Ebelyn’s Self-Cleaning Dog Brush Helps With Shedding

Dog grooming brushes are a dime a dozen. Any given pet store will have numerous models to choose from, and larger chain pet stores may have upwards of a dozen options. They all have different features, but you want to be sure to choose one, like this brush from Ebelyn, that makes grooming your pet easy and comfortable.

The innovative Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is available online and through select retailers. The one in this video has hard bristles, but the brush is also available with soft bristles. As you can see, the unique design of this brush makes cleaning the fur from the tines fast and simple.

Both styles of the Self-Cleaning Slicker brush can be used on dogs with all types of fur, however, the hard bristles are better for thicker fur and wiry coats. Both styles remove loose fur and hold it in the bristles until you are ready to release it, making it ideal for indoor brushing.

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