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Review: Groom Genie Dog Wipes (2018)

There are so many different dog grooming tasks, and it can be very overwhelming for owners to know exactly what they need to do to keep their pets clean and healthy. While some dogs require more intensive grooming than others, the best thing you can do for yourself and your dog is to keep things as simple as possible. Products like Groom Genie dog wipes are made to make dog grooming as easy as possible for the dog and the owner.

The main reason that pet parents purchase grooming wipes is for the convenience of cleaning and freshening their pooch’s coat without having to give them a traditional bath. Wrestling your dog into the tub and cleaning up the mess after a bath is a lot of work. If your dog just has a small spot of dirt on their coat, wiping him down with a grooming wipe is a much simpler option

Groom Genie dog wipes, and all other similar products, are not a substitute for traditional baths. If your dog gets into something stinky or has fun playing in the mud, he's still going to need a traditional bath. In fact, all dogs should be bathed on a regular basis – for some breeds, weekly or monthly baths are necessary and others may only need a bath a few times each year.

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Groom Genie Dog Wipes Review

Groom Genie Dog WipesAs you can see in the photo above, these dog grooming wipes come in a very convenient container. Most similar products come in a plastic wrapper with a pop-top (much like baby wipes).

I like the hard plastic container of the Groom Genie dog wipes because we often take them hiking or keep them in the car. This container doesn't get squashed in a hiking pack, and it fits perfectly in the cup holder of the car.

Groom Genie dog wipesWhile the container is well designed, I wasn't pleased to find out that the company doesn't list the ingredients on its website or on the container. They do refer to the wipes as ‘natural pet towelettes,' why wouldn't they list the ingredients if they are all natural? Groom Genie dog wipes do have a pleasant odor, so I know they include more than just water.

These wipes are also a little bit smaller than other similar products. They measure about 6″ X 6″ and, as you'll see in my video review, they barely cover my petite hands. You'd need to use more than one to wipe down a large dog.

Groom Genie does state that these wipes are safe for daily use.

The company also says that these wipes are safe to use to clean your dog's face and ears. When it comes to using these wipes in a smaller area, like the face, and around the anus, the size of these wipes actually makes things a little bit easier. Instead of trying to fold up a larger wipe, these are the perfect size for smaller areas.

Groom Genie dog wipesYou can see how well these wipes work in my video review. They do pull off a lot of shed hair, and they're great for wiping off dust or small amounts of mud. However, due to their small size and the fact that they are very thin, they aren't good for cleaning larger messes or scrubbing sticky substances out of your pet's fur.

I also demonstrate how easily I can rip these wipes with just my finger in my video. The rough pads of your dog's paws and his toenails are likely to rip them too. Not to mention, trying to scrub out stubborn dirt may result in a ripped wipe too.

If you're looking for small wipes to have on hand and you're not expecting to do any major grooming with them, these wipes will get the job done. You can purchase a container of 50 (like the one featured in my review) for $7.54 on Amazon. You can also get a package of 100 in a plastic wrapper with a pop-top (much like baby wipes) for $10.78.

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