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You Can Paint Your Pooch With Dog Paint, But Should You?

You Can Paint Your Pooch With Dog Paint, But Should You

Forget about dressing your canine up in cute costumes. Forget about the struggle of fighting your dog to wear clothes just to have him wiggle his way out of the outfit. Now you can create your own decorative attire with ease by using PetPaint.

This non-toxic colored fur spray is made specifically for our canine companions, and it is 100% safe. The company also claims that it is veterinarian approved. PetPaint dries within 10 minutes of application and will not create a mess on your furniture or in your home.

This was part of the pitch that founder Abe Gerry used when he was looking for some partners to help get his product relaunched in a huge way. He took his invention into the tank of the popular television series, Shark Tank, where he went in front of five wealthy investors to try to “tickle-them-pink” into a deal.

You Can Paint Your Pooch With Dog Paint, But Should YouThe buy in price?

A mere $200,000 for 20% stake in the company. After the initial scepticism of the sharks, someone “let the dogs out” and in came a pack of multi-decorated pooches to show off the product. However, the group was less than “colored-impressed” and had more concerns like the price point of a single can ($9.99) and whether there was actually a market for this invention.

Gerry stuck to his guns and tried to defend his product, but each Shark had their own reasons for why it wasn't going to work and ‘bow-wowed' out of the opportunity. That is, all except for Barb Corcoran. She offered him the $200 grand, but she wanted 60% of the business.

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You Can Paint Your Pooch With Dog Paint, But Should YouGerry turned her down and with his tail-between his legs, left the tank. Since then though business has picked up and the product has expanded into being used in parades and parties. PetPaint is also making an impact on rescue pets, giving them more adoptability through artistic adorableness.

PetPaint has also added to their line with Doggy Dazzle Extensions for some funky furry fun and even “diamonds” that can bedazzle up any pooches paint job. Even if you have no artistic flair and cringe at trying to deck out your dog with anything but scribbles, the PetPaint brand has stencils that will allow you to use various sport ball designs, bows, anchors for the macho pooch and even the words “adopt me” for those less fortunate dogs looking for a forever home.

If you're not sure how or where to begin with PetPaint, there are even some helpful how-to videos right on their site that can guide you through the best way to fur-spray your fur baby.

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