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Review: PetSafe Freedom Sliding Glass Pet Door


Most dog doors require you to cut a hole in the door of your house or one of the outdoor walls of your home. This Sliding Glass Pet Door from PetSafe easily installs inside the track of an existing sliding glass door. That means no holes in your doors or walls, and it's easy to take with you if you move.

A pet door offers convenience and a lot of time savings. You may not even realize how many times each day you have to get up to let your dog in or out. And, let's not forget about the unsightly scratch marks that a lot of dogs leave around doors and door frames.

Of course, your dog needs a fenced in area to go into or must have proper boundary training before he has access to a dog door. Having this freedom is especially beneficial if you are away from home for long hours or you work from home and do not have time to tend to your dog's desire to go in and out all day long.

If you need help measuring your dog for a dog door, you can find detailed instructions in my video guide here. There are lots of different types of dog doors available, from electronic pet doors to the traditional plastic flaps that install in a wall or door. If you think a sliding glass pet door is right for you and your pup, this PetSafe Freedom Sliding Glass Door model is one of the few available models on the market.

PetSafe Freedom Sliding Glass Pet Door Review

PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet DoorIt's easy to install this pet door into the track of your sliding glass door. As you will see in my video review above, there is a top height adjuster that is spring loaded. You just pull the adjuster down, slide the door in the track, and then release the adjuster to fit the exact height of your door.

The door comes in 2 pieces (top and bottom), and they attach with just a few simple screws. The sliding glass pet door also attaches to your door frame with just a few simple screws. I'm not especially handy, but I was able to put this PetSafe dog door together and install it myself in just about 15 minutes.

There are 2 heights available:

  • 76 and 13/16″ – 81″
  • 91 and 7/16″ – 96″

Each height is available with 5 different door flap sizes:

  • Small – 5″ x 8″ flap
  • Medium – 8″ x 12″ flap
  • Large – 10″ x 16″ flap
  • Large/Tall – 10″ x 16″ flap with an 8″ rise
  • X-Large – 14″ x 24″

The measuring guidelines for this dog door are shown in the photo on the right. We have the large size, and it works well for our Labrador and our Beagle. Even our cats go in and out through our sliding glass pet door. If you have a multi-pet household, I recommend choosing the size that is appropriate for your largest pet.

The aluminum frame is very sturdy, and it features tempered glass for extra durability. We live in Maine where the winters can be brutal with below zero temperatures and strong winds. For this reason, we don't keep this pet door in year round.

PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet DoorThe PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet Door is lined with weather stripping, and it has a magnetic flap closure. However, it doesn't block out the extreme cold that our region faces in the winter months. It does keep out rain and less severe weather, so I think it would be ideal for year round use in any climate that does not see extremely cold winters.

I also like that this dog door has a slide-in closing panel. We do not allow our animals to go outside at night without supervision, and I can easily slide the panel in when it's time for them to stay inside for the night.

I would also recommend this as a great dog door option for renters. Since it slides into the track of an existing sliding glass door, you don't have to worry about cutting holes in your wall or doors. Plus, it's easy to take along with you if you have to move.

While it is a versatile option, the PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet Door is not the cheapest option available. Depending on the size you need, it sells for $110.95-$208.95 on Amazon right now. It is quite expensive compared to dog doors that install in walls or doors, but compared to other sliding glass pet doors the cost is actually cheaper than most.

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