Pet Gear Easy Step III
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Pet stairs are a convenient and easy way to help your dog access areas around your home that he may not be able to get to himself. Whether your dog has short legs and isn't able to jump or he is a senior dog with hip and joint pain, pet stairs like Pet Gear Easy Step III can help him get where he needs to go.

The largest benefit to pet stairs is that they reduce the need for jumping, which reduces the stress put on your pet's joints. When a dog jumps up and down from furniture or vehicles, a lot of weight is put on his joints when he hits the ground.

Canine bodies are built to hold their body weight, but they weren't designed for all the added pressure of constant jumping.

Purchasing a set of set of pet stairs is an easy way to allow your dog access to these higher places without the added stress on their bodies.

Pet Gear Easy Step III
Photo: Amazon / Pet Gear

Many people think of pet stairs as a product made for senior dogs, but that isn't the case at all. They are actually a great accessory to have for any pet.

Pet ramps are also an option to help your dog get to high areas, and these are a more suitable option for dogs that have a hard time walking up traditional human stairs. If your dog has severe arthritis or hip and joint issues that make regular stairs challenging, a ramp may be a better option for your home.

For more information on the differences between pet ramps and pet stairs you can read our column Dog Ramps or Dog Stairs: How to Decide. You'll find information on the benefits and drawbacks to each dog product and which option would be best for your pet.

If you believe that your dog will have no trouble walking up a set of pet stairs, Pet Gear Easy Step III pet steps would be a great choice. We created this review with information from the manufacturer and from what other consumers have said about the product. Consumer reviews are typically very reliable because they are not making any money from the sale of the product or the information they give in their review.

Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs

Dog owners have been very impressed with Pet Gear Easy Step III pet stairs, so we thought we’d take a closer look. This review will give you a quick overview, a detailed review, and all the specifications of these pet stairs. Then it will be up to you to decide whether or not these pet stairs would be a good fit for you pooch.

First Impressions

PROS of the Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs

Easy Step III pet stairs are a great product for dogs that need a little extra help getting into vehicles or up on furniture. Their sturdy construction is ideal for larger breeds up to 150 pounds. These stairs are made of a durable plastic that won't buckle under the weight of your dog like foam pet stairs would.

These Easy Step III pet stairs are lightweight and easy to transport anywhere you and your dog need them. They can be used indoors or outside, making them ideal for travel. They are also very easy to clean, and the bottom of the stairs has grippers to secure the unit on slippery floors.

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These stairs also have carpeting on the top of each step so your dog can get traction and is less likely to slip going up and down the stairs. The carpet sections remove easily and are machine washable. The steps are designed to be wider and deeper than traditional stairs to be better suited for canines.

CONS of the Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs

The biggest reason that consumers said they did not purchase these pet stairs is because they don't fold down flat like many other models. Stairs that fold are very convenient for dog owners who plan to travel frequently and for pet owners who do not have a lot of space in their home and would like the option of putting the stairs under the couch or bed, or in a closet, when not in use.

Easy Step III dog stairs do not come assembled either, and assembly can be tricky for some people. It does say that they have easy “snap-together” sides, but some consumers mentioned that a hammer was necessary for a little extra force. If you're handy or can get someone that is to help you assemble this product you shouldn't have any trouble.

Bottom Line

If you are having a difficult time looking for dog stairs that work with a larger breed, look no further. The Easy Step III works perfectly for larger breeds as well as smaller dogs. If your cat needs an extra boost to high places, these stairs work perfectly for them too! These are an ideal set of stairs for multi-dog or multi-animal households.

Pet Gear Easy Step III
Photo: Amazon / Pet Gear

Each step has an incline that reduces the amount of stairs that need climbing, thus eliminating stress on your dog. They are very easy to maintain and wash as they are made of plastic and the carpet tread on each step is easily removable for cleaning purposes. Consumers raved about these stairs and were generally satisfied with the construction, quality, and easy to use features of this product.


The pet stairs come in 2-, 3-, and 4-stair options. The 2-stair model can be purchased on Amazon for about $100. You can get the 3-stair model for about $125, and the 4-stair model for about $160. The price varies in that range among most other retailers as well.

