3 Techniques for How to Help a Dog Get Into a Vehicle


Even if your dog can jump up into your car, truck or SUV by himself, you should still know how to help a dog get into a vehicle. It saves a lot of stress on his joints, which through unneeded and constant wear and tear  could lead to serious health issues over time.

Jumping in and out of a vehicle could be dangerous. If your dog jumps or lands the wrong way, he could end up breaking a leg or needing an expensive surgery to repair a ligament.

You know your dog can jump, but should he be putting that kind of strain on his body every day? Think of how often your dog has to jump to get onto furniture, beds and into vehicles. Now think of how often he jumps while playing or exploring his environment.

Young and active dogs keeping jumping many times each day, which increases their chance of joint related health problems later down the road. The higher the jump, the more stress it puts on your dog's legs, paws and joints.

If you have a large truck or SUV, your dog may need to jump several feet each time he gets in and out of the car. Learning how to help a dog get into a vehicle will save him from having to make that leap and probably reduce joint problems when he gets older.

In this article and in the above video, I show three techniques on how to help your dog get into a car using pet steps and dog safety ramps, as well as some alternative options. Using any of these methods, you should have no problem with your dog getting into a car anymore, and you'll also save his joints from unnecessary stress, wear and tear.

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How to Help a Dog Get Into A Vehicle
3 Quick and Effective Techniques

How To Help A Dog Get Into A Vehicle

If a dog can't get into the vehicle on their own, most people opt to pick their pooch up and give him a boost. In the video guide above, I demonstrate the proper ways to put small breeds and medium/large breeds into the car, truck or SUV by lifting them.

If you have a small dog, it's easy to scoop them up and place them in the vehicle.

But medium and large breeds are much heavier, so lifting them isn't an option. The best thing you can do is place their front paws on the floor of the vehicle and cradle their hind end while lifting them up and helping the dogs into the car.

How To Help A Dog Get Into A VehicleYou need to be sure to support your dog's hind end and not place strain on his abdomen or back legs while lifting him into the vehicle.

The cradle method that I demonstrate in my video is the best way to lift a medium or large breed dog.

Is lifting your dog up into the vehicle effective? Yes, but it's also extremely hard on your body. While you're saving the stress to Fido's joints, you're creating a lot of stress and pressure for your back, legs, shoulders and arms.

The best way to learn how to help a dog into a vehicle is by using a pet ramp or dog stairs that are specifically designed to help give dogs a boost into high cars, trucks and SUV's. I demonstrate the use of a pet ramp in my video guide, but stairs work well also.

I prefer to use a pet ramp over stairs because they are easier for senior pets and dogs with arthritis or hip issues. Lifting the legs to climb stairs is often difficult for these dogs.

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How To Help A Dog Into A Vehicle

Whether you choose a dog ramp or doggy stairs, you need to be sure to find a product that is made for the make and model of your vehicle. They don't always specify specific cars, so you may have to measure. When measuring, make sure to measure from where the ramp or stairs will attach to your vehicle down to the ground at an appropriate slope.

If the slope of the ramp is too steep, it will make things even more stressful on your dog's body than jumping would be.

You also need to look for a set of pet stairs or a doggy ramp that will be easy to stow in your vehicle and take out when needed so it doesn't turn into a constant hassle.

Find dog steps or ramp that:

  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Is lightweight
  • Is able to support your dog's weight

As I demonstrate in my video guide above, it's easy to train your pet to use stairs or a ramp. The best way is to use dog training treats and lure your dog up and down.

At first you'll need to use a lot of treats to motivate him, but soon enough he'll figure out that's it's easier to use the ramp. Then you can just treat him for climbing up or down.

Learning how to help a dog into a vehicle isn't difficult, but it's important information that every dog owner should know. It will benefit your dog's overall health, and it's an great preventative measure to keep his joints in a much better shape and away from jumps.

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