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Dog Grooming In Taiwan Takes On a New Geometric Trend

Dog Grooming In Taiwan Takes is On a New Geometric Trend
Photo: dailymail.com.uk

A bizarre new trend in doggy fashion is sweeping the pet community in Taiwan. The craze involves pets having their fur groomed to make their heads look square or circular. The desired effect is that the dog will look more clean-cut and eye-catching with their fur groomed this way.

In recent years the human birthrate in Taiwan and mainland China has dropped significantly which has caused many people to look for pets as companions. The great increase in the number of pets has added to the inflation of the pet industry in the area. With more pets to compete with, many owners have been looking for unique and impressive haircuts that will make their dogs stand out.

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The trend came about when someone decided to shape their dog’s fur much like a lawn care specialist would shape a hedge. Pictures began popping up on websites and social media of dogs with these shapely new hairdos, which prompted more and more dog owners to seek out custom salons to give their dogs a geometric makeover.

Dog Grooming In Taiwan Takes is On a New Geometric Trend
Photo: dailymail.co.uk

Groomers in the region have actually been quite pleased with the fad because it is particularly hard to upkeep and is bringing their customers back more frequently. Regular doggy haircuts move more freely, but these square and circular cuts take a lot more effort on the owner’s part to keep them looking their best.

Obviously cuts like these don’t work on every dog. The animal needs to have plenty of fluffy hair to work with so the groomer can shape the cut around their face and body. Poodles are obviously the perfect candidate for this kind of haircut, but groomers are also seeing a lot of owners wanting the cut for Bichon Frise and Pomeranian breeds as well.

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Social media is what started the trend, and it seems to be what is keeping it going as well. Many dog owners enjoy sharing pictures of their fur-babies on their social media pages, and many groomers in Taiwan are reporting that numerous customers are coming in specifically for the photo opportunity.

Whether it’s for the social media attention or just because they find it aesthetically pleasing, groomers don’t really care why the cuts are so popular. They are just happy that it is bringing in business. Since the large boom in the pet industry, pet supply stores and groomers are popping up everywhere, and this trend is giving many groomers a way to show off their skills and stand out in the crowd.

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