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Sit. Stay. Forever. Now Offering Line of Toxin Free Dog Products

Sit. Stay. Forever. Now Offering Line of Toxin Free Pet Products
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Sit. Stay. Forever., a leading pet product manufacturing company has created a line of “Safety First” toxin free and hypoallergenic pet products. Company owner Steve Whitney says the products were born out of tragedy, but have turned into a wonderful gift for pets and pet owners alike.

After his own chocolate lab was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 5, Whitney began looking into what exactly he was feeding his dog when he served him commercial dog food. After discovering the lack of quality in the brand that he was providing for his dog, he began cooking his dog’s meals himself.

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At first he thought dog food was the only problem product, but after researching it he realized that dog toys, and other everyday pet products, were the major culprit of putting toxins into canine’s bodies. Whitney was shocked to learn that there aren’t regulations on dog products like there are for human products.

He began to discover that many of the common pet products that our dogs use every day are full of toxins, like arsenic and formaldehyde, and he was determined to do something about it. He set out to make handcrafted, non-chemical, toxin-free pet products with materials that come from the U.S.

After a year of studying safe practices and searching for nontoxic materials and fabrics, Whitney finally created his first product. Now his company offers an entire line of products for dogs that are completely nontoxic and hypoallergenic. The cotton they use is produced in the U.S. without any genetic modifications or the use of pesticides. Even the zippers, threads, and filling for the products are certified nontoxic.

Sit. Stay. Forever. Now Offering Line of Toxin Free Pet Products
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The line includes pet beds, including the Bolster dog bed, which is certified chemically safe, hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and stuffed with Eco-Fill that is made from recycled water bottles. These beds are practical, safe, durable, and can be easily machine washed and dried.

Unlike humans, dogs are unable to read about the latest carcinogens contained in the everyday products they use. Whitney is focused on using his company and the products they create to educate pet parents on the dangers of the products they may be providing to their animals.

The line of dog products offered by Sit. Stay. Forever. includes dog beds, pillows, chew toys, and pet carriers. They also offer a line of products for cats that includes beds, pillows, and toys.

The company is growing quickly, but right now the products are only available online and at select stores in Boston and throughout New York.

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