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Social Networking Goes to the Dogs with Wooof App

Social Networking Goes to the Dogs with Wooof App
Photo: timesofisrael.com

A new social media pet app is bringing dogs closer together online. Humans have officially found a way to share the wonderful world of social networking with canines.

Now dogs can create their own profiles, share photos, provide their doggy friends with check-ins and updates of where they are and what they are doing, and even record and share their walking time and distance.

Of course the dogs aren’t the ones who are actually posting content to their page. Dog owners are the ones that do all the real work, but the Wooof app not only lets them share information from their dog’s point of view, it also lets dog owners submit tips and tricks about training, veterinarians, dog products, dog food, and any other dog-related tidbits they feel are important.

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Yael Broitman, CEO of Wooof, says the point here is that it is the first social network that allows dogs to be the center of attention. She says that she grew up with lots of dogs and developed a strong affinity for them. She wanted to create an app that allowed her to touch base with other people who love dogs as much as she does.

Social Networking Goes to the Dogs with Wooof App
Photo: hellogiggles.com

During her search for such an app, she found lots of dog related apps, but they all had one thing in common. They all focused on only one aspect of dog care, and Broitman wanted to create an app that would bring all that information to one central place plus allow for the social networking aspect as well.

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One of the best features of the Wooof app is that it allows users to post when and where they see “doggy cops.” These law enforcement officials check to make sure that dogs are on a leash and that owners have the proper pooper scooping equipment on hand.

Broitman was surprised that an app like Wooof didn’t already exist. Since the market for dog products and new dog technology has been skyrocketing over the last few years, she thought someone would have already thought up this idea.

Wooof is available on iPhones and Android devices free of charge. Broitman is hoping to keep the app free for users by partnering with businesses and service providers that will advertise on Wooof. Currently it is only available in Israel, where Broitman lives, but she is hoping to expand in Russia next, and then eventually worldwide.

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