How To Dry Your Dog: Effective Tips And Tricks

Regularly bathing your dog is crucial for their well-being. Baths not only preserve the coat and skin in excellent condition, but they also remove loose fur, reduce shedding, discourage fleas, and reduce smells. But how can you get your pet dry again after a bath?

Drying might be one of the most challenging aspects of dog grooming. Depending on the pet, you may need to utilize several items to complete the task.

This article discusses several drying equipment that you may use to dry your dog.

Towel Dry Your Dog

Towel Dry Your Dog

Drying a dog with a thick bath towel is extremely helpful when removing extra moisture from a pup's coat. Many individuals, however, mishandle towels.

Some owners, for example, may vigorously massage their dog's coat with one. However, if your dog has thick or lengthy hair or fur, this approach may result in tangles and matting.

Furthermore, if you use standard bath towels, they will soon become saturated. But using a towel developed particularly for dog cleaning is a better method to dry your canine.

Here are some of our favorite dog-cleaning towels…

DERPYCHAPPY Premium Dog Bathrobe Towel, Absorbent Microfiber Robe for Small Medium Extra Large Dogs and Cats, Stylish Cozy Quick Pet Drying Towels After Bath, Pool or Beach (S, Mint)

Derpy Chappy Premium DogBathrobe Towel

This towel is made of microfiber cloth that will instantly dry your dog after a bath. It comes in the colors of blue, mint, pink, lavender, and grey, which your dogs will surely love.


SUNLAND Dog Towel Super Soft Dog Drying Towel Ultra Absorbent Dog Bath Towel with Embroidered Paw PrintSUNLAND Microfiber Dog Towel

On the other hand, the Sunland Microfiber Dog Towel is a ripping- and tear-resistant towel that promises to absorb more than a standard cotton towel. However, it only comes in two color patterns: grey and purple.


Dog Gone Smart Shammy Dog Towels For Drying Dogs - Heavy Duty Soft Microfiber Bath Towel - Super Absorbent, Quick Drying, & Machine Washable - Must Have Dog & Cat Bathing Supplies | Blue 13x31"Dog Gone Smart, The Original Dirty Dog Shammy

Dog Gone Smart Dog Shammy is a slip-in towel that you can use as a glove over your hands. This microfiber towel is five times more absorbent than standard towels, and it comes in three colors: brown, grey, and blue.


Tuff Pupper Quick Dry Towel for Dogs | Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Shammy | Extra Large 35x15 Size for All Breeds | Comfortable Hand Pockets | Indoor Outdoor Use | Durable Material | Machine WashableTuff Pupper Large Dog Shammy Towel

This towel is an odor-resistant towel that comes in blue, beige, grey, and brown. This towel is gentle to the dog's skin since its primary material is the ultra-absorbent and quick-drying chenille fabric.

Toby and Alexander Super Absorbent, Quick Drying, Microfiber Towel, Dog Bath Robe (XL, Mizzle)Toby and Alexander's

Toby and Alexander's makes an easy-to-use dog towel robe available in different sizes. Unlike the towels I've mentioned above, you can use this by wrapping it around your dog's body, just like how you do your robes. 

Quick Dry Spraying Your Dog

Quick-Drying Spray for Your Dog

Aside from towel drying, using a quick-drying spray on your dogs has several benefits. As its name states, it shortens the drying time of your newly bathed dog.

It also shields hair from the sun's rays, flat ironing, and chemical color styling. If used regularly, it improves the health and beauty of the coat in no time.

If you opt to use one of these sprays, you may need to experiment with several quick-drying sprays to find the perfect one. Thus, we've gathered the few best brands that we've found for you. 

Espree Quick Finish! Styling Spray | Easy Brushing & Combing | 1 GallonQuick Finish, Espree! Styling Spray

This spray is an after-bath quick spray for dogs, made of high-quality but cruelty and dye-free ingredients. Its formula is gentle, thus making it safe for dogs of any breed. 


