park

Location: 150 Nevers Rd. South Windsor, CT 06074

Contact number: 860-648-6355

The South Windsor Bark Park has two areas. One for small dogs, and one for all dogs. They also have fresh water, cleanup stations, and play or agility equipment for dogs.

If you're not fond of crowds, best to bring your pup on weekdays instead of weekends. It gets a little crazy during weekends.

Enfield Dog Park

Location: Ecology Drive off Town Farm Road
Enfield, CT 06082

Contact Number: 860-394-6213

The Enfield Dog Park consists of two fenced-in areas with woodchips on the ground. This park is open 7 days a week, from 7 AM to sunset. This park is a 501(c) 3 non-profit formed by volunteers who have a big passion and love for dogs.

You don't need to worry about the heat of the sun since this park is surrounded by trees to give shade.

Jennings Dog Beach

Location: 880 S Benson Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States

Contact Number: +1 203-256-3191

On the other hand, if you and your dog love to chill by the beach, Jennings Dog Beach is the perfect spot for you to relax.

This beach is a large area where your dogs can roam around freely. The only exception is on the boardwalks, pavilions, and playgrounds.

If you're planning to visit Jennings Dog Beach, make sure that your pup is well-behaved, licensed, and has updated vaccines.

Union Street Dog Park

Location: 59 Fair St, New Haven, CT 06511, United States

Moreover, if you're moving to the area of New Haven, Union Street Dog Park is favored by dog owners.

This dog park is open 24/7. It has lights for nighttime walks or plays and a water fountain if ever your pup gets thirsty.

connecticut dog parks

Puppy Training in Connecticut

If you're a dog owner, you should know that training and exercise are crucial and essential. You don't want your pup to develop behavioral issues in the future now don't you?

When it comes to choosing the right dog trainer, pick one that you know your dog is safe and can help you achieve the best results. If you're in an unfamiliar area, it would be hard for you to narrow these puppy trainers down.

Luckily for you, we've gathered a short list of the best dog trainers in Connecticut.

Bark Busters

Contact Number: 1-877-500-BARK (2275)

Operated by Michael DiStassio, Bark Busters is a home dog training service in Southern Connecticut. Michael can help dogs with behavioral issues like aggression, door rushing, excessive barking, nipping, biting, chewing, sibling rivalry, leash reactivity, anxiety, and more.

Paws ‘N Effect

Location: 36 Corporate Ridge Rd, Hamden, CT 06514, United States

Contact Number: +1 203-281-7150

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 AM – 8 PM

Friday & Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Sunday: 6 PM – 8 PM

If you're moving to the Hamden side of Connecticut, you can contact Paws ‘N Effect for dog training. They can train different ages and training levels.

They also offer sports classes and therapy dog classes.

Tails-U-Win Canine Center

Location: 175 Adams St, Manchester, CT 06042, United States

Contact Number: +1 860-646-5033

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday: 9 AM – 7:30 PM

Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

When it comes to dog training, you can never go wrong with Tails-U-Win Canine Center. They offer basic obedience and puppy training.

Also, you can get your pup to training for scent work, agility classes, breed handling, musical freestyle, canine conditioning, competition obedience, and focus.

K9 National Services

Contact Number: +1 860-209-1986

K9 National Services is great with analyzing a dog's psychology to know its specific behavior pattern. Their longevity and experience have made them familiar with the temperament of every dog breed.

They offer obedience and behavior training which have been proven to be effective. You can pick what specific program you want for your dog and the outcome will speak for itself.

Canine Cadre

Location: 521 Main St, Wallingford, CT 06492, United States

Contact Number: +1 203-269-6906

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 9 PM

Saturday: 9 AM – 7 PM

Sunday: 9 AM – 4 PM

If you're looking for dog training beyond basing training and behavior modification, you can check out Canine Cadre. They offer IPO/IGP training, narcotics training, hearing ear dog training, police patrol dog training, search and rescue dog training, and therapy and service dog training.

poodle training

Best Pet Groomers in Connecticut

If you're a new dog owner you might not know that grooming is essential to pets. Grooming is necessary because it can get rid of shedding, fleas, and ticks. It can also prevent other health problems.

If you don't have the proper grooming tools, it would be best to visit these shops below.

Wet Paws Dog Grooming

Location: 4244 Madison Avenue, Trumbull, CT 06611

Contact Number: (203) 665-0083

Operation Hours: Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8AM – 5PM
Tuesday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Thursday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Friday: 8AM – 5PM
Saturday: 8AM – 5PM
Dog Walk-in Nail Trim: 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Cat Nail Trim (Tues – Fri): 9 AM
Cat Full Groom (Tues – Fri): 9 AM or 3 PM

Wet Paws Dog Grooming is not only professional, but they are experts when it comes to grooming. They understand that each pet has different grooming requirements.

Also, they cater to all dog breeds and sizes. They offer nail clipping, bathing, hand drying, ear scrubbing, facial scrubbing, and more.

Doggie Styles Pet Grooming

Location: 210 Leavenworth Rd, Shelton, CT 06484

Contact Number: (203) 929-0075

Hours: Monday thru Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Established in 2002, Doggie Styles Pet Grooming is a family-owned pet salon that has provided great services in the Shelton area.

They have a friendly and experienced staff that can ensure you that your pet is in great hands.

Pampered Pets

Location: 278 New Milford Turnpike Suite #B
New Preston, CT 06777

Contact Number: (860) 355-0912

Hours: Sunday: Closed
Monday – Friday: Starting 8:45 am
Saturday: Starting 9:15 am

If you're moving to the area of New Preston, you can check out Pampered Pets. You can choose between standard grooming or a spa day for your dog.

