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Groom Genie is Based on a Popular Hair Brush for Humans

The Groom Genie is Based on a Popular Hair Brush for Humans
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A revolutionary dog brush, the Groom Genie, actually evolved from a brush designed for humans. The brush, shaped like a dog paw, works on long or short haired coats to detangle the fur and spread natural oils through the coat. The idea came from the Knot Genie, a million-dollar online empire that was started over six years.

Rikki Mor, a mother of three long-haired daughters, became frustrated with the expense of so-called detangling brushes that didn’t even work on her children’s hair. She was fed up with the whining and crying that ensued every time she had to brush her girls’ hair. She decided to take matters into her own hands.

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Mor invented what has become known as The World’s Best Detangling Brush. Once she created the brush, moms around the world began chatting and soon it was being sold around the globe. As the brush became more popular Mor began to get some really great feedback about her product.

One thing many parents noticed was that even sensory challenged children loved the brush. Another comment that Mor saw repetitively was that many customers were buying a second or third brush to use on their pets. She thought that idea was great and hit the ground running.

The Groom Genie is Based on a Popular Hair Brush for Humans
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The Groom Genie became the first pet brush that detangles and beautifies a dog’s coat, while at the same time reduces grooming anxiety and helps foster the bond between the dog and their owner. The magic comes from the unique tri-length bristle pattern that gently unravels tangled fur instead of pulling on it.

Mor even put thought into the color of the bristles. They are a light gray so that owners can easily see any skin or coat issues like dried blood, flea dirt, or pests. The gentle feeling of the brush makes dogs more apt to want to be brushed, and the more you can brush your pet, the more evenly the natural oils of their fur and skin will be distributed.

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In short, the more you brush your dog the healthier and shinier their coat will be. The brush is designed for that specific purpose. It is shaped like a paw for two reasons. The first is obviously because it’s for dogs, and the second is because it creates a natural and comfortable place for owners to position their fingers and palms. This way, it won’t be uncomfortable for you to brush your dog for long periods of time or if you brush them frequently.

Since there isn’t actually a handle, your hand is closer to the dog while you’re brushing, allowing you to touch their fur as you brush. More even pressure is applied with this design and the extra physical contact will enhance and foster the bond that you have with your dog.

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