If you're debating whether you should get a dog fence or a GPS dog collar instead, then the Halo dog collar will give you peace of mind.

Just like you, many dog owners have weighed the pros and cons of having a dog fence. Fortunately, the Halo collar can function just the same without the extra cost or hassle of putting up an actual fence.

The Halo collar is primarily known for its geofencing features and how it can effectively train your pooch to stay within safe zones.

If you’re still on the brink of buying one or not, then perhaps this full review of the Halo collar will help you decide.

halo dog collar training

Halo Collar: Overview

It’s about time you do away with those dog fences and get the next-level geo-fencing solution for your pooch. It’s everything you want from a dog tracking collar.

The Halo collar has an advanced GPS tracking system and it also monitors the health and activity of your pooch.

To top it off, it has training features that help you keep your pooch stay within the designated safe zones.

It also has a Halo app that makes tracking easy, fun, and accessible with just a few taps. This is definitely the digital solution you need to keep your dog on track

When I first purchased the Halo collar, it had a lot of items inside the box. The kit has the halo collar, strap, Halo beacon, charger, charging cable, contact tips, and contact blanks. 

The entire package can be a bit pricey but you can avail of their 30-day free trial. Then you can later choose a suitable package.

Fortunately, I was able to avail of their promotion and bought a set for only $649 (subscription fees not included). It looks compact and appears like a normal collar with no highly visible device strapped into it. 

According to the Halo collar review, it is suitable for dogs weighing 20 pounds for ages 5 months and up. My pooch certainly qualifies with these in mind.

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Technical Features of a Halo Dog Collar

Here are a few features you should know about Halo collar before jumping in head first into buying one: 

Size of the Halo Collar

The Halo dog collar has three different strap sizes with these measurements accordingly:

Neck Size
Small  11″-15″
Medium 15″-20.5″
Large 20″-30.5″

The minimum sizing is around 11″. If your pooch has a neck size less than this, you might consider other GPS dog tracking collars.

For instance, if you have a chihuahua with only 8″ of neck size, the Halo collar would be too big for the little fella. I'm just glad the medium-sized Halo dog collar worked perfectly on my pooch.

Battery Life

With all its features, you probably think that this GPS dog collar easily drains its battery. It's quite the contrary.

With the Halo dog collar, you can enjoy around 20+ hours of battery life. In my case, I was able to use it for around 14 hours since I was also training my pooch at that time.

Design of the Halo Dog Collar

halo dog collar ivory and graphite

The Halo dog collar is available in two colors: Graphite (black) and Ivory (white). It already comes with a pro case along with a detachable strap. 

The Halo pro case is a durable protective cover over the strap. It makes sure that your collar is protected from any scratch, tear, and bites.

As for the Halo strap, it is made of flexible and durable rubberized material that is waterproof and easily cleaned.

So, if you're wondering if the Halo dog collar is waterproof, yes it is! You can feel the ease of mind when your pooch jumps into the beach or splashes into puddles during the rain.

halo collar waterproof

Pricing and Subscription

So, how much does a Halo Collar cost?

The Halo collar along with its accessories cost $999. But I have recently checked that if you use the code “BESTFRIEND”, you can enjoy a discount and only spend $649.

Basic Plan $4.49
Silver Plan $9.99
Gold Plan $29.99

Each plan already includes an unlimited cellular range and a smart fence system.

The more advanced the plans, the more premium features it offers. The gold plan provides exclusive weekly training, live sessions, and even Q & A with the best experts in the field.

Another thing is that you may have read in some halo collar reviews that its subscription is very expensive. It's because the dog owner's expectations weren't set right.

The Halo dog collar also comes with Halo Care and Halo Protection Plan. The latter is already included in your chosen monthly subscription.

This means you can have a discount on your replacement collar just in case your dog loses its collar. The Halo Protection Plan costs $449 ($339 for the Gold plan) for its replacement.

As for the Halo Care, you need to pay an additional monthly fee of $9.99 and you only have to pay $149 for the replacement cost.

Tracking Features 

The Halo dog collar’s tracking features surpass all other technology used by other dog tracking collars.

While other GPS trackers are hindered by underground locations or terrains, the range of a Halo collar has no limitations.

It uses a world-class GPS & GNSS technology which is quite similar to smart cars. This also means that your GPS dog tracker works without Wi-Fi or cellular connection. 

When it comes to creating safe zones for your pooch, you can create up to 20 wireless GPS fences.

All you need to do is set up the perimeters in certain locations like your house, the park, a friend’s house, or the mall. 

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Review of Halo Collar Features

I got the first version but it now has a new model called Halo 2+ dog collar, which has brand new features to check out.