Spa day has special shampoos, anti-itch soaks, paw treatments, and more.

Wash and Wag Pet Grooming

Location: 1292 Whalley Ave. New Haven, CT 06515 US

Contact Number: (203) 389-5032

Hours: Mon: Closed
Tue: 08:30 am – 02:00 pm
Wed: 08:30 am – 02:00 pm
Thu: 08:30 am – 03:00 pm
Fri: 08:30 am – 03:00 pm
Sat: 08:30 am – 03:00 am
Sun: Closed

Wash and Wag Pet Grooming has an excellent and professional staff that can help with your pet grooming needs. They are passionate and experienced when it comes to grooming.

They offer premium scented baths, teeth brushing, flea baths, hair dye, and nail painting.

The Grateful Dog Grooming Salon

Location: 98 Main St Seymour, CT 06483 – New Haven County

Contact Number: (203) 463-0245

Last on the list is The Grateful Dog Grooming Salon at Seymour, Connecticut. If you're looking to pamper your pet, this grooming salon is the way to go.

They offer special organic shampoos, hypoallergenic shampoos, and anti-dandruff treatments.

happy dog being groomed

Best Veterinarians and Animal Hospital in Connecticut

Unfortunately, there comes a time when Fido gets sick too. And if you're new to the area, it might be hard for you to find someone you can trust with.

Below, we've compiled a short list of the best vets and animal hospitals in Connecticut.

Bolton Veterinary Hospital

Location: 222 Boston Turnpike
Bolton, CT 06043

Contact Number: (860) 646-6134

Hours: Monday: 8 am – 6 pm
Tuesday: 8 am – 6 pm
Wednesday: 8 am – 6 pm
Thursday: 8 am – 6 pm
Friday: 8 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 1 pm
Sunday: Closed

If you're looking for 24-hour emergency care, the Bolton Veterinary Hospital is here to help.

They provide wellness and preventative treatments, and they have a staff full of experienced and caring individuals.

Newington Veterinary Clinic

Location: Newington Veterinary Clinic
177 Day Street
Newington, CT 06111

Contact Number: (860) 953-3553

Hours: Monday — Friday: 8 am— 5 pm
Saturday: 8 am— 12 noon

If you're relocating to the Newington area, the Newington Veterinary Clinic is here to serve. They are your friend when it comes to the health of your pets.

They will make you feel that you and your dog are part of their family and you'll be trusting their vets in no time.

Manchester Veterinary Clinic

Location: 156 Spencer Street
Manchester CT 06040

Contact Number: 860-646-5170

Manchester Veterinary Clinic's goal is to provide personalized care to every pet.

They want to let you know that you can trust them and you can build a healthy relationship with them.

You can request an appointment here.

Veterinary Associates of North Branford

Location: 2364 Foxon Rd, North Branford, CT 06471

Contact Number: (203) 481-4238

If you're from the North Branford side, you can visit the Veterinary Associates of North Branford.

Their main goal is to help animals in need and help the world become a better place not just for humans, but also for animals.

They provide 24/7/365 emergency care for pets across Connecticut.

East Side Veterinary Clinic

Location: 785 Paddock Ave.
Meriden, CT 06450, US

Contact Number: (203) 235-1622

The East Side Veterinary Clinic is not just a clinic but they also provide Online Pharmacy. You can visit their store here.

Moreover, their mission is to “Treat every client as though they are family and every pet as if they are our own.”

If you're from the city of Meriden, you can visit this clinic for all your dog's health needs.

Canadian Hospital Welcomes Dogs with Open Arms
Photo: Basti V

Frequently Asked Questions About Connecticut Pet Stores, Dog Supplies, and Vets

What Connecticut beaches allow dogs?

If you're planning a trip to the beach and you want to bring your pup, here are some of the best dog-friendly beaches in CT:

  • Compo Beach- Westport, Connecticut
  • Ned Dimes Marina- Westport, Connecticut
  • Hammonasset Beach State Park- Madison, Connecticut
  • Jennings Dog Beach- Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Fairfield Town Marina- Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Bluff Point State Park- Groton, Connecticut

Are dogs allowed inside restaurants in Connecticut?

If you're planning to bring Fido to a nice restaurant it's better to do your research first since not all restaurants allow pets inside their establishments.

On the other hand, here are a few dog-friendly restaurants in CT:

  • Capriccio Cafe – 189 Bedford Street, Stamford
  • The Spread – 127 Washington Street, Norwalk
  • Alvarium Beer – 365 John Downey Drive, Suite B, New Britain
  • Dog Watch – 20 Old Stonington Road and 194 Water Street
  • Jealous Monk – 27 Coogan Blvd, Mystic

How many dogs can you legally own in CT?

If you're from Connecticut, you are legally allowed to own up to six dogs. But if you want to own more than that limit, you'll need to apply for a special license and permit.

Keep in mind that you also need a license for each dog.

Connecticut Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Grooming, And More: Summary

If you're planning to move to Connecticut or you're from CT, we've gathered the best pet necessities for you. We've gathered everything from the best Connecticut pet stores to vets and animal hospitals.

You need to know where to find the best place to buy dog food or find dog parks where they can roam around freely and safely. This should be one less thing to worry about when you're in Connecticut.

This article can be your ultimate dog guide whenever you are strolling through the streets of Connecticut with your pet.

Moving to another place means you'll need to know where the best vets, groomers, and trainers are out there.

The good thing about our comprehensive list of pet stores in CT is that you'll have the best pet essentials that you need.


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