How to Choose the Right Dog Stairs or Dog Ramps

Many dogs at a certain age come to experience the horrible disease of canine arthritis. Sometimes, if the owner doesn't provide the proper care, even puppies could develop joint problems at a very young age. To help our dogs fight the canine arthritis disease, we can provide them with good joint supplements, or even dog stairs for most occasions.

The reality is that dogs are usually active creatures, and when your pooch jumps off beds, tables, cars and so forth, there is a very high level of stress placed on their joints. And then, as time goes, that type of behavior will eventually lead to gradual paint in the joints, and of course grow to develop into dog arthritis. However, if you feed your dogs right and provide necessary furniture such as dog stairs, dog ramps, and even orthopedic dog beds, then your Fidos will always have a sturdy and reliable surface to gradually assist them down or up into the vehicle or furniture and whatnot.

And in addition to keeping your dog healthy and painless for longer, which is our primary concern here at, you will also save yourself trouble of straining your back by constantly picking up and putting down your dog anywhere you go!

How to Choose the Best Dog Stairs

Before you even start looking for a variety of dog stairs for your home and your pooch, you must first measure things around your home (furniture, vehicle, dog bath tub, etc.) where you will use these dog stairs most often. That will help you in determining what approximate size of dog steps you will require. I personally recommend getting dog stairs that will measure just a little below the desired type of furniture, or car, or anything else your dear friend will try to start jumping off from and onto.

There are different styles of dog stairs

Most types of stairs for dogs have foam base – this helps dog with arthritis because it's softer to step on – or those with hard plastic mold and with carpets attached to them. Both of these dog stairs styles can be purchased with free shipping from amazon as well as with some good warranties and great customer support from certain manufacturers (check our list for recommendations).

Furthermore, every set of dog stairs can be bought in a variety of different colors, that way you can make sure it fits within your home decor. Search our site Top Dog Tips for more advice in this section.

How to Choose the Best Dog Ramps

How to Choose the Right Dog Stairs or Dog Ramp
Dog stairs to dog ramp.

Unlike dog stairs, dog ramps are easier to deal with and choose. Majority of dog ramps will often be used mostly for cars, however, dog ramps that are smaller will usually be ideal for the average size couches at home, and as study platforms for beds.

Exactly like with stairs for dogs, I personally suggest you measuring the length, height, width of your beds, car doors/trunk, etc. to the ground in order to select the most suitable dog ramp in terms of its length. You can also always build your own DIY dog ramp or dog stairs, but this will require some Googling and craftsmanship.

Things you need to focus most when choosing dog stairs or dog ramps

  • Materials
  • Size and length
  • Safety
  • Ease of use and storage
  • Durability: ability to hold your dogs weigh