New Bamboo Pet Stairs From Richell Are Eco-Friendly

Pet stairs are really an essential dog product for dogs that climb or jump up onto high furniture or in and out of vehicles. Jumping can be detrimental to the health of your dog’s bones and joints. Every time your pet jumps up or down to or from a high place it puts unnecessary pressure on his body. Over time all of this pressure adds up and it will weaken his joints. It can lead to arthritis and a number of other horrible conditions.

To save the wear and tear on your canine’s body, you can invest in a set of pet stairs or a ramp to help him get up and down in a safer manner. If your dog has no trouble climbing traditional human stairs, a set of pet stairs would be a great option however, if he does struggle with stairs or has limited mobility in his legs, a ramp may be a better option. If you think he is capable of using stairs, this set from Richell USA would be a great choice.

The Také 3-Step Pet Stool is made of eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo and is part of the award-winning Také Lifestyle Collection. Také is actually Japanese for bamboo. This product has three slip-resistant carpeted steps, making it ideal for older dogs that have a tendency to slip as well as toy breeds. The product stands 18-inches tall. It is only recommended for dogs under 33 pounds.

I love the look of these dog stairs. They are simple and neutral, so they would blend in nicely with any home décor. From a rustic cabin in the woods to a modern apartment in the city, these pet stairs wouldn’t look out of place anywhere. One thing I always look for in a set of pet stairs is their convenience and ease of mobility. Collapsible stairs are much easier to take in the car or move out of the way if you need the extra space. Unfortunately, these pet stairs do not collapse, but their small size still makes them ideal for travel and they only weigh about 11 pounds.

There are only 6-inches between each step, which means that a medium 30-pound dog would be able to maneuver them just fine and so would a small toy breed. The attention to detail on this product is very noticeable. Small dogs could easily fit through the space between the stairs, so Richell put riser stops on the back of the 2 stairs in the middle so small breeds will know to climb up and not try to go through.

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