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Review: Help Your Pets Solid Side Dog Steps

Many pet owners do not begin thinking about pet stairs until their dog needs them. As pets age, they develop hip and joint problems such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. Some dogs are also in need of pet stairs while they recover from an injury or surgery. But did you realize that all dogs can benefit from using pet stairs to climb onto furniture, beds and in and out of vehicles?

Jumping up and down from high surfaces puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your dog's hips and joints. It can foster early-onset arthritis and lead to breaking or damaging of his bones and joints. From puppies to senior dogs and small breeds to extra large canines, every dog can benefit from using dog stairs or ramps, and these Solid Side Pet Steps from Help Your Pets are an expensive, but ideal option.

Help Your Pets Solid Side Dog Steps Review

Review Help Your Pets Solid Side Dog Stairs for Pets

The number one feature you want to look for while shopping for pet stairs is safety. If the stairs buckle and collapse under the weight of your dog he could be severely injured. I was able to test these pet stairs from Help Your Pets, and I can honestly say I have never used dog stairs that were more stable and durable than these.

As you can see in these photos, my bed sits up high, so I chose the four stair model, which measures 33 inches long, 17 inches wide, 25 inches high, and each step is 15 inches wide. You can also select a three stair model, which will measure 24 inches long, 17 inches wide, 19 inches high, and the stairs will also be 15 inches wide. These are quite possible the only dog stairs you'll ever need.

Made from a wooden frame and covered with carpeting, these stairs will support even the heaviest dogs. They'll hold up to 300 pounds! As you can see from my video, I can stand on them with no problem at all. In fact, our children use these stairs as much as the dogs do. They are kid-proof and dog-proof, which is a win-win in our home.

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The carpeting isn't very thick, just enough to give your dog the traction that he'll need on the stairs. I also chose the model that is equipped with sides. They provide a few inches of protection on each side of the stairs so my dogs don't accidentally step over the edge of the stair. I think this will really benefit them as they age, and I don't have to worry about them falling off the stairs.

Help Your Pets Solid Side Dog Stairs Review

Another thing that I love about these dog stairs is that they come fully assembled. I didn't have to worry about putting them together the correct way or missing a step and having a finished product that wasn't 100% safe for our girls. There was no fussing at all. I just pulled them out of the box, carried them up to our bedroom and we were ready to start using them.

Speaking of using them, our boxer Chloe usually won't climb any pet stairs unless I force her to (which I hate doing). All it took was a couple of dog treats and she climbed right up these stairs. Now she uses them all the time. She could absolutely tell that these stairs were more secure and safe than other similar products. They don't move when she climbs on them, buckle under her weight, or shake while she's on them. She was comfortable, and that made me happier than anything else!

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We have put these stairs through the wringer in our house over the last couple of months, and I am telling you they are the absolute best quality pet stairs that I have ever used. The only drawbacks that I can see is that they aren't very mobile and they are quite expensive.

Help Your Pets Solid Side Dog Steps Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

Unlike other products that you can fold up and take with you while traveling or slide under the couch while company comes over, these should probably stay in one spot in your home. They aren't heavy, so you could move them back and forth if you wanted to, but you definitely couldn't take them along while traveling.

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Now, I say they are expensive. For this set that I have – the Solid Side Pet Steps for Large Dogs in a four stair model – you'll pay about $160. I know that sounds like a lot, but think about what you're getting: a quality set of pet stairs that will last you for decades. Cheaper pet stairs may be a more viable option in your budget, but you'll have to replace them time and time again if you plan to be a life-long dog owner.

Chloe, Saddie (our chocolate lab), and I highly recommend these pet stairs. They are strong, durable, and you can design your own set of pet stairs with all sorts of additional features. As I said, I added the sides and I wanted a four step option. Help Your Pets has options for small and large breeds, decorative stairs, stairs with storage compartments in each step… there are so many possibilities.

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help-your-pets-solid-side-dog-steps-reviewThe pet stairs for dogs from Help Your Pets are constructed from solid wood side panels and covered with plush carpet. They are available in three and four step models to assist arthritic dogs, or otherwise help your pets with climbing up to higher ground.