Best Shot UltraMAX Pro Finishing Spray, Ideal Detangler Spray for Pets, Hydrating and Soothing Pet Grooming Spray, for Dogs and Cats, 17 Oz.Best Shot Pet UltraMax Pro Finishing Spray

This Pro Finishing Spray delivers excellent shine, coat strengthening, and detangling for your dogs. Its alcohol-free formula is not only safe for dogs alone but also for cats and kittens alike.


Bio-Groom So Quick Dry Dog Spray – Detangler Spray for Dogs & Cats, Shortens Drying Time, Unscented, Cruelty-Free, Made in USA, Dog Grooming Products – 16 fl oz 1-Pack Bio-groom So Quick Dog Grooming Spray

Bio-groom Spray is also the ideal quick-drying spray for your little pets. Aside from reducing drying time by 50%, it also detangles and smoothens your dog's fur while eliminating its frizz.


Well & Good Prostyle Hydrating Spray for Pets, 6.1 fl. oz. Well & Good Prostyle Hydrating Spray

The salon-grade solutions in the Well & Good Prostyle Hydrating Spray for Pets are created with natural and organic components. It uses the effectiveness of organic Aloe vera to hydrate thirsty coats.


Pro-Coat Grooming Quick Wick Drying Spray (Lavender) 16 oz. Pro-Coat Grooming-Quick Wick Drying Spray

This is a quick-drying spray that includes organic lavender oil as its primary ingredient. As a result, besides a drying spray, this product can also be used as an alternative in treating your dog's eczema. 


Blow Drying Your Dog

Blow Dry Your Dog

Blow-drying your pet's coat until it is entirely “bone” dry will make it appear its best—clean, cuddly, fluffy.

Furthermore, they may develop musty or moldy odors when wet for an extended period; thus, dogs need to be blow-dried immediately after bathing.

Here are some of the tips that we can share when it comes to blow-drying your dog.

  • Introduce your dog to the hairdryer gradually to get them accustomed to the noise and sensation of having air blown on its fur;
  • When using your dryer, please put it in the lowest setting to avoid accidentally burning your dog; 
  • Always remember to keep the nozzle at least a few inches away from your dog's coat and keep it moving at all times.

Keep in mind that some dogs may never tolerate the usage of a hairdryer, even though you've already used it several times. Hence, they might fight tooth and nail to prevent you from using it again.

Cage dryers function as a “cage” to dry dogs to prevent them from moving around. The advantage of using a cage dryer is that it is less frightening than blow dryers, especially for highly anxious animals. 

The B-Air Grizzly Pet Cage Dryer, PetLife Dog Hair Dryer, and CHAOLUN Dog Dryer are the best cage dryers in the market.

Stand dryers have the same strength and airflow capacity, but they're far more flexible. The best stand dryers are Flying Pig High-Velocity Dog Pet Stand Grooming Dryer, SHERNBAO Blower, and PETNF Upgraded Dog Dryer.

Here's A Few Quick Notes When Blow Drying Your Dog

Here's A Few Quick Notes When Blow Drying Your Dog

When blow-drying your dog, there are some things that you should be cautious of, and we'll be discussing some of them one by one.

#1: Do Not Use Human Hair Dryer

1. Do Not Use Human Hair Dryer

Have you been using your hairdryer to dry your dog's coat? If your answer is yes, then I suggest you stop and read the next section carefully.

Human hair dryers are detrimental to a dog's skin and coat. The heat settings in a regular human hairdryer are relatively high for dogs, even at its lowest mode. 

In contrast, the heat settings of hairdryers for dogs are perfect for their hair or fur. Short-haired and thin-coated dogs dry quicker than long-haired and thick-coated dogs.

#2: Do Not Leave Your Dogs Unattended


2. Do Not Leave Your Dogs Unattended

Subsequently, even if you are now using a dog hair dryer, never leave your dog unattended to it. 

Accidents are likely to happen, but leaving your dog with a running appliance may not only hurt them but also cost their life.

Appliances tend to overheat if left for a long time. Hence, exceptions are not for a dog hair dryer. Furthermore, if you go your dog with it, chances are they might start playing or nibbling on it.

#3: Do Not Blow Dry Them Without Getting Acquainted with It First

3. Do Not Blow Dry Them Without Getting Acquainted with It First

Finally, before using a hairdryer on damp fur, get your dog acquainted with it. They may become distraught and attempt to flee, yank on the leash, and may injure themselves. 

