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The Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs


Fitness trackersTop Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs aren’t just for humans anymore. Pet technology continues to evolve, which helps dog owners to monitor their pets, take better care of them and potentially prevent health issues, or deal with them in a timely manner. If you’re considering investing in a fitness tracker for your dog, here are your options as well as our favorite picks and personal recommendations.

What's a Pet Fitness Tracker?

The concept of a fitness tracker for pets is similar to the one made for people, such as Fitbit. Once implemented, it tracks and monitors your dog's activity and displays all the data in your smartphone app. There are several ways these devices can be used and how they can be helpful for dog owners.

For example, you can track how much your dog walks, runs, exercises, plays, sleeps or naps, and other similar activity which other than being interesting is also extremely helpful in noticing health issues, patterns in behavior changes and so forth, a lot of which can be presented to your veterinarian for a more accurate assessment.

There are several different fitness trackers for dogs (also referred to as dog activity monitors, pet trackers, etc.) and each brand comes with its own set of unique features. Some will have GPS trackers in them which will help to quickly locate your dog, or alert you when your pet leaves a “safe zone,” while other apps will have “goal setting” feature to help you track your pup's fitness goals and more.

Because each brand has different options (and a different price tag), it depends on you, your pet, the environment and your goals as to which one is best. So here's our review of the eight top rated fitness trackers for dogs as well as our three favorite picks.

8 Top Rated Fitness Trackers for Dogs

Fitbark 2

Price: $69.95 & FREE Shipping
Get It Here

The second incarnation of the Fitbark fitness tracker for dogs, the Fitbark 2 is one of the most popular dog fitness trackers on the market today thanks to the reputation that their first version has earned them. The updated version has expanded the database and a number of features the app offers, which is now seen as both good and bad.

Generally, the interface is very simple and easy to use, but the app might have some hiccups and some owners may be confused due to an abundance of information. The best thing about it is the extremely long-lasting battery which outperforms all other options listed below. This also happens to be one of the more affordable choices on the market which is perfect for pet owners on a budget.

Fitbark 2 package comes with:

  • Fitbark 2
  • Black Fitbark 2 cover
  • Zip ties for 4 collar changes
  • Charging cable
  • User guide

Features of the Fitbark 2 include:

  • Tracks activity levels
  • Tracks quality of sleep
  • Tracks distance traveled
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Track food and water for the day
  • Fits dogs of any size
  • Compatible with Fitbit, Apple Watch, Health Kit or Google Fit
  • Tracks calories burned
  • Tracks overall health
  • 6-month battery life
  • Journal feature
  • No monthly fees
  • Global compatibility
  • Free apps for iOS and Android

Features missing from the Fitbark 2 include:

  • Heart rate tracker
  • GPS tracking


Whistle 3

Price: $79.95 & FREE Shipping
Get It Here

The Whistle 3 is only slightly more expensive than the FitBark 2 but it offers more features, including a GPS tracker. While we have never had to make use of the GPS tracker feature on Whistle 3, it's nice to know that it’s there (just in case), especially when the price is only $10 more than Fitbark 2.

The biggest downside is a “hidden cost.” Unlike the Fitbark 2, you do have to have a paid plan for the Whistle 3 which adds in a minimum monthly expense of $6.95 a month. We’re willing to overlook that additional expense, however, based on the fact that this monitor doesn’t just notify you once certain events have taken place; it notifies you as they take place, so you can be proactive in reacting to problems.

Whistle 3 package comes with:

  • Whistle 3
  • Whistle 3 cover
  • User guide
  • Charging cable

Features of the Whistle 3 include:

  • Tracks activity levels
  • Tracks GPS location
  • Set activity goals
  • Compatible with Apple iOS 10+ and Android 5.0+
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans
  • Sleep tracker
  • 7-day battery life and a 2-hour full charge time
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Set custom safe places to get an alert when a dog steps outside of safe zone

Features missing from the Whistle 3 include:

  • Global use since the GPS feature is limited to U.S. carrier AT&T at this time
  • Not recommended for pets under 8lbs


Findster Duo+

Price: $149.99
Get It Here

The Findster Duo is not as popular among dog owners as the Fitbark 2 or Whistle 3, which likely has something to do with the price tag. That said, the Findster Duo+ is both an activity tracker and a GPS tracker, and it does not come with a monthly fee, thus in the long run, it may end up being cheaper than the Whistle 3.

