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Review: Highwave AutoDogMug Travel Water Bowl for Dogs


For dog owners that take their pups along on road trips, hikes, camping or elsewhere, it's vital to have an easy way to provide your pet with water while on the go. Most dog travel bowls are made to be easy to carry along or store in a vehicle. Highwave has taken things to a new level with their AutoDogMug.

Bringing the proper supplies while traveling with your dog will make the trip easier for you and more comfortable for Fido. It's especially important to bring a water bowl along. The exhilaration of an adventure will make your dog excited, and he'll need to stay hydrated.

AutoDogMug BowlUnlike the AutoDogMug Bowl, most other travel dog bowls are collapsible, which is great when it comes to storage. But, when it comes to stability, these bowls aren't the best. They can collapse if your dog puts pressure on them, and the water splashes right over the rim.

I take my dogs for car rides almost every day. I usually give them water when the vehicle is stopped and dump the bowl out before we start driving again. It's a good way to offer them hydration, but it wastes water and isn't very efficient. I was excited to try out the AutoDogMug and see if it was as convenient as it looks.

Highwave AutoDogMug Travel Water Bowl for Dogs Review

Highwave AutoDogMug Travel Water Bowl for Dogs ReviewThis product is available in 6 colors:

  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • grey
  • purple
  • pink

As I demonstrate in my video review above, this travel dog water bottle can be operated with one hand. Simply squeeze the bottle and hold, and the water will fill the small bowl on top. Once you release the squeeze, the water will travel back down into the bottle.

There is a valve in the center of the bowl, which you can see in the photo above. Turn the valve to the ‘closed' position, and it is completely leakproof. The bottle holds up to 18-ounces of water.

It is made of food-safe, BPA-free plastic. Many plastic water bottles are made with chemicals that can leech into the water and become dangerous over time. You always want to purchase dog bowls that are made with food-safe, BPA-free plastic.

dog travel water bowl

The only drawback I can see with this dog travel bowl is shown in the photo above. The bowl is small, because it's perched on the top of the water bottle. It's suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs, but larger dogs will make quite a mess. The small size means more dripping and spilling, plus the water tends to slosh over the edge of the bowl as your dog drinks.

I do like that the AutoDogMug is dishwasher safe. It makes for very easy cleaning. Although, my favorite feature is that the bottle fits into the cup holder of a vehicle. This is ideal for pet owners who frequently travel with their dog. It solved my problem of having to keep a travel bowl in my vehicle.

You can purchase this travel pet water bottle on Amazon for $14.99 on Amazon. This price is affordable on any budget, and I think the product is well worth the money. It would also make a cheap gift for any pet owner on your shopping list.

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