Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps Pet Stairs
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The most common misconception about pet stairs is that they are made for older dogs. In fact, they are actually a great product to use for any breed, any size, and any age dog. Pet stairs such as Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps are extremely beneficial to the bone and joint health of any canine.

Pet stairs, like this set from Pet Studio, allow your dog to climb on and off of high furniture and in and out of vehicles. This takes a lot of stress and pressure off his joints. Joints are built to withstand the weight of your canine, not the force of his entire body slamming down on the joints repetitively, which is what happens when they are constantly jumping up into bed with you or hopping up on the couch for a snuggle.

Most sets of pet stairs, these included, are collapsible for easy storage and they don't take up a whole lot of space. This makes them ideal for traveling and convenient to have in your home. If you invest in a sturdy set of stairs like these Pine Frame RampSteps, you can use them for multiple animals too. Many consumers used them for small, medium, and large breeds of dogs as well as cats.

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Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps Pet Stairs
Photo: Amazon / Pet Studio

These types of pet stairs are ideal for multiple animal households. Keep in mind that pet stairs can also be made out of foam. These stairs are great for small and medium dogs, but the foam cannot withstand the weight of larger dogs. If you're interested in foam stairs see our Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs Review.

It also bares mentioning that pet stairs are not a suitable option for all dogs. If your pet suffers from joint or hip issues and has a hard time with regular human stairs, they will have the same struggles with pet steps as well. Although pet stairs are typically smaller, the dog's legs still have to work in the same way to climb up them and this will likely cause more pain for your dog. In a situation like this, a ramp would be a much better option.

If you believe that your dog is physically capable of handling pet stairs, the Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps Pet Stairs would be a great choice. This review is strictly based on the information provided by the company and on what other consumers have said about the product. Often consumer reviews are more reliable because they aren't making money off what they say about the product.

Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps Pet Stairs Review

Dog owners have been very impressed with Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps, so we thought we'd take a closer look. This review will give you a quick overview, a detailed review, and all the specifications of these pet stairs. Then you can decide whether or not these pet stairs would be a good fit for you pooch.

First Impressions

PROS of the Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps Pet Stairs

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps will complement your home perfectly with their classy pine frame design. If you need that extra lift for you dog, you will get it with the Pet Studio pet stairs as it goes from stairs to a ramp and back. This product easily transitions from one to the other to provide whatever lift you require to meet your dog's needs.

The stairs are carpeted for added security and comfort. The carpeting also adds padding and traction when the stairs are converted to a ramp. The sturdy build makes for a durable product that is suitable for dogs up to 130 pounds. The bonus is that you do not have to worry about putting anything together as it comes already fully assembled.

CONS of the Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps Pet Stairs

The pet stairs come in the color ‘cherry’ and the carpeting is only available in beige. They are not available in any other color. They certainly match a variety of home décors, but if that is a concern for you then you'll have to select another brand. The lack of cariety was a concern for some dog parents.

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Although Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps do fold flat for easy storage, they are a little bulky when set up. If you have plenty of space or are only using them for travel purposes you won't have a problem, but if your plan is to leave them up all the time for your dog to access his favorite spot on the couch or bed, you will need a little space. These stairs may not be the best option for consumers with limited floor space.

Bottom Line

If you need a sturdy and durable set of stairs for your dog that also offers comfort and security, then these dog steps will be ideal. They are a great accessory for your home or car to make transporting your dog easier. These stairs are also perfect for aging dogs and dogs struggling with arthritis.

Negative comments about these stairs were few and far between. Overall pet owners who purchased them were very happy with their choice and please with the quality product that they got for their money.

One quote from Amazon buyer S. C. Reh seemed to sum up these pet stairs nicely:

I purchased this product for my aging dog who is no longer able to jump up onto the couch. We would place him on the couch before bed and sometimes he would jump off and then bark to indicate he needed to get back on the couch. Sleep being a high priority in my home, I immediately set out to research our options. We tried a step stool and some other methods, but he was not confident enough to use them… (read the full review on Amazon here– S. C. Reh


The Pet Studio Pine Frame Ramp Steps come in two-step and three-step options. The two-step stairs can be purchased on Amazon for about $130 and the three-step for about $170. The prices vary in that range across of retailers as well.