We like that the Findster is smaller and more compact, but we do feel that it’s a little flimsier and less durable than the previous two pet trackers covered above. This tracker works for activity and GPS tracking around the world, unlike the Whistle 3, but the range of 0.5 miles in urban areas is a little disappointing.

Findster Duo+ package comes with:

  • Two Duo+ devices (one for your dog and one guardian device for you to sync with your dog)
  • Charging cable
  • User guide

Features of the Findster Duo+ include:

  • Tracks activity levels
  • Tracks GPS location
  • Set milestones and achievements
  • The ability to connect other users with your account
  • 12-hour battery life with on-going live tracking turned on
  • The ability to set safe areas and receive alerts when your dog leaves those areas
  • The ability to track up to 3 pets on one account
  • Global use capability
  • iOS and Android compatible app

Features Missing from the Findster Duo+ include:

  • Heart rate tracker
  • Lacking some basic health functions like temperature
  • Sleep tracking


Link AKC

Price: $99.00
Get It Here

The Link AKC activity and GPS monitor comes from the American Kennel Club name but despite this, we as well as many other pet owners have mixed opinions about this tracker, and we're torn whether this should be recommended over the above two options.

In short, we like the idea of incorporating the tracker in a collar, so your dog doesn’t have another tag hanging off their collar, but the collar color and style choices are limited because of this. That said, we do like that it’s backed by the AKC brand name and that it incorporates dog training features as well as safety alerts not offered by other fitness tracker options. Note that this collar requires a monthly subscription, too.

Link AKC package comes with:

  • Link AKC smart collar
  • A collar carrier for the Link tracker
  • Link AKC Base station
  • Charging cable
  • User guide

Features of the Link AKC include:

  • Tracks activity levels
  • Tracks GPS location
  • Temperature alerts
  • A built-in remotely controlled light
  • Access to veterinarian records
  • Made from durable genuine leather
  • Waterproof
  • Two collar styles to choose from
  • 3-day battery life
  • Alexa integration
  • Android and iOS app compatibility

Features Missing from the Link AKC include:

  • Heart rate tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Global use since the GPS feature is limited to U.S. carrier AT&T at this time


WonderWoof Bowtie Activity Monitor

Price: $99.68
Get It Here

We hesitated whether or not to include the WonderWoof on our list because it simply isn’t the best rated activity tracker out there for dogs. The price is above that of most other fitness trackers and it offers minimal features. Out of fairness, however, we included the WonderWoof just so that you can compare features for yourself.

WonderWoof package comes with:

  • WonderWoof bowtie monitor
  • Two bowtie accessory bands
  • A cleaning cloth
  • Charging cable
  • User guide

Features of the WonderWoof include:

  • Tracks activity levels.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 7-day battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Social network sharing of your mapped location so you can meet with friends
  • Access to data by multiple users at one time
  • Built-in reminder alert for vet appointments in the WonderWoof app
  • Android and iOS app compatibility
  • Bluetooth

Features missing from the WonderWoof include:

  • Heart rate tracker
  • GPS location tracking



Price: $59.99
Get It Here

The Pawfit GPS and activity tracker is affordable while also offering multiple features like GPS tracking, activity monitoring, rest quality, and a user-friendly app. The smartphone app for this tracker has to be our favorite feature because it’s simple to use compared to the complex apps that some of the other trackers mentioned above offer.

Overall, this is a very lightweight tracker which is great if you have a small dog. The most unusual feature of the Pawfit (something that no other canine fitness trackers do) is that it uses GPS, WiFi, cellular technology, and a Nano SIM card so that GPS function can be accessed internationally if needed.