Train your dog properly to avoid these difficulties. Work your way up to acquaint your pet with the dryer, the sound, and the sensation of air blowing on them.

Give them treats when you are showing them the dryer while it is off, do the same as you slowly turn it on. Please give them pleasure again and slowly bring it closer to them. Praise them as you do these steps. 

This way, they will learn not to be afraid of the dryer. You will build on this trust to make grooming a joyful bonding experience for both of you.

Other Ways To Dry Your Dog

Other Ways To Dry Your Dog

Although rare, in some cases, dogs and dog owners alike tend to prefer the natural way of drying. There are several reasons for this, and each of these reasons depends on the dogs' circumstances.

Although these methods have advantages and disadvantages, consult your veterinarian to know what suits you and your dog the best. 

Air Drying Your Dog

Air Drying Your Dog

Air drying is one of the old ways of drying a newly bathed dog, and it's still practiced in some places.

But what are the benefits of air drying your dog? 

Air drying is more frequent with short-haired and single-coated dogs. If your dog has sensitive skin, an injury, or a wound that would be bothered by the rubbing of a towel or the heat from the dryer, air drying may be a suitable option for them. 

However, what's the issue with using the air-drying method?

When using this method, the dog will likely get dirty again as it will end up rolling on the floor, grass, or soil. Thus, ruining all your hard work. 

Furthermore, your dog will most likely rub its wet dog smell on your carpets and furniture. Worse? They might throw themselves on the newly mowed grass, unintentionally coloring themselves green.

Air drying is also not advised for dogs with thick, long, or double coats, especially if the weather is humid. A wet coat can cause matting, leading to skin infections and other problems, including hot spots.

Brushing Your Dog

Brushing Your Dog

After a bath, it's essential to brush your dog's coat to help you remove their excess dead and dry skin. Besides that, it will also help stimulate the surface of their skin to produce more oil.

However, their brush should always depend on the dog's type and quality of hair. Fortunately, there's a wide variety of quality brushes that you can find in the market. 

The Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush is suitable for all coat types. It features a flat or curved head with rows of tiny wire pins that assist in untangling and removing stray fur.

On the other hand, the Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush is a dog slicker brush for dogs who often get their hair mat and tangle. Using this one tool, you can fluff, detangle, and style your dog's coat.

In addition, the Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush has a soft pad and angled flexible pins that enable excellent brushing without irritating your dog's skin. 

Furthermore, the Paw Brothers Slicker Dog‘s extra-long stainless pins penetrate your dog's coat for better brushing. Its design is also sleek and comfortable; thus, owners will have no trouble using it. 

The ClumsyPets Dogs wire pins are round and polished with plastic or rubber. Its design is for longer, silkier coats; thus, it works effectively more on dogs with short or wiry fur.

Lastly, Hertzko's Bristle Brush tightly packed bristles are gentle on your pet's sensitive skin. It removes loose hair and tangles from your pet's topcoat while removing dander, dust, and trapped filth as well.

Best Way to Dry Your Dog Conclusion

It is not always essential to dry your pet, particularly if they have short fur and it is a warm day. They can dry spontaneously in a short period.

But, if you don't dry your pet, they may roll about to dry and settle their fur on their own, which can cause tangles and matting in their coat.

Rolling and rubbing will also push additional dirt and debris further into their coat, negating the benefits of the bath. 

By drying your pet, you may avoid these possible issues and keep your pet looking fantastic.

Blow-drying your dog is one way to dry them and might help them have a healthier skin coat. It can not only help you prevent a mess, but it will also make your dog look and smell amazing.

If your dog has long, thick, or double hair, blow-drying will help avoid acute wet dermatitis, often known as hot patches, as well as matting.

On the other hand, regular brushing keeps matting at bay. Mats may cause severe skin problems, cruelly strain and pinch at your dog's skin, and hide ugly pests like fleas or maggots; yuck!

Once mats have grown in your dog's coat, removing them yourself may be uncomfortable and challenging, and it's best to leave it to a professional groomer.

Remember that a clean dog is a formula for a happy dog.

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