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Presidential Politics Have Finally Gone to the Dogs

Presidential Politics Has Finally Gone to the Dogs
Photo: Boneheads 2016

If you thought presidential politics had already gone to the dogs, you were mistaken. An entrepreneur from Chicago has taken the saying literally. Jack Knott launched a campaign on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter last week to raise money to start a company that will sell dog treats resembling the heads of presidential candidates.

There are no political views being pushed, every candidate will have an equal opportunity to have their head on a box of the biscuits. The new company will sell the biscuits under the appropriate brand name Boneheads 2016. Now this may seem like a joke, but the biscuits aren’t just a novelty item. They are healthy too!

Boneheads biscuits are made in the United States with products that are sourced in the U.S. as well. They are made with whole wheat flour, butter, dry non-fat milk, eggs, coconut flour, and peanut butter. They’ll be available in five “flavors” this year including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. You can have a little fun and fed your dog a wholesome treat at the same time.

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Knott, a 25-year-old graduate of the University of Alabama says he’s fed up with politics. In a press release about his Kickstarter campaign he said:

…(Boneheads 2016) wants to feed Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and other presidential candidates' heads to the dogs…Beyond the novelty of feeding Donald Trump's pouty duck-face to your dog, Boneheads have no preservatives, chemicals or animal by-products…”

On their Kickstarter page Boneheads 2016 specifically states some of the harmful ingredients that are contained in other dog products that will NOT be in Boneheads dog treats. These ingredients include propylene glycol, a synthetic compound that is used to keep dog treats moist and is also one of the main ingredients in many antifreeze products; sodium tripolyphosphate, a colorless salt that is traditionally used as a water softener in many commercial laundry detergents and; butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), which the U.S. Department of Health says is “reasonably expected to be a human carcinogen.”

Presidential Politics Has Finally Gone to the Dogs
Photo: Boneheads 2016

Certainly healthier dog treats are a great option, and you can even have a little fun with these. Whether you’re fed up with all the candidates like Knott or you have a favorite who is in the running, Boneheads 2016 will give you something to laugh about during all the debates and mud-slinging that will be heading our way next year.

The Kickstarter campaign is only hoping to raise $5,000, and it has already raised over $1,500 with three weeks left to go. If they make their goal, Knott is hoping to have his product ready for the public by the end of the year.

This may just be a one-time deal for Knott, but according to the Kickstarter campaign, the dog biscuit brand is under the company Funproductive, which “makes fun products that may or may not be productive.” That hints toward more hilarious products coming from the company eventually, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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I love the concept of these dog biscuits, and honestly I’m surprised that no one has ever thought of this before. My only concern would be the legal implications of using the candidates’ images. I definitely wouldn’t want an angry Donald Trump coming after me, but I’m sure Mr. Knott has that all figured out.

My only other concern is that these dog biscuits are not grain free, and right now they are only offered in one variety. If your pet has allergies or digestive sensitivities, these wouldn’t be a good choice. Perhaps we’ll see some other recipes from the brand in the future, especially if these Boneheads are popular in 2016.

SOURCECrain's Chicago Business
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