Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs Review
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Most dog owners find that dog steps are often very useful for senior dogs, pets recovering from an injury and smaller dog breeds, but did you know they are actually beneficial for every dog no matter what breed or age? Jumping up and down off couches, beds, and other furniture is hard on every dog's joints, legs, and paws. In this Petstairz High Density Foam pet stairs review we'll talk not only about the product but about the dog stairs themselves.

Likewise, jumping up and climbing out of a vehicle can be detrimental to their joints as well. If your pet already has mobility issues, pet stairs will save him from this unnecessary pain and discomfort. Any type of pet stairs for dogs will also save you from the task of lifting your pooch up and down all the time. If your dog is physically able to use standard human stairs, he will be more than capable of using pet stairs too.

However, dog stairs aren't suitable for every canine with mobility issues. If your dog has a hard time with human stairs or if they are unable to lift their legs more than a couple of inches, you should consider purchasing a dog ramp instead of stairs. If your pet's range of motion is this limited, making him climb dog steps could be just as hard on his joints as trying to jump.

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Pet owners who believe that their dog is a good candidate for pet stairs will need a few things to consider before making the final decision on which set of dog steps to purchase:

  • Measure the height of the object your pet will be climbing on to. The height of the object will dictate how many stairs your set of pet stairs will need.
  • Weigh your dog and consider his general size. This will dictate the material that your pet stairs should be made from. Larger dogs need more support and smaller breeds can use foam stairs.

For more information about whether your should choose pet stairs or a ramp, check out our featured article Dog Ramps or Dog Stairs: How to Decide. If you've done your research and you know a set of pets stairs is what your Fido needs, Petstair High Density Foam Pet Stairs are a great choice.

Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs Review

Consumers have given these dog steps great reviews on Amazon and other online retailers' sites, so we decided to see for ourselves exactly what dog owners liked about this dog product and some of the challenges they found with it. The following is an overview of the product, pros and cons of these dog steps, and what all consumers should know before purchasing Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs.

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First Impressions


Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs Review
Photo: Petstairz

These award winning pet stairs help prevent back, neck, and hip injuries, as well as erosion of the cartilage in their joints. When your dog uses these stairs they will not be jumping to and from high places, plus by using the stairs, it reduces stress on your dog’s paws, legs, and bones.

This is great news for your pet, as it will help prevent arthritis, as he gets older. These pet stairs are lightweight and portable. They also don't take up much space, so they are suitable for almost anywhere in your home that your furry friend may need that extra boost. Similarly, they are great for pet parents that live in condos or apartments where there isn't much extra space.


These stairs are only for dogs up to 50 pounds. Since they are made of foam, they aren't suitable for large breeds or any dog weighing more than 50 pounds. Although the foam is fairly durable, it will buckle under the weight of heavier dogs. Also, these stairs do not have the option to fold up when you want to store them away, like some other portable stairs can. Again, because they are made of foam they are just one piece. Similar products made from wood or plastic have the ability to fold and slide under beds or couches for easy storage or traveling purposes.

Bottom Line

Due to each step being individually assembled and joined, this helps achieve maximum support for your dog’s weight distribution. However, remember that these pet stairs are all one piece when they are assembled, so they require more room to store.

Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs are an excellent choice if your dog suffers from physical ailments like joint, hip, neck and back challenges as well as other challenges due to aging or injury recovery.

They are also wonderful stairs for small and medium dogs. They help get your dog to high places rather than causing stress on his joints by jumping, and they also help prevent back injury to you, since you will no longer have to constantly pick your dog up.


Depending on the height, or number of stairs, of the Petstairz product that you purchase, the price will vary. You can buy the 3-step Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs on Amazon for about $65. The 4-step stairs are about $100, the 6-step stairs are about $150, and the prices vary in that range across different retailers. That makes this product fall in the lower-level price range of pet stairs in general, but it is in the mid-level for pet stairs made of foam. You can certainly find cheaper pet stairs and more expensive ones, but be sure you don't select a set of stairs based purely on price.

