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Review: PetZip Mochi Carrier Dog Stroller

As soon as I saw the PetZip Mochi Carrier Stroller, it instantly grabbed my attention. As a dog owner, I'm always on the lookout for products that are going to make my life a little bit easier. As a pet blogger, I'm always looking for products to share that are versatile and made with quality materials.

The new company called PetZip have several strollers for the US market currently. This Mochi Carrier dog stroller in particular looked like a great product that could be very useful, but the price tag scared me a little. Would it be worth the investment? Would I use it as much as I anticipated?

I've been using this pet stroller for about 4 months now, and we've put a lot of miles on it. I liked a lot of the features, but it's not without its flaws either. I'll get into that in more details in just a moment.

Strollers for dogs are a great option for small breeds that may not be able to keep up during long walks or for dogs that don't have the stamina to run long distances. If you're not sure if a pet stroller is right for you or you think you might look silly pushing one around, check out our article on Why You Should Be Proud of Your Dog Stroller.

PetZip Mochi Carrier Stroller Review

PetZip Mochi Carriage Stroller

I've been writing about pet products for more than five years. During that time I've used a number of pet strollers, and this one is definitely the most versatile stroller I've ever used. You definitely get the most bang for your buck with this one!

PetZip Mochi Carrier StrollerThe PetZip Mochi Carrier Stroller is actually a 2-in-1 product, because you can use it as a dog stroller or pet carrier. In fact, the carrier can even be strapped into the car. So, I guess you could call it a 3-in-1 product!

The carrier is made with double-stitched zippers and durable materials. There are doors on the top and side, so you can put your dog in whichever way is easier.

I really appreciate that the doors have a mesh cover that zips closed and also a fabric cover that folds over the mesh. This cover can be used to reduce the amount of stimuli your pooch is exposed to. This really helped our little Beagle, Molly, when we were in a crowded area or around other animals.

PetZip Mochi Carrier StrollerI also love the fact that the carrier part of this stroller condenses into itself to become about 1.5″ thick. As you can see from the photo on the right, you can attach the shoulder strap to the condensed carrier and tote it around very easily.

This is an absolute must for anyone who will be traveling with their pet on a regular basis.

When you use it as a stroller, you'll notice how light it is. The entire thing only weighs 16 pounds, so it's super easy to push. Unfortunately, since it's so lightweight it doesn't go over rough terrain very well.

I've tried pushing it through mud and on a few hiking trails. You may have to pick it up once in a while, and the ride is going to be pretty bumpy for the dog inside the carriage.

There are other strollers on the market that are specifically made for rough terrain and jogging, which would be a much better option if you're planning on taking your pooch off-roading frequently.

The frame of the stroller does collapse for easy storage, and the front wheel turns 360° for easy steering. This stroller is also equipped with a cup holder and snack tray that you can use to hold your keys, wallet, cell phone or any other items you may need. And, you'll have space in the compartment under the carriage to bring your dog's accessories along as well.

The dimensions of the carrier part of the PetZip Mochi Carrier Stroller are 22″ L X 14″ H X 12.5″ W. It can hold up to 20 pounds of weight. This is a pretty low weight limit for dog strollers, so if your pup weighs more than 20 pounds you don't have to worry. There are many other products on the market that can hold pooches of 50 pounds or more.

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PetZip Mochi Carrier Stroller Review

Another drawback is that PetZip only sells this stroller commercially to retailers. Only a few of the options are available through Amazon. Which means you'll have to check online or search your local pet stores to find the best price available. It's typically priced between $120-$180, but you can always find good deals if you shop around for sales.

This is a higher price tag than many standard dog strollers, but you have to keep in mind the fact that you're getting a dog carrier as well. While this stroller isn't perfect, it's easy to travel with and made of durable materials. I would definitely say that it's worth the money.

Summary of the PetZip Mochi Carrier Stroller Review

PROS:PetZip Mochi Carrier Stroller

  • Can be used as a traditional stroller or a pet carrier, and the carrier can also be strapped into a vehicle
  • Top and side door provide easy access to your dog
  • The carrier collapses into itself to become only 1.5″ thick, which is ideal for anyone that frequently travels with their pet
  • Weighs only 16 pounds
  • Collapsible frame for easy transport
  • Front wheel turns 360°
  • Equipped with a cup holder and snack tray
  • Large storage bin under carriage
  • Dimensions of carrier are 22″ L X 14″ H X 12.5″ W


  • Does not push easily over rough terrain or through mud
  • Only supports 20 pounds of weight, which is less than most other pet strollers on the market
  • Falls on the expensive end of the price range for pet strollers

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petzip-mochi-carrier-stroller-reviewThis stroller comes apart and the carriage can also be used as a pet carrier. It's lightweight and easy to travel with. The PetZip Mochi Carrier Stroller is also easy to use and made of durable materials. However, it comes with a steeper price tag than many traditional pet strollers.