These Everlasting Treat Balls Are a Fun Chewing Challenge

One thing I’ve learned recently is the importance of providing adequate mental stimulation for your dog. Dogs do love to be active and they enjoy running, playing fetch, and going for walks, but they also crave mental stimulation. Giving your dog a toy that will offer him a mental challenge is a great way to train his brain to focus, and the toy will provide long hours of fun at the same time. Your dog will be enjoying himself so much he won’t even know he’s learning!

The Everlasting brand of dog toys from Starmark is an excellent choice if you’re shopping for an interactive toy for your pet. I love that there is an entire line of these toys as well. You can purchase more than one or collect them all and rotate the toys you give your pet. That will add a new level to the challenge because he won’t be able to figure them out as easily if they are constantly changing.

These chew toys are made with a unique material that the company says is stronger than rubber. It is latex, phthalate, and vinyl free. As you can see from the video, it’s easy to put the Everlasting Treats into whichever toy you purchase. Starmark also says that these toys will provide your dog with hours of chewing fun. This promotes play, stimulates your dog’s brain as he tries to figure out how to get the treats out, and drastically reduces boredom. These toys can even help dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

The only thing that I don’t like about these treats is that in order to get the desired results, you would have to use Starmark’s Everlasting Treats. The treats are not made with real meat and the number one ingredient is wheat gluten, so they don’t cater to dogs with allergies. I personally prefer treat dispensing toys that can be used with my personal choice of dog treats. However, I would consider using one of these Everlasting toys from Starmark for my dogs once in a while.

The chewing action caused by these toys is great for dental care, and you can even switch the original Everlasting Treats for the ones with dental ridges for an added cleaning effect. The line of toys includes the Everlasting Treat Ball, the Everlasting Groovy Ball and the Everlasting Treat Wheel. Any of them would make a great choice, and you may even be able to find a healthier treat option that would fit in these interactive dog toys if you shopped around.

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