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Review: Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed (2018)

Every dog needs a quality bed. There are no exceptions to this rule. Large and small breeds need quality bedding. Young dogs and senior pets need a quality bed. Memory foam beds provide support and comfort for dogs of every size. The Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed offers the health benefits of a quality, supportive bed paired with durable technology to prevent chewing and destruction.

Why does your dog need a bed? There are many reasons. First, a top quality bed provides insulation for your dog all year round. It will keep him up off of the cold floor in the winter and insult to help cool him in the summer months.

Also, memory foam dog beds can prevent potential canine arthritis problems, or alleviate the pain if your dog already has arthritis. Studies have also shown that dogs quickly take a liking to comfortable beds and prefer their own bed for sleeping over dog crates, mats or other products.

Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed | Plush Mattress for Orthopedic Joint Relief (Large, Grey) Even if you allow your pooch to sleep in bed with you at night, it's still beneficial for him to have a bed of his own. A dog bed gives Fido a place to rest that is all his own. Most of us see our beds as a comfortable oasis that we long to crawl into every night. Don't you want your furry friend to have this same luxury?

There are many different types of bedding available, and an orthopedic dog bed is made with memory foam or a similar material. The purpose of these types of beds is to relieve the stress on pressure points when your dog is lying down.

We've had orthopedic beds for our dogs for many years now, and we've found one problem with every one that we've tried. Our dogs like to scratch and nest before lying down. Often the covers of a dog bed do not withstand this scratching for more than a year or two.

Most memory foam dog beds are guaranteed for 5-10 years. If the cover rips after the first year or two, you may be replacing it multiple times during the life of the bed. A Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed is built to be exceptionally tough. Just how tough are they? Let's take a look!

Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed Review

Buddyrest Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam Dog BedBuddyrest dog beds come in two models – Crypton beds and Titan beds. Both are built tough, but the Titan beds are referred to as “chew proof,” because they are made with a ballistic nylon cover and is reinforced with Kevlar. Yep, Kevlar. These dog bed covers are made with military-grade materials!

Of course, there is no guarantee that anything is 100% chew proof. Some dogs are unbelievably destructive and can chew through even the most durable material. However, Titan beds from Buddyrest are one of the toughest dog bed options on the market.

With that being said, our dogs are not destructive bed chewers, so I chose to get the Crypton Bed from Buddyrest. It's still made to be exceptionally durable but isn't quite as heavy-duty as the Titan model.

Both styles of Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed are available in 4 sizes:

  • Medium – 24″ x 33″ x 4″
  • Large – 30″ x 40″ x 4″ (this is the size featured in my review)
  • X-Large – 32″ x 48″ x 5″

The Crypton beds are also available in a Super XL size that measures 55″ x 37″ x 5″ and is only available on the company's website. Unfortunately, you can't get a Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed in a small size for little dogs.

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Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed | Plush Mattress for Orthopedic Joint Relief (Large, Grey) The Crypton Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed has a soft suede cover that is 100% waterproof. The cover is made of Crypton Smart Fabric, that stays clean and doesn't absorb odors. The cover is also machine washable, which is a feature that I would highly recommend looking for when shopping for a dog bed.

Buddyrest Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam Dog BedThe Crypton dog bed cover has reinforced, chew-resistant seams that are sewn with Kevlar thread. In my video review, I also demonstrate that there are small pockets that enclose the zipper (shown in the photo on the left) to prevent your dog from being able to chew it.

Now that I've told you all about the cover, let's talk about what is inside this bed that makes it so great. The top layer of foam is True Cool pressure-relieving memory foam. This foam eliminates heat retention to keep your dog's body temperature regulated during every season.

Buddyrest Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam Dog BedThe bottom layer of foam is Pure Core support foam, which is a high-density foam that supports the weight of even the largest breeds. The foam used in the making of a Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed is scientifically calibrated to promote healthy joints in young dogs and aid in the relief of arthritis pain in older pets.

I was happy to learn that these beds are handmade in the United States. However, I couldn't find any information about where the materials come from, so they may not all be from the U.S. These beds also come with a 10-year warranty.

The Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed is available in four colors. Mine is Fathom Grey, and you can also get Champagne Beige, Dark Chocolate, or Iced Mocha.

Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed - Champagne - MED 33" L x 24" W x 4" H While orthopedic dog beds are more beneficial for pets of every age, they're also more expensive. A medium-sized bed can be purchased on Amazon for $149.99 at the time of this review. The large and extra-large sizes are $190.96 and $309.38 respectively. The beds are slightly less expensive on the company's website.

Compared to other beds of the same quality, the Buddyrest Memory Foam Dog Bed isn't anymore expensive. However, compared to lower quality beds stuffed with poly-fil, they are much more expensive.

I know these beds won't fit into every owner's budget, but considering they are expected to last for ten years I believe they are very affordable. My Buddyrest bed retails for about $200. Doing the math, that's only $20 per year if the bed lasts as long as the company says it will.

You'll pay at least $40-$50 for a poly-fil bed of the same size, and it will flatten out within a year (if it even lasts that long). Over a 10-year span, you would invest more than double the money into beds for your pet than you would if you just bought a high-quality bed in the first place.

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review-buddyrest-memory-foam-dog-bedThe Buddyrest Comfort Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed is built for destructive dogs. If your dog has ruined beds in the past by chewing and scratching, you may want to try one of these extra-tough beds. How much will it cost you and will it be worth the expense? Find out in this detailed review.