The Crazy Tug Sasquatch From Quaker Pet Groups goDog Line

If you've got a dog that loves to tug, this dog toy will keep him guessing. The Crazy Tug Sasquatch from Quaker Pet Groups has a unique design that allows the arms and legs to pull through the body. It will spice up a fun game of tug and provide more entertainment for you and your pooch.

All toys in the goDog line are made with the companies patented Chew Guard technology, making them tougher than most other plush chew toys on the market. This technology uses an anti-tear mesh liner which inhibits ripping.

The Crazy Tug Sasquatch toy won't stand up to aggressive chewers that like to shred, but it is perfect for interactive play or a quick game of fetch. It come in sizes small and large so you'll have to choose the appropriate size for your pet. It is also available in four colors; purple, black, brown, and blue.

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