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Detailed Review

Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs Review
Photo: Petstairz

As committed dog owners who want the best for our dogs, we are always on the lookout for products that further benefit in the care we provide our furry best friends. People who work with dogs professionally, also want to use products that provide safety, comfort, and a high quality for their ‘clients’. If you have a dog that must deal with the challenge of getting to their favorite high places on a regular basis, then the Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs are a perfect choice.

These stairs will rescue your dog if they are too small to jump, or if he has health or physical ailments that don't allow him the mobility to get to higher places. These stairs will also rescue you from having to pick up your dog all the time.

These portable, foam, high quality stairs are lightweight so they are ideal if you have a weak back and need to maneuver the stairs from one place to another. They are also great if you frequently travel with your pet. In addition, Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs are built specifically for breeds that suffer from ailments like joint pain, arthritis, brittle bones, and even aging dogs that need that extra boost to help them.

Your dog will quickly learn to love this new piece of equipment. After a few trials of going up and down the stairs, he will be a pro. Most owners said it was very easy to train their dog to travel up and down the stairs, with a little help from his favorite treats of course. Dog owners also appreciated how soft yet firm these steps are for their dogs.

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Pet owners also noticed that these stairs provide a feeling of security and gentleness on a dog’s joints and bones. Buyers have raved about how they love the simple look of this product and that it fits perfectly and elegantly with any décor. Because of its simple design and beige coloring it will fit in virtually anywhere.

Consumers also expressed how easy this product is to clean thanks to the included sheep wool cover. In addition, the cover has an elastic holding that attaches to the stairs, like a shower cap, so there are no zippers that will poke your dog and nothing that you'll need to fuss with. One of the comments that shows up over and over again in customer reviews is how easy this product is to handle.

Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs Review
Photo: Petstairz

Dog owners who purchased this product for their pets with physical ailments noticed a huge difference in their dog’s movement and behavior, as they did not seem to be in constant pain anymore because they were avoiding jumping by using the stairs instead. These stairs can be used to allow your dog to be able to climb up almost anywhere including beds, couches, or even into the car.

Some people even used these stairs for their cats and found that it worked just as perfectly for helping older cats get to their favorite high places, like windowsills, which they used to have trouble jumping up to. If you own both a dog and a cat, these stairs would benefit both of your pets without having to buy two separate products.

Even dogs with short legs, like dachshunds, had no challenges at all using the Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Stairs. Dog owners loved how quickly their dogs got accustomed to using the stairs as well. You won't have to worry about your dog pouting and whining trying to get into bed with you anymore. Now your canine companion can be more independent by using their pet stairs.

The Petstairz High Density Foam Pet Steps are highly recommended by people for not only their elegance and comfort, but also the fact that these stairs do their job. They do not disappoint.

Most consumers believed that these 6 Step High Density Foam Pet Steps were well worth the investment, especially if you have a dog that suffers from arthritis or other health ailments.


The stairs come in 4 different sizes depending on the height that you require:

  • 3-Step: 13” H x 16” W x 18” D
  • 4-Step: 17.5” H x 16” W x 24” D
  • 5-Step: 22” H x 16” W x 30” D
  • 6-Step: 27” H x 16” W x 37” D

Overview of Features

1. Portable stairs that are lightweight and perfect for small and medium sized dogs.

2. Excellent product for dogs that suffer from back, neck and joint ailments.

3. Perfect for aging dogs as well as dogs that have arthritis or just finished surgery.

4. Top 10 product of the year award from the Cummings School of Veterinary                       Medicine at Tufts University.

5. Helps maintain healthy joints as it prevents dogs from jumping onto high places.

6. Comes with a removable, washable beige cover.

7. Each step is individually fabricated and bonded which helps to achieve maximum              support for pet weight distribution.

8. Made in the U.S.A.

Pet Stairs Petstairz 6 Step High Density Foam Pet Step

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