goDog BedZzz Are Made with Chew Guard Technology

If you're looking for a comfortable bed that will stand up to the light chewing and nesting rituals of your dog, these goDog BedZzz from Quaker Pet Group are just what you need. These beds may be flatter than most, but they are still very supportive and comfortable.

The flat design also makes them great for traveling, and they are perfect to add to a crate or kennel. The backing is tufted and made of durable nylon. Plus, it has small rubber bumps all across the bottom so it won't slide around when your pet moves around on the bed.

The best feature about these dog beds is that they are equipped with goDog's patented Chew Guard technology. The company claims that these bed will hold up to scratching and chewing better than other dog beds on the market. Quaker Pet Group even offers a one time replacement guarantee that's valid for 30 days after purchase.

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