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Those prices are at the higher end of the price range for pet stairs, but remember that some stairs are made from foam and they are much less expensive. Typically stairs made from plastic, metal, and wood are the most expensive because they are the most sturdy steps and can support even the largest breeds. Don’t count these stairs out just because of the price. Consumers agree that they are well worth the added cost. 

Detailed Review

The beauty of the Easy Step III pet stairs is that they are geared towards bigger dogs, up to 150 pounds. Many of the doggie stairs out on the market are more suited towards smaller breeds. Dog owners loved how wide and deep these stairs are to help their furry friend get into vehicles and higher places with ease.

They appreciated the carpeted tread that is machine washable to ensure for easy cleaning and maintaining as well. The stairs also have rubber grippers on the bottom that provides safety for four-legged companions so there is no slipping. The highest step being 23 inches, a dog of any age could master it.

Dogs that experience health and physical ailments like stiff joints, arthritis and painful bones, have been known to absolutely love these stairs, as they do not put a lot of pressure on joints and helps them achieve the tough task of getting to higher places like beds effortlessly. Great for older dogs as well.

Pet Gear Easy Step III
Photo: Amazon / Pet Gear

Dog owners loved how both their small and big dogs were able to use these stairs. A few even commented that their cats enjoyed this product as well. In addition, the fact that the stairs do not require any extra tools to assemble was also a noted bonus. Most buyers did not have any issues putting the stairs together, but a few did mention that a hammer would be helpful to get that added force.

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According to a few purchasers of the Easy Step III pet stairs, pets that were unsure of how to use stairs or nervous about trying them came around quickly with the help of a few dog treats. Many consumers mentioned how easy the stairs were for their senior dogs to use or how quickly their small dogs got used to climbing up the steps.

Purchasers of these stairs were delighted over the fact that it suited their décor and did not look out of place when they used them in their bedrooms or living rooms. They come in many different colors to match any home décor, and have a very basic design  so they match even the most minimalistic environments.

The stairs are lightweight for transporting both indoors and outdoors, but they are also sturdy enough to ensure safety. They are simple to move if you need to clean around them or put them in another room when company comes over. Some buyers even commented that they moved the stairs around the house as times to use as a step stool for themselves.

Dedicated canine businesses are always on a mission to find products that will help make their job easier so they can focus more attention on their furry clients. This product has a high rating with canine workers due to quality and usefulness. In fact, many groomers said that they used the stairs to get dogs onto grooming tables or into higher kennels.

Pet owners who purchased this product also mentioned that it worked very well to get their dogs in and out of the vehicle. However, many also mentioned that because the Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs do not fold flat, they really wouldn't be a great choice for a dog owner that did a lot of traveling with their pooch.

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Although the stairs do not fold up, they can be secured in the back of a van, station wagon, truck or hatchback trouble-free. If you only travel to the vet a couple of times a year with your dog, these stairs would work just fine.

Easy Step III pet stairs are highly recommended by dog owners as well as professionals for use on any dog needing that extra boost to get into a vehicle or needing extra help getting to high surfaces like couches, beds and so forth. They have a protective coating on the bottom to keep floors scratch free and they can hold more weight than most similar products.


The Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs come in three sizes:

  • 2-Step: 22-Inches L x 16-Inches W x 16-Inches H           Step Height: 5-Inches
  • 3-Step: 25-Inches L x 16-Inches W x 23-Inches H           Step Height: 6-Inches
  • 4-Step: 33.5-Inches L x 16-Inches W x 30.5-Inches H      Step Height: 6-Inches

Overview of Features

1. Ideal for larger breeds but still perfect for smaller breeds. Even works for cats.
2. Easy to maintain and clean.
3. Carpet tread is washable in the laundry.
4. Easy assembly, just snap into place.
5. Each step is wide and deep enough to provide lots of security for small breeds and a great platform for both large and small to use.
6. Each step has an incline to reduce the amount of stair needed to climb which provides less stress on the dog's joints.

Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs, 3-step/for cats and dogs up to 150-pounds, Chocolate

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