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12 Dogs That Are the Biggest Social Media Stars

Dogs That Are the Biggest Social Media Stars

Dogs have taken over the internet! They really are everywhere at the moment, and if you love following cute and adorable dogs on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram then you’re in luck. We have listed the the 12 dogs that are the biggest social media stars out there, and you’re going to love each and every one of them.

It's hard to resist the adorable video of a dog chasing his tail or playing with a small raccoon. Many photos of cute pups have gone viral in a matter of hours and are then turned into memes that are shared millions of times.

Social media has become a big part of our society, so it's only fitting that “man's best friend” holds a special spot in social media history. Of all the dogs that are the biggest social media stars, I'd have to say Norbert is my personal favorite. Which would you pick?

12 Dogs That Are the Biggest Social Media Stars

Dogs That Are the Biggest Social Media Stars

1. Hamilton Pug

Hamilton Pug is one cool guy who lives in New York City, and he even has his own chat show. Yes, Hamilton Pug has a weekly show where pugs everywhere can chat about all things pug.

The pug has appeared on Good Morning American many times too. Hamilton Pug’s story is a rags to riches one as he started life in Ohio and ended up in NYC. Hamilton Pug has over 82 thousand followers and is absolutely adored.

2. Toast

Toast is just so adorable, and the thing with her is that she has no teeth. Her lack of teeth results in her tongue always hanging out the side of her mouth, adding to her adorable personality. It is her unique qualities that make her one of the dogs that are the biggest social media stars.

Toast is a King Charles spaniel and is just so cute. She was rescued from a puppymill and has never looked back. Toast even has her own book coming out very soon. This beauty has over 352 thousand followers who can’t get enough of her.

3. Marnie

This dog is an absolute super star and she lives in New York City. Marnie is 12 years old, and she’s a Shih Tzu. She always tries to promote senior pet adoption, as she is a senior herself.

Marnie is well known by celebs and regularly hangs out with them. She was adopted when she was 10 years old, and she adores parties and walks. There is one thing she hates, and that’s being alone. Marnie has over 1.9 million followers and is loved by them all.

Dogs That Are the Biggest Social Media Stars

4. Scout

Scout is certainly one of the dogs that are the biggest social media stars. He had a bad start to life, as he was neglected and underfed, but thankfully Scout found love and now lives with his mom.

Scout overcame his bad start in life and is now one very happy guy. He is amazing and has a great ability of balancing very strange things on his head. Scout has over 27 thousand followers, who adore him. He has even published a book.

5. Menswear Dog

BODHI is a very stylish Shiba Inu, and this guy is the king of cool! He makes a suit look better than most men do. How can this be? Well, where Menswear Dog’s concerned it’s very easy to do.

The canine has been named the most stylish dogs in the world, and he even has his own book. He loves clothes and looks very handsome in whatever he decides to wear. BOHDHI's is wardrobe is full of designer gear and his aim is to show men how to dress.

Dogs That Are the Biggest Social Media Stars6. Lentil

This little guy was born with a cleft palate, and the only way he could eat was through a tube. Luckily the French Bulldog Rescue Network took him in, and they paid to get him treated.

Thankfully, this story does have a happy ending. Lentil now has a fantastic job as a therapy dog and helps children who also have cleft palates. Lentil’s work is very rewarding and he loves it. He has over 13 thousand followers who love keeping up to date with his life.

7. Boo

Arguably the one of the top dogs that are the biggest social media stars, Boo is one adorable little guy and has taken over social media. He is most possibly one of the very first internet dogs. Boo’s Facebook page was created in 2009, however it didn’t launch until 2012.

Boo has been known as the cutest dog on the planet, and it’s not hard to see why. He is amazing and is just too cute! Boo loves eating chicken and cheese, and his favorite games include running and playing with squeaky toys. Boo's favorite color is pink.

8. Tuna

If you love a rags to riches story then, you’re going to like this one. This little guy has won millions of hearts and is adored by them all. Tuna has 1.7 million followers and will completely melt your heart.

He really is a charmer, and his overbite allows him to pull off many facial expressions that will have you in stitches. Tuna has his own book, which is called Tuna Melts My Heart: The Underdog with the Overbite. He loves inspiring others and his social media posts are hilarious!

9. Norbert

Norbert is one sweet guy and he loves giving lots of high fives. He is a therapy dog and loves helping others. Norbert is the king of accessories and has lots of sunglasses and hats that he enjoys wearing.

He has a children’s book called What Can We Do? Norbert has over 1 million followers that adore his inspiring social media posts. He lives in Los Angeles and is quite the celebrity.

Dogs That Are the Biggest Social Media Stars10. Jiff

Jiff is an adorable Pomeranian that loves a perfectly fitting outfit. He is one of the dogs that are the biggest social media stars thanks to his extensive wardrobe and lovable face. Jiff loves his clothes and looks amazing in whatever he wears.

He appeared in Katy Perry’s video for the song Dark Horse. Jiff lives in Los Angeles and adores skate boarding. He has 2.3 million followers who love keeping up to date with his exciting life.

11. Juno’s Place

Juno is one very adorable little girl. She’s a Chihuahua and has over 134,000 followers on her Facebook page. Juno supports many great causes including animal and human organizations. She wants to make the world a better place for both animals and humans. She loves informing others about animal rescue.

Juno’s mom adopted her when she was just two months old. She was very sick with pneumonia, and luckily her loving mom brought her back to health again. They share a great bond, and Juno is one very happy girl. She loves eating bacon with bread and butter.

12. Beast

Beast was the first social media dog, and his owners are Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and his wife Priscilla Chan. It makes sense that Beast was the original Facebook dog.

He is a Hungarian Sheepdog, and his coat is very unique. Beast was born in Oregon and currently lives in Palo Alto. He has 2,279,812 followers on his Facebook page. Beast loves cuddles, eating and herding things.

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