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Review: Leashboss Splashless Travel Pet Bowl


For avid travelers that take their dogs along on road trips, hikes, camping or elsewhere, it's vital to have an easy way to feed and water your pet while on the go. Most dog travel bowls are made to be easy to carry along or store in a vehicle. Now, Leashboss has taken it to a new level with their Splashless Travel Bowl.

Bringing the proper supplies while traveling with your dog will make the trip easier for you and more comfortable for him. It's especially important to bring a water bowl along. The excitement of an adventure will make your dog excited, and he'll need to stay hydrated.

Leashboss bowlUnlike the Leashboss, most other travel dog bowls are collapsible, which is great when it comes to storage. But, when it comes to stability, these bowls aren't the best. They can collapse if your dog puts pressure on them, and the water splashes right over the rim.

I take my dogs for car rides almost every day. I usually give them water when the vehicle is stopped and dump the bowl out before we start driving again. I was excited to try out this Splashless Travel Bowl to see if it lived up to its name.

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Leashboss Splashless Travel Bowl Review

Leashboss Splashless Travel Bowl ReviewThe Leashboss Splashless Travel Dog Bowl is made of silicone. This material allows for a good grip on virtually any surface. You don't have to worry about the bowl sliding around every time you take a turn or stop too quickly. It's also ideal for motorhomes and boats!

As I demonstrate in my video review above, the tapered lip around the rim of the bowl prevents spilling. Even when I slosh the water around, nothing spills. This is the only travel bowl that I use in the car now. I've never had to clean up spilled water when we reach our destination.

If filled to the recommended line, it holds 24-ounces (3 cups) of water. If filled to the top, it holds 40-ounces. It works well for our multi-pet family.

The bowl measures 9” x 8” and 3” tall and has a 4” x 4.5” opening. It is not recommended for giant, bearded or brachycephalic breeds. It is made of food-grade silicone, is dishwasher safe and BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.

The only thing that I don't really like about the bowl is that it is bulky if you have to pack it or store it away while traveling. I hike with my dogs a lot, and this bowl takes up quite a bit of room in my pack.

You can buy this travel dog bowl on Amazon for $16.98. I think this is a great value for the money. It's affordable on any budget, and very beneficial when riding with your pet in a vehicle, boat or motorhome.

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