Sudden Tragedy Reveals The Strong Bond Between Humans and Animals
Photo: Facebook / Corporación de Emergencias del BioBio

This dog, Doki, stays by his owner’s side after he is hit and killed by a car. Why have these images gone viral? People are really touched by the love and loyalty that Doki showed to his owner, Leonardo. Unfortunately Leonardo did not survive when he was suddenly struck by a car while taking his dog for a walk near his house.

His dog was not being kept by anyone holding his leash, he just refused to leave. Even as the police showed up, he laid close by looking unmistakably heart broken. Millions of people were drawn to the photos as they could feel the connection between the dog and his owner. It is really touching and heart warming.

Have you ever seen an animal show such concern for someone before? Animals are capable of showing deep feelings for humans which shows that they need to be treated with sensitivity. The internet is helping people learn how deeply animals do actually feel by highlighting stories like these.

Sudden Tragedy Reveals The Strong Bond Between Humans and Animals
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Many people were touched by this story as they thought it was so sweet how Doki laid there even after his owner’s body was covered. He wouldn’t even move until his owner’s body was removed from the location. Many people wanted to make sure that the dog was okay after losing his owner.

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Luckily, Doki is doing well. He is in a safe place with Leonardo’s family and will be well taken care of. Leonardo’s family lives in Chile. They are in a Conception, but this story has reached all over the world very quickly.

Leonardo Valdes was only 23 years old, and his family says he and his dog had a very special connection. More pictures were posted from the memorial where Doki stayed by his owner’s casket.

Luckily Doki will still have a home and will have a loving family. For some dogs, they end up in shelters and it’s not as easy when they lose their owners. We can help these dogs by helping share the adoption agency posts on Facebook, volunteering at events, encouraging our friends to adopt or maybe finding room to bring home a loving animal ourselves.

Isn’t it incredible that in just a few days, this story could spread around the world and the tragedy was able to touch so many people’s hearts?

Sudden Tragedy Reveals The Strong Bond Between Humans and Animals
Photo: Facebook /

We all feel for Doki as well as Leonardo’s family. It’s so sad to see someone lose their life at such a young age. Hopefully the family has been comforted by the company of Doki who seems to be so loving and kind. Dogs can truly help us overcome grief and help us when things are tough. They are simple animals with big hearts and truly are man’s best friend.

Please share Doki’s story to help people see how deeply animals care about us. It shows that at the core, we are naturally loving. Do you have an inspiring story like this? Please share your comments about how this story made you feel below or share your own personal story if you'd like.