Keep Your Dog Safe With This 5-in-1 Travel Product

Traveling with a pet is stressful. You’re always worried about his safety, comfort level and whether or not he needs food, water or a bathroom break. With the right traveling accessories you can make your journey less stressful for you and your dog. A high quality pet carrier is an essential travel accessory if you want your pet to be safe and comfortable. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or car, the I-GO2 Traveler Backpack Dog Carrier by Pet Gear is the perfect option.

This 5-in-1 dog carrier has a telescoping handle and wheels, meaning it can be used like a rolling suitcase. It can also be used as a backpack, carrier, tote or a car seat. The stylish design of the I-GO2 Traveler won’t make you feel like you’re schlepping grandma’s purse around. No matter how you choose to use this carrier, it is functional and fashionable. There’s even a removable pad inside so your Fido will be warm and comfortable.

Two tethers located on the inside of the bag keep your pet securely inside. The removable pad can be taken out and thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning, and it also comes with wheel covers. The I-GO2 Traveler is 16 inches L X 12 inches W X 15 inches H. There is also an expander built in that can be unzipped to give your pet 3 additional inches of space. The company’s website says that if your dog fits in the carrier according to the dimensions, it will support his weight. In other words, there is no weight limit as long as your pet fits comfortably in the carrier.

The lining of the bag is topped with fleece to make your pup’s ride a comfy one. There are two side storage pouches for easy access to your dog’s toys, his leash, treats or anything else you’d like to store in there. Consumers really love the size of this carrier compared to other similar products. Dog backpack carriers tend to be very small and don’t provide enough room for the dog to stand up straight, but pet parents were pleasantly surprised by the space offered in the I-GO2 Traveler.

No matter how you are traveling with your pet, safety is always priority number one! A carrier like this will keep your dog secure in the car, safe on a plane and comfortable when you’re carrying him around town. There are a lot of carriers on the market, but spending a little extra for a versatile carrier like this one is a good idea if you travel often with your pet.

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