As mentioned in one of our previous reviews, I love this option among other GPS dog trackers.

I was very thankful when the Halo dog collar helped me find my husky before he even got tempted to go outside the gate.

Lucky for me that the Halo dog collar also helped me train my pooch when it comes to boundaries. So instead of rushing off beyond the gate, my husky just stood there by the gate.  

Not only does the Halo collar track the activity and health status of my dog, but it also monitors our progress in training through the Halo app.

My experience with the Halo dog collar and app has been seamless. Rico (my dog) doesn't seem to mind the collar either. 

He continues with his usual activities and goes around the farm. While he does that, I can track wherever he goes with a reliable system at my fingertips. 

Pros & Cons of the Halo Collar

To give you an overview of what to expect from a Halo Dog Collar, here are the pros and cons:

  • Effective smart invisible fences
  • Limitless geographical range
  • Real-time location and activity updates
  • Additional training guide & lessons
  • Responsive customer support
  • Very expensive
  • A subscription plan is required to activate services
  • Too much battery consumption 

Halo dog collar graphite on dog

Another perceived downside of the Halo collar is its shock features. This dog tracking collar sends out a tolerable shock to your pooch whenever they pass the safe zones.

Because of this, some pet owners have the impression that the Halo dog collar is also a shock collar. So, does the Halo dog collar really use shock?

Yes, it has a static shock feature for training. However, the dog owner has the choice of whether to enable it or not. You will have six training stimulations to choose from including sounds, vibrations and statics.

I personally think that the shock feature is too much so I chose the sound and vibrations feedback whenever the collar detects that my dog is out of range.

Unique Features of the Halo Collar You Should Know About

Here are a few details about the Halo dog collar that you didn’t expect and make it stand out from the market.

Designed by CESAR MILLAN

halo dog collar by cesar millan

The Halo dog collar is actually co-founded by Cesar Millan, a.k.a The Dog Whisperer. I have been a fan of his show even before I had a dog and I trust his credentials given how well he trains dogs.

This collar has been designed according to his effective techniques, and it offers a 21-Day Training Program. So, it’s like the actual Cesar Milan training your dog to be disciplined and obedient.

Being such a fan, I couldn’t help but get one of my own. The training features have been proven effective so far with a little work on my end.

Collar Protection

Another unique thing the Halo collar has is its protection plan. It’s basically a protection for what’s protecting your pooch. 

Virtual Dog Park 

You should check out the first-ever virtual dog park through the Halo App. I assumed it looked like social media or a community for pet owners.

However, it's where pet owners like us get to connect with the Halo Support team for any concerns and issues. So, it's not what I expected but at least they have a responsive system to cater to all of our concerns. 

halo dog collar in retriever

Halo Collar: Comparison

See how the Halo dog collar differs from other smart dog collars in the market:

  Halo Collar Fi Smart Dog Collar Tile Mate
Dog Tracker Type GPS GPS Bluetooth
Battery Life 10-14 hours 3 months 3 years
Upfront Cost $999 $149 $24.99
Subscription Fee Yes



$1.89/week for a year



Why We’ve Put Halo Dog Collars On Our List

The Halo dog collar has gained its popularity as one of the best GPS dog trackers. And this is no surprise given they have exceptional GPS technology. 

It has a seamless interface and both the dog tracking collar and mobile app are so easy to use. I don't even need to worry about where my dog goes with this collar.

It has a very wide range, and it doesn't fail to give real-time updates in location and even health status.

Finally, one of the main reasons we have put this on our list is that the Halo dog collar is an elite GPS dog tracking collar designed by the famous and skillful expert, Cesar Millan.

If you have seen his shows or how he trains dogs, you'd be amazed at how he successfully does it. With that said, you wouldn't pass up the chance of getting training from Cesar Millan.

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Are Halo Collars Worth It – Conclusion

If you are looking for the best GPS dog tracking collar, then the Halo dog collar is for your pooch. It has an excellent tracking system, and it always keeps your pooch in check with its geofencing alerts. 

At first, I was a bit hesitant because of its price. The Halo dog collar is a little expensive compared to other dog tracking collars. 

However, if you look at the cost of high-end dog collars and training courses, you already have a pretty good deal with the Halo dog collar.

After all, the Halo collar isn't only used to track your dog's location but also their health and activity. To top it off, you can train your pooch with its Gold plan.

It's packed with training sessions and live Q&A with the experts. The Halo dog collar tracks both of your progress in the training too. 

Hence, the Halo collar makes sure your pooch is in safe hands. It's also the perfect tool to educate, train, and monitor your dog in keeping themselves free from danger.

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