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Review: Heads Up For Tails Dog Harness, Leash and Bandana

Selecting products for walking your dog can be challenging. There are so many options available. Should you choose a collar or a harness? A standard or retractable leash? Many dog owners also search for products, like these from Heads Up For Tails, that are unique and show off their personal style.

Although collars are not a suitable option for every dog, dog harnesses are a great choice for virtually every canine. I had the opportunity to review this harness and leash both from Heads Up For Tails, and I really like it. It's easy to put on and comfortable for my dog.

The harness also came with a matching standard dog leash. They are both brightly colored and say “taking my human for a walk” all over them. I love the unique design, and the colors really stand out. They are functional and fashionable.

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Heads Up For Tails Dog Harness, Leash and Bandana Review

Heads Up For Tails Dog Harness Dog Leash and Bandana Review

Dog Harness & Dog Leash

There are so many different types of dog harnesses available. If you're just looking for a simply designed harness that can be used to walk the average dog, this is a fine choice. It's quick and easy to put on your pet and very durable.

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Heads Up For Tails
Photo: Samantha Randall

Harnesses are ideal for dogs that pull, as they won't cause physical pain and damage to the neck and throat like a collar would. Our boxer Chloe doesn't pull, but this harness worked very well on her. We also tried it on our chocolate lab, Saddie, who constantly pulls.

Saddie isn't completely leash trained yet, but this doggy harness made it much easier to take her for a walk. We had to adjust the harness differently to fit Saddie, which was very easy to do. It only took a few seconds to change it for her. The harness fit both our dogs well, but it chaffed a little bit under Saddie's armpits.

Chloe has worn this harness much longer than Saddie, and she hasn't had any trouble with chaffing. Of course, I fit it the same way on both of them, so the only difference that I noticed was the pulling. If your dog is a puller, this harness may give him a bit of chaffing in the armpits too.

Heads Up For Tails Dog Harness, Leash and Bandana Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

The hardware on the harness and leash are made of strong metal, except for the buckle on the harness. It's made from durable, thick plastic. This buckle is unique, as it has a locking mechanism that you can see in my video review. When locked, the sides of the buckle cannot be squeezed to open.

The leash is 4 feet long, including the handle. Both the harness and leash are made from durable, water resistant nylon and are double stitched for added strength. The brightly colored nylon is ideal for dog owners who walk their dog at night.The colors really stand out to help drivers see you and your pet.

Harnesses range from $16-$21 depending on the size that your dog will require. Leashes range from $15-$19 depending on the length you select.

Dog Bandana

I also received this really adorable bandana. It's a great accessory for dogs that want to show off their personal style. It also worked really well to help us easily pick out our dog at the dog park. We usually let Saddie run off leash, as long as we know the other dogs that are there, and it was so easy to spot her with her brightly colored bandana on.

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The adjustable strap has elastic built in, so it's stretchy and comfortable for your dog. It's super easy to adjust with just the slide of the buckle. Saddie has worn her bandana a lot, and the strap always stays secure – even when she's wrestling with other dogs.

Heads Up For Tails Dog Harness, Leash and Bandana Review
Photo: Heads Up For Tails

The dog bandana we received says “Born to lick,” but Heads Up For Tails offers them with many cute sayings including:

  • Fat & Cute Brat
  • Drama Queen
  • Feed This Face
  • Happy Holidays
  • Have a Pawesome Christmas

…and many more. All bandanas, no matter which size you select, are $12. They certainly aren't a necessity, but they do add some fun flare for your dog. They'd also make a great gift for the dog or dog lover that has everything!

Summary of Heads Up For Tails Dog Harness, Dog Leash and Dog Bandana Review

PROS: These products are all functional, unique and affordable. Most customized dog products cost twice as much as the same product that has a simple design. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these products from Heads Up For Tails are durable and made from quality materials, and they are very affordable. One of these unique harnesses, leashes or bandanas would also make a great gift for the dog or dog owner on your list!

CONS: We used the dog harness and dog leash from Heads Up For Tails on both of our adult dogs. It worked great for our boxer, who is very well leash trained. It also worked well for our chocolate lab, who isn't completely leash trained.

It helped to keep her from pulling, but when she did pull I noticed that it chaffed her armpits a little bit. It didn't cut into her skin, but I could see that the area was red and irritated. If your dog is a puller, you may want to consider a harness specifically designed for dogs that pull on their leash.

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Samantha’s biggest passion in life is spending time with her Boxer dogs. After she rescued her first Boxer in 2004, Samantha fell in love with the breed and has continued to rescue three other Boxers since then. She enjoys hiking and swimming with her Boxers, Maddie and Chloe.
heads-up-for-tails-dog-harness-leash-and-bandana-reviewThe harness and leash from Heads Up For Tails are both double stitched to be extra durable, and they are also water resistant. The harness and bandana are both very easy to put on your pet and simple to adjust. These products are functional, adorable and affordable.