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Pet Paint Lets You Customize Your Pooch

Pet Paint Lets You Customize Your Pooch
Photo: Gabriel White

More pet products hit the market every day to help pet owners give their dogs a way to stand out and be unique. Now, one dog product is letting canine parents customize their dogs to be 100% originals. PetPaint is a color hairspray for dogs that can be used to draw designs on their fur. It is an affordable and safe alternative to pet clothing and costumes.

The company was founded by Abraham Geary because he wanted to change the way that people celebrated special occasions and holidays with their dogs. Not only has the product taken off for those events, but it is also commonly used in everyday accessorizing and extreme dog grooming.

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Geary and his team worked to establish numerous clinical protocols and performed rigorous formula testing before PetPaint was actually conceived. It is a high quality colored furspray that is specially formulated to be dog and human safe. It is also veterinarian approved.

Pet Paint Lets You Customize Your Pooch
Photo: petpaint.com

PetPaint comes in an aerosol can, so spraying it on is easy. It dries quickly in about 10-20 seconds, but 2-3 minutes should be given to ensure maximum dryness. Depending on the handling and wear that the paint takes, it will last at least a full day, and it can be easily washed off with warm water and your dog’s regular shampoo.

The paint is designed to be safe if small amounts are ingested while the dog chews or licks itself, because the paint doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. However, it shouldn’t be sprayed directly into the dog’s eyes, mouth, or any open wounds.

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PetPaint is a member of the American Pet Products Association, the World Pet Association, and the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers.

Their line of grooming products consists of paints in almost every color including black, green, blue, red, pink, orange, purple, white, and yellow. They also offer a clear setting spray that reduces the amount of color transfer and makes the paint last longer.

For dog owners that want to get creative but may not be very artistic, the company also has a line of stencils that can be used to make fun and interesting designs on your dog. PetPaint is safe for all dog breeds and sizes, but is not recommended for puppies under six months of age.

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