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Review: Dex Dog EZHarness for Dogs

Did you know there are different types of dog harnesses? It probably doesn't come as a surprise, as there are SO many different types of dog products available. This week I was able to try out the Dex Dog EZHarness to see how it compares to other similar products.

This is an over-the-head style of harness. In my video review above, I demonstrate how much easier these harnesses are to put on your pet when compared to a step-in harness.

Instead of having to make your pet step into the correct position, you simply slide this harness from Dex Dog, and other harnesses of this type, right over your dog's head. A quick buckle under his chest, and you're ready for a walk.

When you're shopping for a harness for your dog, you need to be sure that you find one that has numerous adjustment points. You need to make sure that you can customize the fit to your pet. This way there is no chance that he'll be able to wiggle out of it.

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Dex Dog EZHarness for Dogs Review

Dex Dog EZHarness Review

As I demonstrate in my video review, over-the-head harnesses are so easy to put on your dog. You can have him securely fastened into his harness in just a few seconds. Of course, the first time you use the harness you'll need to take the time to properly fit it to your pup.

The Dex Dog EZHarness has two adjusting points. One is in the front of the chest, and the other is on the strap that wraps around and fasteners under his chest. This makes it very simple to get an ideal fit.

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I was also impressed with the function of these adjusters. They are plastic, and although I prefer metal, they work great! They stay in place while your dog walks, runs and jumps. The straps of the harness are also reflective, which is great for owners who walk their dog at night or early in the morning.

Trust me, if there is any dog that could wiggle her way out of a harness, it's our Saddie.

Saddie, our chocolate Labrador, loves to run and jump, but no matter how much she moved around in this harness, the adjusters have stayed in place. That's a very important feature to look for when you're shopping for a harness, because it's very inconvenient to have to readjust the harness before every use or in the middle of a walk.

Dex Dog EZHarness Review

The o-ring on this collar is located between the dog's shoulder blades. There is no place to attach a lead to the front of the harness, which some owners prefer as it is beneficial for training.

As I demonstrate in my video, the o-ring is situated on the handle of the harness.

It makes for quick and easy access, but the o-ring isn't stationary. It's not a big problem, but this allows for the leash to slide back and forth. Saddie got tangled up in her lead a few times because of this.

You will notice that the chest straps are all padded. This adds comfort for your dog and prevents any chaffing (as long as you don't have the harness fitted too tightly).

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This harness comes in a wide variety of sizes, including:

  • Dex Dog Harness ReviewXXSmall
  • XSmall
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge

…and a variety of colors, including:

  • black
  • blue
  • green
  • pink
  • purple
  • turquoise

You can purchase a Dex Dog EZHarness on Amazon for $17-$22, depending on the size you need. That's a very reasonable price and is in the middle price range for dog harnesses.

If you've never fit your dog with a harness before, I've made an informative step-by-step video that explains the process. In it I tell you how to put on the different types of dog harnesses and also how to make sure it fits properly.

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Summary of the Dex Dog EZHarness Review


  • Dex Dog EZHarness ReviewOver-the-head style, which saves time and is much more convenient
  • Two adjustments points to ensure the proper fit
  • Adjusters stay in place when your dog moves
  • Features an o-ring to attach leash
  • Padded chest straps for comfort and to prevent chaffing
  • Available in numerous sizes and color options
  • Affordable


  • Adjusters are made of plastic instead of metal
  • O-ring is placed between the dog's shoulder blades with no option for a front attachment
  • O-ring is located on the handle of the harness, which allows it to slide back and forth. This can cause your pup to get tangled in his lead if you're not careful

Now it’s your turn to review the Dex Dog EZHarness

Is this the harness that you use for your dog? Do you use a similar product? I'd love to hear your opinion of the Dex Dog EZHarness or any other harness that you enjoy using with your pet. Please share your review in the comments below or share photos and videos on our Facebook page.

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dex-dog-ezharness-reviewThe Dex Dog EZHarness is an over-the-head harness that can be fastened on your pet in just a few seconds. It is durable and lightweight with an o-ring that allows you to quickly clip on a leash.