Pawfit package comes with:

  • The Pawfit pet tracker
  • A collar retainer
  • A collar attachment
  • USB cable
  • User guide
  • Charger

Features of the Pawfit include:

  • Tracks activity levels.
  • Tracks GPS location.
  • Tracks calories burned
  • Sim card compatibility
  • Easy to use app
  • Waterproof
  • Sleep tracking
  • Breed-specific and age-specific data settings
  • Text-to-speech feature for pet ID broadcast if your dog gets lost
  • Lightweight
  • Dustproof
  • Android and iOS app compatibility.

Features missing from the Pawfit include:

  • Heart rate tracker
  • Only recommended for pets 7.75 lbs. And over
  • Only compatible with dog collars and harnesses up to 1.26” wide


PitPat 2PitPat 2 Fitness Dog Tracker

Price: $49.00
Get It Here

This is a pet fitness tracker that most resembles the Fitbit for pets. We’re impressed with the battery life of the PitPat 2, but what we like most is that it alerts you of possible indicators of a health decline such as a reduction in dog's activity. We also really liked just how light this device is, meaning it can comfortably fit on any dog’s collar where you can even set it to work off breed-specific recommendations for pet profile data.

While we do like this dog activity tracker, it’s a more middle-of-the-road option; we feel that you can get more bang for your buck from other trackers in a similar price range. It must also be mentioned that this is a UK-based product, so if you are using it outside of the United Kingdom, you may need to do a little math conversion to get a good picture of your dog’s activity data.

PitPatPet 2 package comes with:

  • PitPatPet 2
  • A Velcro collar attachment
  • User guide
  • A fitted battery

Features of the PitPatPet 2 include:

  • Tracks activity levels
  • Tracks sleep
  • Tracks calories burned
  • Allows you to set fitness goals
  • 1-year replaceable battery life
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • Waterproof
  • Personalized exercised recommendations
  • Android and iOS app compatibility

Features missing from the PitPatPet 2 include:

  • Heart rate tracker
  • GPS locator



Price: $49.99
Get It Here

The Petble is another highly rated dog activity tracker, but it does not come with a location tracking feature. We find this a little disappointing when considering the more complex devices that are available in the same price range. This isn’t to say that we don’t think this is a quality activity tracker, because it is, but we’re just not sold on the price tag for what you get in return. See the features below to decide yourself.

Petble package comes with:

  • Petble smart tag
  • Smart tag charger
  • Silicon ring
  • USB cable
  • User guide

Features of the Link Petble include:

  • Activity monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Ability to set goals based on your dog’s age, breed, height, and weight
  • Calories burned
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Android and iOS app compatibility
  • Bluetooth synching

Features missing from the Link AKC include:

  • Heart rate tracker
  • GPS location tracking

Top Fitness Trackers for Dogs - Findster Duo vs Fitbark 2 vs Whistle 3

Our Picks: The Best Fitness Tracker for Dogs

The Findster Duo+, Whistle 3, and Fitbark 2 are all worthy choices for fitness trackers depending on what additional features you are looking for and what your budget range is. It's difficult to pick one among either of these three because they all offer different areas that can be useful to a dog owner depending on the dog, breed, environment and how you plan to use your pet's fitness tracker.

Ultimately, if we had to select just one of these three options, the Whistle 3 would be our selection. We prefer this simply because they have a similar price to others and offers a large number of features, but if you are easily confused by technology and want simplicity then Fitbark might just be a better choice for you.

We recommend Findster Duo+ if: you have a larger budget and are looking for a GPS and activity tracker that you can use and access globally.

We recommended Whistle 3 if: you’re looking for a more affordable activity and GPS tracker that has most of the necessary features.

We recommended Fitbark 2 if: you’re not interested in a GPS locator and just want an activity tracker that's very simple to use.

Out of the eight top rated fitness trackers for dogs, these three are easily the definite winners. The other options, while cheaper, also has less features and more downsides when compared to this strong trio. However, among the Fitbark 2, Whistle 3 and Findster Duo+, it's all up to you want you want in your fitness tracker and what you can afford.

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