Make Water Available in the Car With the To Go Bowl

It’s important to have a supply of water available for your dog on road trips. Even if you’re only going to be spending a couple of hours in the vehicle, water is a must. The dry air and heat of the car will require your pet to drink more water than normal. A lot of pets pant when riding in the car as well, and that causes their mouth to become dry quickly. Giving your dog a drink whenever you stop is great, but now there is a simple way to keep water readily available for your pet throughout the entire trip.

The To Go Bowl from Furry Travelers is the perfect travel dog bowl. Its patented design fits into the cup holder of most vehicles. It fits holders that are 3 to 4 inches in diameter. You can put it in the front or back seat and it will also fit in many side door cup holders too. There is a splash guard around the top of the bowl and it also comes with a lid to prevent spilling.

The cup on the bottom can be filled with food or treats to be used on your trip, and if you take the cup part off you can use the product as a traditional dog bowl. This would be perfect for road trips that require you to stay overnight. You can keep the To Go Bowl in the car all day and at night it can come into the hotel with you. It’s a great multi-purpose dog bowl.

To Go Bowls are made in the United States from BPA-free, FDA approved, durable polypropylene. They are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. This product is only available in one size, but it will work for small, medium and large breeds. It’s also available in eight colors including pearl, silver, red, blue, lavender, pink, cream and yellow. You can buy one to match your vehicle, your pet’s style, or both!

As you know, I’m always on the hunt for easy to use items that are versatile and stylish. The To Go Bowl fits into all of these categories. The simple design makes watering your dog on the go fast and easy. I love that you can take it in the car or use it as a traditional bowl as well. The less things you have to pack when you’re going on a trip, the better.

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