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Review: DogNatus ZacZac Dog Leash

I don't use retractable leashes with my dogs, but the DogNatus ZacZac Dog Leash has a unique design that piqued my interest. It features a 2-in-1 design that is different from every other dog leash on the market. Find out if it lived up to my standards in this detailed review.

Keep in mind that retractable dog leashes aren't suitable for every dog. If your dog isn't already leash trained, a retractable dog leash is only going to make training more difficult.

These types of leashes can be very dangerous to dogs and humans when not used properly. The convenient extension of the leash is nice, as it gives your pet more freedom, but the long extension of retractable leashes also allows your pet to get far enough away that a situation could quickly turn dangerous.

DogNatus ZacZac Dog LeashRetractable leashes could also cause burns or cuts by the ribbon if you try to grab it. Likewise, if you're not paying attention and Fido gets to the end of the leash, there's a good chance he could knock you off your feet if he pulls hard enough.

When extended to a long length, your dog could also get tangled in the ribbon of his retractable leash. This could cause serious injury! For these reasons, these types of leashes are not a good choice for every dog.

However, the DogNatus ZacZac Dog Leash does have a unique design that is not like other retractable leashes. It is safer than similar products, but your dog still needs to be 100% leash trained before using a product like this.

DogNatus ZacZac Dog Leash Review

DogNatus ZacZac Dog LeashAs you can see, the design of this leash instantly attracts your attention. It looks like a doughnut, which has gotten us a lot of attention when we walk Saddie in public places. People immediately notice the DogNatus ZacZac Dog Leash, and we've received many compliments on its interesting design.

The best part of this leash is that it is a 2-in-1 product that doubles as a dog toy.

The round ring is quite hard, so if your dog prefers plush toys he's not going to like this one. But, as you can see from the photo on the right, our Beagle loves gnawing on this doughnut toy!

DogNatus ZacZac Dog LeashAs a toy, this is safe and 100% non-toxic. It's also scratch and oil resistant. The DogNatus ZacZac Dog Leash is also water resistant.

In my video review above I demonstrate the unique design of this leash. There is an interior wheel that rotates to release more of the ribbon as your dog walks farther away. The ergonomic design of the leash features small slats inside the handle that allow you to stop the retraction when necessary.

If you hold the leash loosely, your dog can extend the length of the leash up to 8 feet. If you grip the handle tightly, the slats fit in between your fingers and prevent the leash from retracting.

DogNatus ZacZac Dog LeashFor this reason, I would NOT recommend this leash for anyone with arthritis or weak hands. You need to be able to grip the handle tightly and hold the interior wheel in place to prevent your dog from releasing more ribbon.

The DogNatus ZacZac Dog Leash has a tangle free design and and can withstand up to 100-pounds of pulling. There are also two holes to feed the leash ribbon through, allowing you to turn it into a double leash to walk two dogs at once. In order to do this, you'll need to purchase a second clip, which is sold separately.

I have the pink DogNatus ZacZac Dog Leash, but it's also available in blue or yellow. You can purchase this leash on Amazon for $29. You can find retractable leashes for a much lower price with a longer length. If you're interested in the unique qualities or cute design of this leash, it may be worth the added cost for you.

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dognatus-zaczac-dog-leash-reviewI don't usually use retractable leashes, but the DogNatus ZacZac Dog Leash features a unique design. It's actually a 2-in-1 design, as the leash can also be used as a fetch toy. It has an 8-foot length and can withstand a 100-pound pull strength. Is the unique design worth the price tag?