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That's near the higher end of the price range for pet stairs, but remember that some stairs are made from foam and they are much less expensive. Typically stairs made from wood and metal are the most expensive because they are the most sturdy steps and can support the most weight. Don't count these stairs out just because of the price. Consumers agree that they are well worth the added cost. 

Detailed Review

The Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog Ramp Steps biggest feature that dog owners raved about and found very useful, is that it can switch from stairs to a ramp with ease. This is perfect for dogs who have trouble climbing difficult stairs. Just place the ramp against your bed, couch or even vehicle and watch as your dog has no difficulty walking up. He will be able to avoid any challenges of getting to his favorite high places.

Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps Pet Stairs
Photo: Amazon / Pet Studio

The RampSteps are a great addition to any home or even dog business. They come in handy for any age dogs from puppies who are too short to seniors who have challenges using stairs. Dog owners who have dogs that deal with ailments like arthritis or other joint and bone challenges have appreciated that the ramp comes in handy as it gives their dogs that extra boost to get into vehicles and other high places.

Purchasers also like the versatility of these stairs. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and they can also be used for multiple pets. You won't need to purchase two sets of stairs or a ramp and a set of stairs. The Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps can also be used throughout the life of your pet. One set of stairs can do it all!

Dog owners liked how the RampSteps can be folded flat and stored in the back of any vehicle, closet, or under a bed with ease without taking up too much space. In addition, purchasers appreciated that when they first bought the RampSteps, they did not have to worry about how they were going to put them together, because it already came fully assembled.

Clients who enjoy attractive more luxurious looking products commented that the RampSteps are appealing to the eye. They have a beautiful cherry colored pine frame and are protected with soft, non-slip, carpeting that people found to be very easy to keep clean. Plus, these pet stairs fit in nicely with virtually any home décor, so they do not look out of place.

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These carpeted pet stairs have been more popular among dog owners than the cheaper plastic type due to their quality and sturdiness when dogs use them. These ones will not slip when in use, keeping your dog safe and making them feel comfortable while using the product. The stairs are also wide and long enough for dogs to go up and down with confidence.

Dog owners with dogs as little as 3 pounds all the way up to 130 pounds have used the stairs trouble free and have shared lots of positive feedback about the RampSteps. One issue noticed by consumers was the space they take up when extended, however you'll find this issue with almost all pet stairs.

A few buyers also complained about the weight of these stairs. Unlike foam pet stairs these are constructed with wood and metal hardware so they weigh about 18 pounds. There is a convenient handle on the back side to ease with carrying when needed.

Both dog owners and people who work with dogs professionally highly recommended the Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps, 3 Step due to their excellent quality, their versatility and that they are so easy to transport around when needed and store away when not in use. Consumers appreciated the classy look and how quickly dogs got the hang of using these Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps Pet Stairs.


These Pet Studio Pine Frame RampSteps Pet Stairs come in two sizes:

  • 2-Step: 26″ L X 13″ H X 17-1/2″ Each step measures 12″ deep X 16″ wide
  • 3-Step: 40″ L X 17-1/2″ H X 19-1/2″ Each step measures 12″ deep X 16″ wide

Overview of Features:

1. Perfect for dogs struggling with arthritis and aging as well as smaller dogs who have a hard time transferring from places.
2. Goes from stairs to ramp depending onEasyAzon your dog’s needs and abilities.
3. No assembly required as comes already put together for use right away.
4. Can be folded up flat when not in use and stored away.
5. Carpeted stairs for added security and comfort for your dog as the stairs will not slip when in use.
6. Easy to clean and maintain for years of use.

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps, 3 Step

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